"Simone" and "Sam" have been forced to go on the Lam, after some sloppy security work exposed them to their potential "enemies". Fortunately, they've found help through the SBPP.
("Sex Bloggers Protection Program"). Follow their adventures here until its safe for them to resume their prior alter-egos.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Even the SBPP Has It's Limits

We were not quite prepared for the deep snow that surprised us here Thursday morning. Luckily, D arranged for the SBPP transportation unit to airdrop some additional supplies, so we both now have some skis available to traverse the pass and head into town. The extra gloves and insulated pants were a nice touch too. 

Meanwhile, as you can tell from WC's lengthy comment yesterday, his power is still out back in the Rockies. Poor B is left to take what satisfaction she can from his SOC, without power for her Hitachi.  Sounds like they could use the solar array we've come to rely on out here in the wild.  Even without internet or video games. No wonder WC took the opportunity to head to his office where he could stay in touch with the sex blogs.

But apparently there are some limits on the largesse of the SBPP, as D explained in her note yesterday:

Dear Sam,

What a beautiful place we have created for you and Simone.
That being said, there are some limitations to what we can do there.

Your request for a hot tub was denied by the home office.

While it looks and sounds appealing, it requires a great deal of muscle to move all the accumulated snow and ice off the top of a hot tub in the climate where you are, and without the WC on the premises to do the shoveling, it was decided those funds could be better spent. 

If you are absolutely convinced you want a hot tub, the suggestion was made that you borrow the "Party King Chili Cooker" that Francois ordered for your January Superbowl party. Fill it with water, crank it up and you have a hot tub for two. 

The other suggestion was that you use one of the wine casks left over from Francois' latest visit to see Mistress Simone, cut it in half, attach a heating element and enjoy.

While I try to be helpful, management seems firm on this one.


Actually both of those suggestions sound pretty appealing D. We really don't mind roughing it! Now I better head back to bed, to make sure Mistress gets her first orgasm of the day before its time to milk the yaks. Francois is stopping over to whip up some sort of confection and  the recipe require whipped yak cream.


WC said...

Great pictures Sam,

And very funny and clever Donna

But you sure are not getting me back there to shovel snow!

Thats for sure

I hate shoveling snow worse than I hate sleeping with the Yaks

If I never even move a single snow flake for the rest of my life I will die a happy man.

And Sam don't worry about the SOC, it is up the the task, and will muddle through despite the depravation and hardship

And B too is a trooper and can last at least one more day without her beloved Hitachi, beyond that though I don't know that she will make it

The kids though.. I don't internet might just be too much for the little dears

They can only take so much ... and I fear they might be at their breaking point

The hard pressed... but surviving

Family of The WC

Suzanne said...

Sam & Simone,

Hold out for the hot tub, given all the hardships out there in whatever-it-is-stan, you deserve it.

We're looking at snow here tomorrow as well. Happy Halloween :(

Glad to be back if only on a limited blogging schedule,


Donna said...

Hey Sam, I have approval for lighted and heated footpaths to the yak shack as well as the outhouse, or is that called an out-yurt there? Installers should be parachuting in within a day or so.

You know WC, there is no need to put yourself and your family through this. The kids could be shipped off to relatives, and you and B could parachute in with the installers . The yak shack, sometimes referred to by the herders as "The Yak Palace", is fully heated, has solar powered electric service for the Hitachi and unlimited wi-fi. I would be happy to dedicate a stall or two to you and B.

Logistics Swami,

WC said...

Now D,

Try as you might you will not get me back to that hell hole of the something or another A Stan

As alluring os the lovely Simone's clean shaven folds may be

I am holding out until they return to their high mountain hide a way ing the high southern Rocky Mountains right here in the good old USA

Mr. Chenny himself has graciously told me that under no circumstances a person venture abroad when under indictment for war crimes or Yak hearder's indictments

The isn't going back despite Donna's cleverness,


Anonymous said...

Just stopping by for laughs... getting ready to head out to my early morning volunteer thing, thinking it's cold and i wish i could stay in my nice warm house, but at least I have indoor plumbing, right?

The feeling grateful,