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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Eve Switch

After three days in the cage, and a good healthy ass attack on me Saturday, my inner sub was in full bloom by Sunday morning. I considered abandoning my switch privileges.  It’s not easy to go from devoted Slave to semi-sadistic master, even for an hour or so under such conditions.

But then I realized that Mistress might feel let down. Abandoned. And with the WC apparently out of commission, I figured it was time to suck and up and step to the plate ….

Or did I mean throw the hail mary pass?

It’s hard to choose a lame sports clichés when in the no man’s land between seasons.

In any event, Mistress had slept in her black tights…. The one’s she had worn on our Saturday night V-Day celebration.  I surely liked my naked body rubbing up against them during the night. And I thought they’d look lovely in some photos to share with you.

After a bit if the typical grousing …. “but Slave… it’s so cold…..”… Mistress found herself in a rather tight spread eagle. It was amusing to watch her try to scratch her nose.

After snapping a few photos of her sad plight, I experimented with the feather kept in my bedside drawer for such occasions.  AS you might expect, the tip of the feather was not quite as effective through the fabric of her tights…. But it certainly ahd her squirming when applied along the soft skin of her arms and the tips of those delicious nipples.

I lay down next to her for a while…. Kissing…. Sucking on those lovely nipples … Pressing my aroused cock against the junction of her thighs, until she was squirming delightfully.

“Have you unpacked the power tool, Mistress?”

“Yes, Slave…. It’s back under the bed.”

Glad to know she had not forgotten in back in her hotel in the Big Apple. What a distraction that would have been for the cleaning staff.

I reached for it, made sure it was at the ready, and I could tell Mistress was more than eager for its speedy application. But I had to break the bad news that came with the good.

“You didn’t think you were going to get off this easy, did you Mistress…. I mean after leaving my poor cock in that cage while you were out of town?”

This is my weekly opportunity to “balance the scales” , and they were way out of whack, don’t you think?

I showed her the two cloths pins that I had placed on the table, just out of sight.

“Oh, no …. I don’t think I can handle that today, Slave….”

“Oh, really …. Why’s that Mistress.”

By now I was sucking on her little rosy buds …. They were popped out and ready to be “pegged”.

“You only have to bear this agony untilt aht first cum, Mistress…. “

I popped one on….

“Ohh God…. That hurts….”

Then the other….

“I don’t know why, but they hurt much worse today Slave…. I’m not sure I can bear it….”

“I have great confidence in you, Mistress….”

The power tool was on now, and as I pressed it home, Mistress seemed to overcome that initial trepidation.

Her eyes were tightly shut, as she focused on the pleasure to distract herself from the “horror” of the two pins.

Her hips were rising off the bed, legs straining at the fabric I had used to lash her legs to the bed. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a video of this?

Soon she had driven herself to the ultimate distraction.

“May I come now Slave….”

“Of course you may, Mistress…”

And as she abandoned all constraint, grabbing her first cum of the day, I popped off the two pegs in quick succession.

“Owww…. Ohhhhh…. God that hurts….”

That complicated mix of satisfaction and agony is always a wonder to behold, muddling Mistress’s mind no doubt….it would be interesting to see how she might be trained to enjoy them both in the hands of someone not constrained to an hour or two a week.  A little full emersion might do her good.

What do you think, WC?

It was interesting to see how Mistress responded to the power tool while still in those tights…. It took her a little more to reach the next two orgasms, which came unadulterated with the conflicting agony of the pins’ sudden removal.

And when she seemed to have enough, I untied her legs, peeled off the now sticky tights, and took my own pleasure.

Though I straddled her at first, feeding her my cock to make sure it was fully primed for a good fucking.

She was a tasty morsel for me, her arms still spread and bound as I plunged in and took my pleasure from her.

Once satisfied I did feel a little remorse, though.  In my single-minded focus had I ignored Mistress’s own satisfaction as I fucked her.  I wasn’t sure at this point.

So I reached for the Hitachi once more.

“What are you doing, Slave….”

“Since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d give you one more to grow on Mistress.”

Oops. Am I mixing my clichés again?

But she didn’t argue with me. In fact, as I applied the churning bulb to a now naked and well fucked cunt she responded rather sluttily…. Coming in what seemed like a matter of seconds.

And my recently liberated cock felt that justice had been done.


beingaisha said...

As always, what a lovely way to start a day...


Donna said...

Wow, do you keep a ladder in your bedroom, or did you climb up and stand on the dresser to get that photo?

And, by the way, that is a lovely picture of your Mistress! Bill was looking over my shoulder and I had to absolutely insist he let me scroll down to finish reading your entry, or about your entry...either way works, I suppose.

I noticed that the Mistress doll you shared with us the other day was wearing black tights. Did you use some little snips to make a hole in those to keep that accuracy thing going?

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


WC said...

You know Mick a good way to stop wheedling and whining, is to clamp a clothes pin on the tounge! Don't tell Molly where you got the idea though!


Donna said...

Oh my stars and garters, WC, I think it's time for the Vagina Troops to stand in solidarity! Let's remember who has been whining and wheedling about his Chilly Willy. Maybe a few well placed clothespins would help your frozen bits thaw and stretch back into shape...hell's bells...clamp a clothespin on Molly's tongue... that's a bad, bad boy!

WC said...

Well Donna, Your are probably right, a simple ball gag will probably do the trick just fine. BUT she is especially prone to whining and wheedling, and seems to generally get her way, as Mick can be a rather soft touch!

I think we need to turn her over to ms Marie for a week of retraining!

And Donna my doctor has assured me that last ting the injured member needs further lack of circulation!!!

Perish he thought,

The always happy to help out,


msmarie said...

WC - lol! I would look forward to 'retraining' a sub and especially a woman. Although, my track record with my sissy might not make me the best candidate. Maybe Lady Grey or Queen Goddess would be better suited?

Donna said...

Oh that's a much better idea WC, a ball gag would work-although then the drool factor comes into play...but it would work.

Maybe you could make a gift of a gag to Mick for using on Molly. I would say he could buy one himself but I understand money is tight...something about health insurance premiums shooting up because of suspected false claims being filed. Isn't that terrible?

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Oh my.... look what we've started.... Mick

nilla said...


omg...the comments are as piquant as the entry Mick!!!! i'm tickled. What a happy thing to reach out and touch so many people....

who knew?

*smiling* to the pegging? You could try two pegs one on each side of the nipple...that is Sir B's latest thing...(tho i admit, i LOVE it...)

naughty pain slut