"Simone" and "Sam" have been forced to go on the Lam, after some sloppy security work exposed them to their potential "enemies". Fortunately, they've found help through the SBPP.
("Sex Bloggers Protection Program"). Follow their adventures here until its safe for them to resume their prior alter-egos.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dispatch from Our SBPP Logistics Specialist

Dear Sam and Simone,
I sincerely hope you are happily settling in with your new lives. Your name choice was wonderful, your sex blog readership is gaining every day, and your yurt is absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  
The powers that be in the Sex Blogger Protection Program are, in general, pleased with the way things are going. At my evaluation on Friday there was only one large concern, the nature of which I will address later, and a few suggestions for improvement.
I must agree with my employers that I was a bit careless in choosing your relocation zone.  I was remiss in that I neglected to place you in a climate chilly enough that Mistress Simone would feel it necessary to wear black crotch-less pantyhose and high heeled shoes or boots on a daily basis. To address this problem, without requiring a move to another location, the SBPP has arranged for an employment opportunity there in Wherever-The-Heck-It-Is-Istan that requires Mistress Simone wear American style clothing for part of each day. The hope is that it might facilitate more crotch-less hose, more high heels and boots on shoulders, and more lips on pussy action.
In addition, a small extension is being added to your yurt and will be carpeted and furnished to exactly mirror the office of your former life.  In addition to the desk and chair in the office, a blanket as well as aneros devise and strap-on will be placed in the closet. The hope is that you and Mistress Simone might have some up and cuming lip-smacking and exciting bent over the desk moments to share with your readers.
As a reward for your fine blogging, my employers have arranged for a carpenter to build a new bed for the yurt. You and Mistress Simone will need to choose one of the designs below. The first choice is a Murphy style bed that is a regular queen size bed when down and becomes a whipping post complete with chains and handcuffs when in the closed position.
Or you may opt for the style of bed pictured below if Mistress Simone would prefer to concentrate more on Sam’s training.

I will, of course, continue to providing the extravagant supplies and endless array of cooking equipment requested by Francois, and have also been instructed to arrange for massages with Didi, upon request. 
Of course everything can’t always be sunshine and yak curd. No, there is a problem that threatens to put a dark mark on my record, and it involves the WC.
As you know, the WC spent a night in the Yak Shack last week. What you may not know is that his actions have created quite a tense situation between the SBPP and the Local #2431, Yak Herders Union. According to documents delivered to the home office, the WC was quite busily involved in Hand to Gland Combat (also known as masturbation) on and off all through the night he spent in the Yak Shack.  His actions resulted in the female yaks (as well as a few of the males) becoming overly stimulated by the sights and sounds associated with that particular activity. They are no longer content with what is offered by the bull yaks. The Local #2431 demands restitution and is insisting that the WC return and face charges. He has refused to return and has vowed never to smell another yak as long as he lives.
The yaks are not happy.
It is a dire situation, still unfolding.
Please let me know how I might be of further service to you.
D, Logistics Specialist SBPP

D, you don't know how much we appreciate all the help you've provided. maybe someday it will be safe for us to resume our prior lives back in River City, with only one secret identity. But until then.... we feel safe and well cared for in the hands of you, B and the rest of the SBPP.  We home you will consider visiting us soon. And we won't make you stay in the Yak shed like WC.  If you think accommodations are too tight in the your, there is this nie local hotel to consider.  

Simone and Sam


WC said...

Now listen here D,

I don't care how pissed of the Yak herders are

Tell them to go ahead and indict me

Im not going back!

And I have moved into my OTHER secrete high Rocky Mountain hideaway

Completely hidden

Even from Goggle Earth!


With only Elk, deer, mountain lion, bear and big horn sheep for company

And no stink en yaks!

The poor WC was truly traumatized by those two terrible nights with the Yaks

I call they the nights of the Yak

Would the SBPP consider paying for therapy?

There is a really hot therapist here near my hideaway

She provides new and cutting edge hands on sexual rehabilitative therapy

its a brand new field of medicine

Which she thinks is the only thing that could undo the trauma of those to terrible nights with the Yaks

And listen here child

Don't think I will be foolishness enough to leave the country

I learned my lesson from from my heros Msers. Bush and Chenny

Its right here in the good old USA for

Me The WC

So if the SBPP, in its infinite kindness, could just have a man go the the market in Georgetown Colorado with $4,000.00 in unmarked twenties on the date and time I specify

You can give the money directly to my therapist

This is just to assure yourself, and the SBPP, that the the WC is not trying to unjustly enrich himself

Hey you got Sam and Simone a flat screen plasma TVs, Apple laptops, satellite phones, etc, etc ,etc.

Just throw a bone here for the poor old WC

Just get better is my motto

Hands on healing for health!

The soon to be recovered thanks to the good old SBPP,


Donna said...

Dear WC,

While agreeing you would be a perfect candidate for psychiatric therapy, none will be provided for you through SBPP. It seems you don't meet the basic criteria for SBPP, the authoring of a personal daily sex blog with a committed readership, and a demonstration of some familiarity with spell-check.

The Yak Herders Union, on the other hand, is willing to agree to pick up the tab for your counseling. In exchange, you must move into the Yak Shack immediately where the type of "therapy" you suggested must take place. They believe it may get their female yaks back "in the mood" for all the bull, so to speak.

SBPP Logistics Specialist,

WC said...

No can do D,

Im not going back to hell hole A Stan

and those god forsaken Yaks

But the opium was premo

Could you have Didi pick some up on her next visit?

Not to worry I will pay

And although disapionted in the stingy position taken by the SBPP

Again not to warry about the poor old broken down WC

I simply transfered my pleasure girls from my litle ski shack on the slopes of Vail to here!

The is happily ensconsed with my gals,

In hiding,


D said...

You don't really want me to send B to get you, do you?

And lest you forget, there are gals waiting for you in the Yak Shack, too.