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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Special Collector's Edition: The Asses of UCTMW.

As we build to a crescendo here at UCTMW for our special  week long ass-travaganza, we bring you a collection of asses from our burgeoning staff.

First and foremost, (see, I have learned my lesson), we have Mistress, who posed in my office yesterday afternoon. She stopped by for some post-lunch worship, striding in with those black tights and boots that have become a fashion signature.

“How was your lunch, Mistress?”

I closed the door behind her, reaching for the chair that would slide up against it, providing our only security from prying eyes or intruding colleagues.

“Good Slave…. I think C (her female lunch mate, who is an out of the closet lesbian) has a bit of a crush on me….”

“Who can blame her, Mistress”.

By now the maroon blanket is spread across the chair, and Mistress is seated, sliding off one boot and pealing off one leg of her tights.

Mistress has, on occasion dallied with female companions, but, as she said to the last one she found her self in bed with, “I really do need a good cock ….”

By now I was on my knees, beginning to dig in.

“And then I saw L, who was there having lunch with some other guy.”

L is a local corporate lion, who has shown some … interest ….in Mistress over the years.

“Did he flirt, Mistress?”

“You could call it that. He said we needed to have lunch soon. I gave him my card. “

He is definitely a prospect, either as a client, or….. maybe both.

All of this chitchat gets both of our motors running, and Mistress’s legs were now spread, her juices slickening my face. It was not long before her hips were rising off her chair, and her leg was wrapped around my neck as she came for me with a stifled moan.

I let her rest a bit, but did not move, and soon my mouth was back at work, providing a little bonus orgasm before she headed back to her desk, just two blocks south of mine.

It is a convenient arrangement, when you think of it.

But before she rearranged her outfit, I asked for a photo op.

“How about an ass shot, leaning across my desk.”

As you can see, she was very accommodating. And I was sorely tempted to take advantage by loosening my belt and dropping trou.  But there are limits to my madness at work. Believe it or not.

I did text the shot off to our Western Correspondent, wit the caption “Office Ass”.

He promptly responded, “That’s taunting.”

Fortunately, it did not cost me 15 yards.

After Mistress headed back to work, I noticed an email from Donna, our Southern Correspondent.  She contributed the following shot, sporting red in line with the day’s theme over at All Mine, and among the media. (Mistress had not gotten that memo).  As she noted, this is an excellent specimen for a woman just past 50, don’t you all think?

Last evening, long before deadline, she sent another contribution, selected by her hubbie Bill, who is known for occasional corporal punishment. (Donna- we need a dispatch on that subject from you!)  “Bill says this is his favorite butt shot … taken from his collection.”

I will let our readers decide which one they prefer.

Well that left only your Editor and our Western Correspondent unaccounted for on this UCTMW ass line-up. You all have seen mine several times before, but here is one from the annals:

Yesterday, as I was planning the layout for today’s issue, I made a simple request to our WC for a shot of his Ass to include in our “ASS WEEK” special edition.

Well I awoke here in River City, opened the email, and lo and behold …. Nada. The WC is doing his best to live up the  journalistic malpractice of his hero, Dr. Hunter S, Thompson, who never met a deadline he could meet. No doubt he is still on his extended leave, nursing his frozen cock back to lifel

Fortunately, I do have resources. I trolled through the video of the surveillance cameras installed outside our Mountain Time branch office and came up with this alluring shot. Could this be our WC, resting after one of those legendary bike rides?

Since we have never actually met, M, I can only assume that this “baggage” belongs to him, though I suppose this fellow could be a ghostwriter M has buried on his expense account, to keep the office humming while he focuses on more important thing, like the care and feeding of that legendary special occasion cock.

Whoever, just don’t try on a tool belt!


nilla said...

MIck you are so fucking naughty these days...i'm *lovin'* this side of you!!!

giggling madly....c'mon now's time to ante up....


Property of Mrs C said...

Y'all are having way too much fun. Cant wait to see who comes out on the bottom on Sunday nite!

Suzanne said...

Mistress goes to lunch and receives flirtatious attentions from members of both sexes! How cool is that? Would get me going!

Just curious Mick, as Mistress ever summoned you to her office for some worship? If possible, it might be more appropriate ;)

sin said...

umm... somehow that isn't how we were picturing the Western Correspondent.

What a bad boy you are Mick!

WC said...

Now Mick,

I was reading Miss Behaviour yesterday . You do realize that if I put Molly on an orgasm denial program, she or I will very likely put you on one too.

You should probably keep this in mind when publishing alleged photo's of the poor wounded and getting screwed by corporate head quarters, WC.

Oh, and Suzanne, I think that is a great idea.... as Molly's office has glass doors.



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne- as the WC notes, Mistress's office has too much glass for the type of privacy required for appropriate worship. maybe she needs to talk to her own CEO about that. Mick

Donna said...

Oh WC, the disappointment. Did I not share pictures of my caboose? My rump is 57 years old and has been broaden by a couple of big babies and spread out due to a lifetime of popping wheelies. So, screw up your courage to the sticking place, man! Is it that you have some distinctive marking, like maybe a Hello Kitty tattoo across your butt, that might make you recognizable to friends and neighbors...which would lead one to wonder how often and under what circumstances your friends and neighbors get to see the south end of your north bound train. Just wondering.

WC said...

Hey Donna,

You have a very nice caboose. As my wife and I frequently visit nudist resorts it is not a issue involving modesty. And by the way if any of you ever get the chance to visit hedonism II or III, in Jamaica , do it! It is a crazy hot, naked, watching each other have sex, fun fun fun place!

Rather I am having a hard time taking a pic of my own ass. It is a technical issue, but I did give Molly permission to publish a pic of my cock, taken before the tragic events of that days bike ride, and my getting fucked around on my comp claim by Mick Collins.

You are very funny Donna,

And Mick is always funny

Suzanne you need to hire Mick or I to negotiate you next bet, a strap on should be the absolute floor of any future bets!

and Molly you are fetching as always.

The can't take a picture of his own ass,