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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mistress's Russian Roots

The other day Aisha made a comment suggesting that some recent changes here at the blog reminded her a bit of Boris and Natasha from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon show.

Of course Slave is old enough to have a fondness for that show. and as I thought about my pre-teen days I may have nurtured what evolved into my kinky taste for a dark haired domme based on Natasha.

The comparisons with Mistress are not so extreme: both are long limbed and willowy; the long dark hair. And Mistress does have some Russian roots.  Natasha was a little mystereious, just as Mistress is certainly perceived by some. But while Natasha was partial to purple, Mistress more naturally gravitates to black.  come to think of it, I would bet the cartoonist who created Natasha has this 50's era pin up in mind.

I will confess that I have a soft spot for the notion of the dark and mysterious type, which probably accounts for how I fell for Mistress, and we were able to sustain a long and very hot undercover relationship with one another back in the Reagan / Bush years before we blew our own covers.

But how does Slave stack up to Boris, who was about 1/2 Natasha's size, and certainly older.  While I'm not shorter than Mistress, I do have more than a few years on her, and, like Boris, often wear a hat to cover up my bald head, just like Boris did. No penicl thin moustache for me, though D may suggest it as part of my cover. Somehow I think Mistress would object, since it cold tickle her clean shaven folds. 

Speaking of which, though she's been pretty busy with her new job, and I'm still busy learning the ins-and-outs of this rather exotic judicial system here in What-the-Hell-it-Stan. But she was able to break away from her own work the other day  to visit me in the Village. and we found a quiet corner in a local entertainment establishment for a little mid-day worship. It felt like old times, sinking to my knees and pressing Mistress's legs apart, as her black undies dangled from one booted angle. Hopefully it put her in a satisfied disposition as she headed back to all that cyber-commuting from the Yurt.

But getting back to Boris and Natasha, I do wonder what happened to them after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Is it true that old spies never die, but just fade away?  In my internet search, I did find this hint at their new careers:
But it could be that, like Simone and Sam, they were forced into exile. Maybe they're an aging couple with funny accents in a Yurt nearby. If we go door to door on Hollaween, we should keep an eye out for them.  By the way, do you like the costume Mistress has selected?


Donna said...

Oh, I love the graphics! Brings to mind Fearless Leader!

And I do see a certain resemblance between Mistress Simone and Natasha. Both are beauties and both have that certain air of mystery around them.

Please tell your beloved that there is nothing but pleasure to be gained from riding a mustache, or better yet a full beard like B has! Woo-hoo!

Absolutely love the Halloween costume. Hey where did she get that? I didn't send that, I would have kept that one for myself!

Your SBPP Person,

WC said...

Very funny, clever and entertaing post Sam.

It snowed here this morning and I was fixing my son breakfast when I heard the transformer along the creek behind our house let go and we were in darkness with half cookied eggs

Was fun actually made me feel like I was back in the I forgot which A Stan

Couldn't read your blog till I got to work!

But it was woth the wait,

The doesnt mind being without power for a few hours


sin said...

Snow??? Holy crap it's probably snowing in Back-of-beyond-istan too. Yikes.

Boris, are you sure everything is battened down and ready for winter there?

beingaisha said...

O, that's too funny, Sam!

Love the costume... and glad you two are back to some afternoon delight!