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Monday, October 24, 2011

Our First Switch Day in the Yurt

Before I forget, I want to send my appreciation to D and her team at the SBPP. It turns out it made a great deal of sense to get that extra-large solar array to power us up here in  remote Dag-Nab-It-Stan, as will become clear later in this blog.

As yesterday dawned here, we were happy to learn that Didi had made it home in time for her date with a rather desperate sub from a region north of River City, who had been so generous with his cock photos during our  Saturday evening massage soiree. (I must say, from the looks if it, the guy could use some suggestions from the WC on where to get that high end, of overpriced,  lubricant... it was showing a considerable amount of wear and tear, though not the type of tear that the poor, un-cut Francois suffered a few weeks back).  We are certainly looking for an update from her today on whether things worked out satisfactorily.

Slave had planned to fully exercise his Switch privileges in the morning, but Mistress was a little too clever. After she read the blog, and I stopped my oral worship prematurely, she got a little frisky, and well, my resolve crumbled. Soon Mistress's cum was all over my fingers, and I was fucking her in a more conventional, though very satisfying way.  I suspect she thought she had dodged the bullet for another seven days.

After Slave cleared his head from my typical post-orgasmic lethargy, I made her a promise I intended to keep.

"I guess we'll have to do switch day rituals this afternoon, Mistress."

"Whatever you say, Slave...."

I could tell from the soft tone of sarcasm that she was a little full of herself, and that she was calculating that Slave would get a little too lazy to follow through with his "threat"....

After a little bit of a nap, and some reading of the Sunday papers ( I was surprised to see the rider at dawn tossing the Times and the Yeti Daily Comet on up against our tent flap... thanks, again, D), Slave put on his work boots to go clean out the stables and feed the Yaks. It took me only about an hour, but when I returned Mistress had a bit of a disheveled glow, with her silk robe slightly askew.

"What no good have you been up to Mistress?"

"Well I was talking on the phone to the WC, and he suggested a little phone sex, Slave...."

"Hmmm.... it's been a while, what got you motivated, Mistress?"

"I think it was us talking to Didi about it last night Slave..."

I also suspected it was because we had not deployed Mistress's power tool lately - the Hitachi Magic Wand.  She must have missed its compelling beat pressed hard against those clean shaven folds.

"So how many, Mistess?"

"She seemed a little hesitant, mumbling, "I guess a handful, Slave...."

"So a handful might be five or more?"

"Could be, Slave...."

"And what motivation did the WC provide?"

"Oh, it was stuff about making me beg to come, and I think he threw in a little ass fucking too...."

"And did he get off?"

"No..... he was in the parking lot at COSTCO...."

Buying more lube, maybe?  Bulk purchases do make sense.

"Poor man.... I bet he made up for it later... plus he had that nice ass photo yesterday to inspire him ."

I let Mistress rest up a while from her encounter with the power tool. She finished up some college applications for our teen, and I watched a bit of  football, courtesy of that "NFL Ticket" that D was kind enough to add to our Satellite package.  But by about 3 pm, Mistress's time had come.

"Why don't you just shed that robe, Mistress...."

"So, Slave is going to deliver...."

"You definitely have it coming...."

I had spread a Yak fur onto the floor, not far from the fireplace that was heating us with some smoldering dried Yak dun.  Those Yaks are the animals of many uses, aren't they?

Soon Mistress was spreadeagled on her belly, quite helpless and accessible.

There was a little cropping, then some spanking to get the blood flowing.  And yet, Mistress seeemed comfortable on the furry pelt.

"This is actually pretty nice, Slave...."

I guess I'm just a pushover. By now I was switching on the hitachi, and thrusting it from behind, between those lovely thighs.

Though I did make her beg each time the magic wand brought her to the edge, her body quivering, her hips squirming. And I added some additional spanks for good measure as she lunged against the white bulb at the business end of that throbbing device.

By the time I thumbed it off, I think I had added 3 or 4 more cums to Mistress's total for the day.

"I want my cock now, Slave", she moaned against the fur. And I was happy to oblige, taking her from behind for a while, before untying her and finishing off on top.

We lay there a while on the fur, enjoying the warmth of the fire and one another, before straggling to the bed for a little late afternoon nap.

At that point, I suspect the power reserve was running a little low.  As I said, thank god for the "super-sized" solar array, D. Turned out Mistress needed lots of juice yesterday.



D said...

So happy the XL solar-array worked out. I would add more units to the array but it would require notifying NASA since the reflection off the mirrors could blind satellites. I'll see what else I can come up with.

Just a heads-up, you have a weapons class scheduled with Bill later this week and his mood has been in the toilet of late, probably related to watching all those non-intellectual, nonsensical political debates. Hopefully you have both been practicing with the scimitar as he instructed.

Your ever efficient SBPP Specialist,

WC said...

Very nice Sam and Simone

I clearly need to get a yak rug

That did look comfy

Donna tell Bill to do what I do

turn it off as soon as our right wing friends start talking

they are crazy as bed bugs (its not their fault)

he will find himself in a much happier place

The can't even listen to the dumbassery any more


sin said...

Maybe wind power could help to solve your power challenge? Or maybe damming up some local streams?

Anonymous said...

Good thinking, Sin. Energy conservation is always an issue, and I'm surprised D and B haven't thought of it already.

Happy, as always, that Simone is getting her needs met, Sam... The yak rug is a nice touch.