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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Challenges of Multi-Tasking

Yesterday morning, after “going to press” with the blog, I scrambled upstairs to make sure there was time for our wake-up “booty call”. Mistress had an 8 am appointment with Teen #2’s high school counselor about college application plans, and I wanted to make sure that I took advantage of my opportunity before the window closed.

I worshipped as Mistress read what was actually a rather lame blog by our standards. Then I was given the privilege of fucking Mistress, even though she was feeling a bit under the weather.

She is a kind and considerate Mistress, after all.

But I had let her down a bit. She had directed me to wear my cage, but I had forgotten to wriggle my cock and balls into the hard steel ring before our morning engagement, thus depriving her of the harder cock and more explosive cum that she can count on when the ring is in place.


When our proceedings were done it was around 7:20 or so.  That’s when I realized that I had a 7:30 am conference call to cover.  Yikes.

I grabbed the ring, hopped in the shower, and somehow got the ring on while shaving and washing up. No easy task considering that my balls were a little contracted after that between the sheets action.

Now I’m out of the shower, desperately searching for the call in number, while also working the cage part onto the little nub protruding from the ring, and trying to fit the lock into the tiny aligned holes so that Mistress can close the lock and secure me away for the day…..
 (This isn't my exact "model", but gives you an idea how things align).

Mistress is getting into the shower now too…. The lock hole alignment is giving me fits. My cell phone speaker is now engaged as I sign into my call, trying to figure out what I missed, answering a question, all the while messing with that damn lock hole thing because it just won’t fit right….

Finally I get the hasp of the lock slid through the aligned holes, and present myself to Mistress, who is now  in the shower, shaving those soft and gentle parts, since Francois had plans to stop by later in the morning.

“Well it’s about time, Slave….. what was the problem?”

“Fumble fingers, I guess, Mistress.”

She shut the lock, and I stepped back into the bedroom, getting dressed while listening into my call.

Later, when I’m at work, I did get a report from Mistress about her visit.

“He could tell I wasn’t feeling well, Slave…. so no orgasms for me today….he wants to make sure I am ready and rested for next weekend.”

“And did he get any attention, Mistress….”

“Well I did give him a little blow job action, Slave….”

“I’m sure he appreciated that….”

“I think he did…. He’s says I’m pretty good at it.”

“No doubt…. I can attest to that.”

Sounds like Mistress is navigating her way through this whole “un-cut” cock thing very capably.


sin said...

Oh Mick, this made me smile. Some mornings are just like that aren't they?

I hope Mistress Molly is feeling better today.


Donna said...


This is rather concerning. A person might forget about a conference call, but the steel ring that adds an extra thrill for our Beloved Mistress? Fumbling fingers on the cock cage? Not a good sign!

Maybe the excitement of getting much of the UCTMW International staff under one roof is beginning to get to you? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...


Yesterday I posted 2 comments, and I got some feedback about needing to me a tad more crystal clear.

For one, WC I will volunteer to test/judge the 4 you offered to fly here.

But the questions was...what is stage 1, etc

Through the years I have been able to develop a path to 'climax on command' and have been hop skipping along this many many times. When Molly and I met, we discussed this, and she admitted she heard urban myths that it could be done. I explained with my last pet., I was able to climax her while having a cup of coffee in a coffee place just sitting across from her.

So we started with stage 1. The control of the climax. So each time a submissive comes close to a climax, she asks for permission to climax, which is always given, but variable delayed, and after while given with a standard command like 'Oui Oui Oui' just to mark it totally different than a normal permission.
After a while the sub missives gets correctly mentally 'programmed' and since the times vary it gives a great pleasure.

The next step (stage 2) is to remove penetration of the equation, thus while the submissive provides oral pleasure the dominant starts using the same tone, and words he uses when he allows the submissive to climax. Bringing the submissive closer and closer to "lift off". Achieving a first command climax without penetration or clitoral stimulation.
After having done this a few times, one can go to stage 3, the end result of stage 2 but with out use of the oral stimulation. then just repeat it to get better and better results. So eventually you can be having coffee, and talk the submissive to a climax. :)

BTW Mick, did you test both butterflies out to make sure they have different remotes?

EuroTrash aka François

Aimee said...

Sounds delightful, Francois!

Mick, you certainly are a spoiled slave, getting to enjoy your Mistress even when she is under the weather...and even after forgetting your cock ring!

I hope you consider yourself lucky!

Mistress Aimee

Donna said...

Hi ET,

I learned about that on my recent trip to La Domaine. Master R uses that technique, but instead of words he just barely rubs the top of the ear just before and during "Lift-Off". He passed that along to Bill who is continuing the conditioning.

I love it! However, I do have a few concerns about getting my hair done and what might happen.


Alexis said...

im sure the cockring will be ok :) kudos

Jay said...


You lucky dog you! Getting some nookie while Mistress is a little under the weather. Not happening here in the Northeast. Hope you had a good handle on the mute button while multi-tasking.