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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mistress Goes Shopping

I realized after yesterday's post went up that I forgot the photo of the local "welcome wagon" that came to serenade us here at Yurt side, before we had that unexpected visitor. They did a great version of "Stairway to Heaven" as an encore.

Now.... where were we.... Yes, we did have that unexpected visitor, who smelled a tad ripe after his evening in the Yak hut. He presented us with a number of what he described as urgent bills that he claimed that as his former employers we were responsible for it. But when I saw the $629 charge for the 50 gallon barrel of high end lubricant I had to draw the line. I mean,we're all tightening our belts these days, WC. Maybe try some Vaseline, or WD40 at Costco.

Ultimately, we settled on an arrangement where the WC can use certain trademarks and copyrights of our former vast media empire until some time that we might return from exile and reclaim them.  So keep an eye out for a knock-off version of UCTMW authored by someone who has trouble using spellcheck showing up on a computer screen near you soon.

Actually, if his wife B wants to require the WC to sign that contract of ours, she's welcome to it.  the WC might benefit from following my "No Touch" rule for a while. ANd think of all the money he'd save on lubricant!

After our negotiations were completed, WC was headed back to the local airstrip for his long trip home. God speed, big guy!

This morning, I'm off on my Yak to a nearby village to mediate a dispute about whether a local "doctor" screwed up when asked to turn a teenager into a eunuch for a tribal war lord's harem guard. Apparently they don't bother with cock cages in these parts.

But Mistress will be busy.  Our new "chef" Francois is coming over to accompany her to the local black market where she wants to acquire a new, lighter wait computer to use on her new job.  She offerred to meet him at the market, but apparently he wants to "show her a few things", before they head off.

If I'm lucky, she made get a few more lessons on pleasuring the male tool, which usually inure to my benefit.

We will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Good grief. I used to think your blog was interesting and adventurous, but you're reaching new peaks these days...

Get it, peaks???



Anonymous said...


yes one thing you need to is sweet and soft and will provide bonus points.
Why else would Simone send me a post pigeon this morning to remind me to put it in my backpack for this mornings escapades.
I found it at the local market, the one with the elephant outside, and the statue of Elvis inside. They have goods from all over the world, so the must me more bloggers hiding in this area.

Francois aka EuroTrash

Mistress and Slave on the Lam said...

Yeah, Simone always has had a soft spot for Marzipan. I think she likes it better than my work-a-day cock.


Donna said...

Sam and ET,

I believe we talked about this early on! A single bite of marzipan and Simone is driven to corner the market. My superiors believe it is the result of deep hypnotic suggestion.

Let's remember that the troubles with the Euro began shortly after Simone emptied the European reserves of marzipan last year.

SBPP Logistics Specialist,