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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fear and Loathing in River City

Last night was the first evening of “Home Cumming Weekend” here at the UCTMW World HQ, as organized by Francois, a bon vivant if there ever was one. Imagine Hunter S. Thompson, but at 6’5”,  with a fondness and facility for gourmet food and kinky sex rather than designer drugs and southern comfort and you have a sense of what we were dealing with here last evening.

Mistress had called me during the day regarding the evolution of our evening’s plans even as we spoke.

“He’s not sure whether Babette will be a show or no show tonight, Slave… so he’s thinking maybe we cook dinner at our house tonight, then go to the restaurant tomorrow night.”

Of course, Slave was flexible on such things. This was Mistress’s evening, and she had surrendered the logistics to Francois, as a good little subby should.

But before we get into the details. I want to flash back two nights and provide you with our Senior Correspondent’s report on Wednesday’s staff conference:

The staff meeting at UCTMW World Headquarters this week went exceptionally well.
The first thing you should know is that Molly is absolutely gorgeous. She is intelligent, well read, and has a kick-ass sense of humor. She totally deserves every bit of the worship she receives from Mick, the WC and Francois!
Mick is no slouch, either, ladies. He is a fine looking man, with one of those disarming smiles that some men have at their disposal. Mick has a contagious laugh and rapier wit that make everyone around join in the fun. He totally deserves to have a beautiful woman like Molly as his partner and Domme.
Mick was the chef for the after meeting dinner event and served a delicious meal that we all enjoyed while discussing all manner of interesting thing, many having to do with sex, of course. I realized I should have suggested Bill go a bit slower with the wine when, as we dined sitting in Mick and Molly’s beautiful candlelit dining room, Bill began sharing a detailed description, accompanied by sound effects, of the ways in which the sounds I make during intercourse and BDSM scenes have changed over the years.
Although all staff members were notified of the meeting date with enough forewarning to make adjustments to schedules, both Francois and WC were conspicuously absent. Francois had suffered a tear on his foreskin, poor baby, but I think we could have taped some popsicle sticks on each side and allowed it to heal in the open air here at headquarters, don’t you? The WC, well I guess the renowned Assotologist had other asses to kiss, because he didn’t make an appearance, although he did call to say hello and talk to Bill for a bit.
WC and Francois really do live on the edge. As anyone who has been involved in the world of staff meetings or committee work knows, it is a dangerous thing to not be in attendance when assignments for the coming year are being handed out.  It is not my place to discuss the changes in their job descriptions, that would be up to Mistress and Mick, but I will share that there was a fair amount of laughter when that situation was discussed.
Oh, I can’t believe I almost forgot…a special thanks to Mick for having ties attached to the bedposts in the guestroom for us. How thoughtful!

We are thrilled that Bill and Donna made it to the staff conference, and also had some fun down river with ‘Nilla and Aisha.  Let’s just hope that they’ve not blown out the corporate  expense budget on rental vehicles, air fares, in room entertainment, sex toys,  and fancy meals from portal to portal.  I do trust they’ve gotten home safely by now.

Now where was I …. Ahhh, last night with Francois, Molly and Mick.

I’m only going to share a few highlights, since, well…. I slept late and Slave has his needs…..

The menu: 

-       Rack of Lamb cut into lollipops, dredged in marinade of cumin and other exotic spices, then broiled to perfection by Francois.
-       Red wine risotto prepared by Mick.
-       Sautéed green beans.
-       A dessert concoction served by the spoon full featuring some strange orange dutch liquour and a dollop of whipped cream on top, and accompanied by some kama sutra chocolates Francois made himself with his x-rated molds.
Mistress was suitably restrained as her men cooked, with some interesting pink tape Francois brought along with the rack of lamb and chocolates.

The conversation:
Again, there should have been a recording secretary  (Donna, you were right, you should have driven back up here yesterday).  Suffice it to say we covered the gamut from genocide to the proper male to female ratio for orgasms. (Women get many), and why restaurants have hooks beneath the bar (to affix leashes).
Molly “confessed” that she had an orgasm while sucking Francois’s cock the other day without manual stimulation or penetration.

“That’s stage two, Mick…. Soon she will be at stage three, when she comes just because I’m speaking to her in French.”


After the main course, it seemed time for a “digestive’ before we turned to dessert.

Mick: “Why don’t you let me clean up, and you two can go upstairs and have sex.”

Mistress looked at me, a little bug eyed. I think she thought I would have a little trouble with all this…. But Mick was quite cool and very entertained (ans stimulated) by the big grin on Molly’s face when confronted by the mutual attentions of her two lovers.

Francois: “You mean I have to do all the work?  You need to make her wet for me, cuk.”

Mick: “Excellent idea.”

At first Mistress seemed confused. But soon I had her removing her jeans and colorful lacy panties, and reclining in a stuffed arm chair in the corner of our dining room.

Francois gave her a spoonful of dessert, a little preview, as I devoured her sopping juices.
Mick: “Actually she’s quite wet already, Francois…. But I’m happy to verify for you….”

Mistress seemed a little embarrassed by her obvious arousal, and squirmed in the chair as I lavished her with attention as Francois looked on.

Molly: “who wouldn’t be turned on with all this talk and all these men at my beck and call.”

Who indeed.

Mistress pushed me away as she was on the verge of cumming…. Saving it for the main event I suppose, and the two went upstairs as I devoted myself to clean up duty.  About 20 minutes later they were back down stairs, Mistress naked but for a lacy top, and lavishing her slave with kisses.

And so it went…. Dessert …. Then a late night visit to a downtown restaurant where Francois is a regular. So regular in fact that he turned the remote control to Mistress’s butterfly vibrartor over to an eager young waiter who had fun teasing Mistress with it until well past midnight.

It was amusing to watch those sudden jolts and squirms as he teased her, much to the amusement of the two males book ending her at the bar.

Today’s agenda:  while Slave is doing some yard work, and watching his college football team, Mistress is going to visit Francois at his home.  And there will be dinner out tonight.

And as for Babette? Well she may or may not show, but apparently there is a back-up.

“Oh yes…. I’ve interviewed another one. Didi.   I think you two will be impressed. We need to use that other butterfly after all.”

See, you can tell Francois has a military background. Meticulous contingency planning.



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...


I LOVE Donna and Bill and do wish that they have u-turned back and joined us last night. We missed them.
last night was epic on many levels. Pure raw fun. I could learn to live like this. (I guess I do)

Donna said...

What a night! Thinking of the various permutations of connection and all that might have happened had we returned is going to be fantasy fodder for weeks to come...and cum!

I would write more but Bill is still in bed and the blog has given me an idea for something new to try on him. He's going to love this!

Love you guys!

nilla said... could you leave us hanging this way?

Cruel!! *laughs*

as to M and M and F...whew!! Ya'll gonna put my fantasies to shame up there!

i love the idea of the bartender having the remote, i seriously do.

so naughty, so fun.


WC said...

Fun times for all involved

AND one lucky bartender

Very cool

The impressed,