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Friday, October 7, 2011

UCTMW Staff Conference Summary

Because both Molly and Mick had too early morning curtain calls on Thursday, I did not do justice to the day of our big staff meeting here at the UCTMW World HQ in yesterday's abbreviated post .

Suffice it to say that Mistress had a full day of action, and her Slave was pretty engaged too.

First there was our early morning wake up sex…. hard to recall all the details now, but I know Slave was happy.

Then I was off to work, and Mistress was Off on her morning bike ride, to be back around 10 am or so when Francois planned to make a house call.

Of course, Mistress was concerned about how to handle the damaged foreskin.  Would it be an impediment?  Was some special salve or treatment in order?

She called me around 11:30 or so, on her way to a lunch meeting.

“So how’d it go, Mistress?”

“It was good Slave…. I handled it with care…. He seemed capable of receiving a blow job…. Then I rode the cock a bit….”

“Sounds like no permanent damage….”

Later, after lunch Mistress stopped by for some dessert at my office.

She went on the describe a little more of her morning entertainment as I helped her out of her trousers and panties, and she settled into her throne, the chair I pushed against the door.

“can you taste anything different, Slave?”

“Hmmm…. Yes Mistress, just a hint of the exotic…. How many times did you come?”

“Probably twice, Slave….”

‘And did you have to ask permission….”

“Of course, you know the rules….”

I suppose I do, follow them myself, of course.

Mistress was off after an additional cum, delivered by my eager lips and tongue. She had to make some final preparations for our conference with our Senior Correspondent and Director of Security, who had driven up from their branch office in the bible belt for the first ever UCTMW Staff Conference.

Of course, it was a thrill to meet them. They are every bit as engaging and charming as you would imagine from their comments and postings here over the last few months.

There wasn’t too much editorial planning, just lots of good chatter and laughter, as we exchanged life stories and book recommendations.

It is refreshing to share a dinner with some folks who, unlike our Vanilla friends here in River City, can transition from a discussion of religious intolerance to how much noise their partner makes in bed.


Molly: “So do Doms just not do oral?”

Bill: “It depends….we like to get good verbal feedback…. Now, Donna, she’s always been pretty reticent when it comes to making noise… though she’s improved with training.”

Donna: “It probably came from all those years at home when I was a kid, not wanting folks to hear me when I masturbated.”

Mick: “We should have appointed a recording secretary…. I’ll never remember all this for the blog”.

Plus our cats liked them too.

At some point, while Slave was on an unexpected call with a client, Molly and Donna conferenced in the WC via telephone, so he could share in the fun.  Maybe he can make it the next time in person.

Unfortunately, Francois was unable to join us. Hopefully he was rehabilitating that damaged foreskin, because we all have plans this weekend.

I did have a chance to lunch with Donna and Bill before they headed down river to visit with Aisha and ‘Nilla.  Fortunately, they were able to navigate the befuddling one way streets in downtown River City to find me, and I took them to a favorite, rustic old tavern that is the oldest in the City.

Bill surprised me with one comment though.

“Mick, thanks for the hospitality…. It was so considerate to leave those ropes tied to the four corners of the bed….”

I thought for a second, then laughed.

“Oops….. I guess we had switch day in the missing daughter’s room a few weeks back, and forgot to move them….”

“But that one rope…. It’s a little bristly…. To rough for soft skin…. Maybe invest in something a little more conditioned….”

Glad to see the Director of Security  conscious of Mistress’s tender skin.


beingaisha said...


They are a blast, aren't they? They told us about the ropes on the bed, cracked us up!

And yeah, it's just amazingly fun to have friends who can talk kink. Maybe we should get together more often. Where-you-live is not actually that far from Where-i-Live - although i hear traffic was god-awful.


nilla said...

i'm glad to see that Bill is taking his job seriously, Mick. You should seriously consider a raise, don't you think? Good staff is hard to find....and one so solicitous of the CEO's care and nurturing?

(well, perhaps there would be quite a few lined up to handle that particular "task" --you know, one of those jobs that doesn't feel like a job? *giggling*)

Just a thought!

Glad ya'll had fun! (see, i'm using the vernacular already!)


Suzanne said...

Quite the agenda for your staff meetings!


WC said...

I will definatly attend the next staff meeting

I completely agree Donn and Bill are good people

The wants to meet all,