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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slave's Draught Begins

Though Ass Week is over, our Southern Correspondent, Donna, found this little cautionary tale that she passes along. We share it for those of you who think that before next year’s Ass Week you may need some enhancements before sharing yours with us here at UCTMW:

“Hi Guys

Well, I think you can feel good that your blog helped us all to (as the song goes) love the ass you're with. Wait, that wasn't the message, was it? Whatever.

There is so much wrong with this situation. Did these women think the Hampton Inn was a hospital? Did they think the guy in the Jiffy Lube shirt with his name on the pocket was a doctor?
Woman dies after butt implant procedure at hotel

A British tourist recently died after she allegedly flew to Philadelphia to get silicone injections into her buttocks at a Hampton Inn, sources say.
Police are executing a search warrant at the Hampton Inn on Bartram Avenue Tuesday afternoon with suspicions that someone is renting rooms in which he or she performs butt implant procedures, sources say.
Suspicions of these hotel-room medical procedures came about after a woman visiting from England allegedly died after a butt enhancement procedure and was taken to a local hospital, according to court documents.
Several women from England recently traveled to Philadelphia to receive butt-implant procedures in hotel rooms, court documents say.
The Delaware County medical examiner’s autopsy is not yet complete.

So, WC, in case you were considering this sort of procedure and that’s why you never got around to sharing that legendary ass with us, don’t take the risk. I am sure Mistress and our readers will be able to accept you au natural.

Or is it liposuction that you have in mind?

In any event, we thank Donna for “picking up the WC’s slack”, so the speak, and sharing this provocative tale with us.  I guess it is just one more reason to steer clear of Philadelphia.

Here is River City it was another cage day for me on Tuesday. I was locked down tight before heading to work in the morning.

When we arrived home, Mistress just a few minutes after me, she was bustling around, packing things for her business trip that begins today.

She had tasked me to remind her about one thing she was required to pack.

“Don’t forget your Hitachi, Mistress.”

“Already got it, Slave. I think M has this idea I will just be hanging around the hotel all the time, deploying the power tool.”

“Well I am sure he will want to be in touch, Mistress….but nbo doubt there will be some of your fellow board members flirting with you too….”

“You never know, Slave.”
Once she was all packed I was permitted to worship her, sliding to my knees as she spread her legs wide at the side of the bed. 

Yum.  I am going to miss my favorite flavor this week.

And after worship was completed to her satisfaction – two orgasms this time – she was kind enough to unlock me for the rest of the evening.

We fed the kids – grilled steel head trout and some sautéed spinach – then went for a walk in the cold clear air to our little neighborhood bar for a drink and some chat with the regulars.  But by about 9:30 we were back in our room.

“I’m going to hide the key somewhere you will not be able to find it Slave…. And I’ll let you know only if there is an emergency….”

“I understand, Mistress.”

She had her laptop open, making one last comment to those of you who were chipping in on yesterday’s blog. And she happened on Ms. Marie’s posting. The WC has a thing for the rather over-the-top photos she regularly posts and her most recent posting was particularly apropos for cage week.MS. Marie

“She must have gotten the memo, Slave. But this is a different sort of cage.”

Sure enough, there was her devoted husband, locked away in an oversized dog cage, hung from the ceiling of their archaic dungeon. Very spooky.

“I guess you could try that, Mistress…. But then who would feed the kids?”

By now It was time for my last chance to fuck Mistress before my long draught was to began. She will have to be out the door early this morning. As she said, “only time for a lick, Slave.”

And you will be happy to know we made the most of it.


beingaisha said...

Omigosh - love Donna's "cautionary tale" - um, tail? Anyhow, yeah, only in America - lol.

So you're into your cage time, right Mick? Yikes. Good luck!


sin said...

You seem very interested in that bigger cage Mick. I do wonder how you'd explain it to the teens though. Just storing the cage for a friend in the basement?

WC said...


My heart goes out to you and your caged member, but you see there is carma after all.

You belittled my tragic injury, and short cangeddd me on my comp benifits, put me under survailence and generally put me through hell. Now Molly is locking you up and leaving town.

I say it serves you right.

The glad to get even.,


Suzanne said...


Bet you'd enjoy being the "keyholder" for awhile!

WC said...

Ahh Suzanne,

I probably would at that.

The sorry Suzanns orface is still untouched!


ps good pick btw You beat Jay fair and square

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

you folks are cruel..... you try wearing this steel cage in cold weather for a while! Mick

WC said...


Try not getting to spend 5 months rehabilitating the injured member In Scottsdale and San Diego! My handy cap is increasing with each day of delay by UCTMW's general council. If I can not play at least 5 days per week it will surely rise to double digits! The horror.

The Hope you end up on a slow dog sled to Nome!