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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Quiet Friday at Home in the Yurt.

It was a particularly cold day today here in Wak-E-Nut-Stan. I thought I might get frost bite just saddling the Yaks. and when that cock cage steel gets cold, well....just don't try touching your tongue to it.

it would have been a good day to just stay at home, huddled under some furs, until the smoldering dried yak dung fire warmed us to a suitable temperature.

Unfortunately, Both of us had work to do in the Village, and though we were able to meet for lunch, Mistress's new "office" (it's more like a bazaar with a very open floor plan) does not accomodate the sort of personal attention she has become used to from her Slave as a little post meal apertif.

By the time we made it back to the Yurt, we were in the mood for a little exercise -- so there as a spin around our valley on those cross country skis D had so kindly delivered, and  then it was back for a long leisurely Friday night. 

The type of Friday night that was rarely possible with the sullen teens to feed and tend to.  We stripped off out work-out clothes and slid under the pelts on our rustic bed, the fire glowing in the hearth.

Dinner could wait.

Mistress always comes first, and I spent some time delving into those clean shaven folds, plying them with my eager tongue and lips.  Yes, Aisha, it was a bit like that photo you posted the other day. Though that guy does not have the useful love handles that Slave has grown over the years.

When Mistress moaned her way to a nice little starter cum, she was anxious to do a little feeding too.

"I want to suck my cock, Slave...."

Who would deny her?

Soon it was Slave doing the moaning, and begging for the privilege to fuck her.  But Mistress was determined to remain in charge.

"I think I'll ride it a bit, Slave...."

And ride she did.

But here's the interesting part.  recently Mistress has been doing most of her cock riding with our chef, IT specialist  Francois. He's been working on a certain training regime with her. Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl, etc.

all that riding it seems to have had an interesting effect.  No sooner had Mistress mounted her work-a-day cock than she seemed to start cuming.... and cuming..... and cuming..... It was quite impressive.  If I had to guess, Mistress had 4 orgasms in a span of 5 minutes, until the poor dear could take it no more, rolling off me and requiring her Slave to finish things off on top.

Francois, what ever you're doing seems to be working here. 


Anonymous said...

Merci for the compliment, I am sorry I have been so fucking busy, not fucking!
Unfortunately, some work related issues have kept me more busy that I wanted. Yesterday it was even so bad, that I was jet fighter dropped for lunch close to you guys, but could not find the time to even drop of some flowers for Simone !
I Know Simone is in need of some more practice of Pavlov's principle. MY time at the meat market was also very limited. There is plenty of young fresh meat ready to be put on the plate, but the 'aged' meat is so much tastier :) And knowing you have, just like me a well defined palette, the fresh meat which most males go for, is just not tasty enough for connoisseurs like us
So I will vow to make time.

Anonymous said...

Francois Aka EuroTrash

WC said...


You are always the best at stirring the pot just like my brother

That was a home run!

Is very funny

Simone you ride girl

I know it's your favorite

You know where your pretty little bottom is going:)

and as a matter of fact I am

I hope you two lunatics have a relaxing weekend as Simone has been working altogether way to hard....

For a lady of her stature


Sam and Simone

You guys need to have D air drop in some snow machines

Commuting to work by cross country skies is so 1980's

And way beneath expats of your means

Why, Honda now makes hybrid skidoos

You guys can be green expats

Course, if D could get you a stealth Apache helicopter it would suit you guy's even better

At least of of them worked in Pakistan

And crashing in the snow is no big deal

So D,

Step up to the plate,

The very amused,


sin said...

So many men, so little time. Don't you hate having to go to work? Think of the lost opportunities. And especially with that nasty open floor plan!


beingaisha said...

I"m glad the training is paying off, and that Sam is enjoying the benefits of it!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this new lifestyle is a happy one, but I am too busy for words and as much sex to which I am accustom. Donna and WC: I know that I am way behind on your emails and texts. Candidly, I am required to communicate (almost nonstop) to new sycophants in the village. These new humanoids are impressive and trying to ensure that I know that for sure. That does not include the establishment of our corporate cred in this new strange place. By the time the day ends my eyes are blurred and my body is tired. So please understand the challenge. You are both of vital importance. Francois, Sam and I both look forward to your culinary delights soon