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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From the Desk of Our CEO

Rarely do I post. While I may have a “leadership role” in our bizarre little enterprise, this is Mick’s domain. Recent developments necessitate my words.

Donna and Bill are (far and away) two of the most real and warmest folks we have ever met. The Under Contract world led us to one another. I am certain that we will be lifelong friends.  If nothing else, our foray into the “sex” blog trade has introduced us to individuals who have positively impacted our lives. Donna and Bill personify that definition.

Now, WC, You know darn well how we feel about you and importantly that you have helped me tremendously. You too are a lifelong compadre. And yes, I do want to experience your massive special occasion cock. Bring it on!

Francoise, WOW! When Mick determined to find a “friend,” he found right with you. You have turned out to be more than we could have ever hoped for. You have provided across-the-board stimulation to us. I have dubbed you the sex fairy. Your prowess, wit, good taste and sense of adventure/pleasure is unrivaled.

With regard to sex readers, I know that it you come to read about sex…but that is the story for Mick to tell. I enjoy it immensely and the last four days have delivered more that I could have ever anticipated. It satisfied on all levels.

For me it is about connections, always has been. Intimacy is big with me and that is physical, mental, emotional and psychological. Mick is the love of my life – as the WC has told me again and again; Mick and I do have a great love affair.

Has it always been perfect? Heck no. We came together all of those year’s ago around sex and then had life to contend with. We raised four girls, worked ourselves to the bone, acquired too much real estate and other “stuff”, traveled well, made good friends and enjoyed each other (still do, always will) Or as a crazy Republican Campaign slogan in the late 60’s once ranted, “Now more than ever.”

I would not be the wife of Mick Collins if I lacked the ability to weave politics into each and every maneuver.

Table Stakes, readers. Table Stakes.

But our lives now (at this moment) are the best ever. And I am ever so grateful.

What all of you (and this blog) has provided us is the ability to live with unbridled sexual optimism. Candidly, it has redefined how I think about sex – while I have always loved it, we are operating on a whole new level.

Home cuming weekend provided laughter, fun and adventure. Yes, while I was fucking DD, we laughed – we are both really cock girls.

Where does this go? Who Knows? All I know is that it feels like happiness and that is a good thing.

Mick jokes that it takes a village to satisfy me – at any rate, I am liking this village.


And I am sitting in a conference room at Mick’s office writing this …where his slightly dorky, but very earnest partner keeps stopping in to talk to me…we have joked before that he adores me. And I am laughing to myself. If he only knew. And being the slut that I am…I would be happy to apply my accumulated oral skills, because why not? I’m not into denial.


beingaisha said...

Hey, Molly! How nice to hear from you, and even nicer to hear how happy you are.



sin said...

a message from the CEO! Wow, I think the messages from Molly are more special for their rarity! And I agree with Aisha, you do sound happy and excited. Thanks for sharing with us.

Suzanne said...

I'm so happy for you Molly. Nice to hear from the CEO too! Who needs denial anyway?

Donna said...

Hi Molly,

Great post, and a rare treat to have you step in as author today.

Thanks for the kind words, Bill and I feel exactly the same about you and Mick.

It is no surprise at all that the partner has a crush on you, and isn't it fun to look at people in the vanilla part of our lives and imagine their response if they knew the rest of the story about us? Would it be nodding and smiling, or eyes rolling back and passing out on the floor? lol

Big hugs from your Friend
and Senior Correspondent,

nilla said...

How lovely to have the ever enchanting Mistress pen a note to us!

i was so sorry to miss out on visiting with you all, but i do understand. Perhaps things will happen in the future to let us attempt to cross paths again! Though i am not politically motivated...we can talk about sex instead, okay?

Laughing (i do a lot of laughing)...

your friend and fellow sex fiend,