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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snow Day

Before we get off on our usual frivolity here  from Dag-Nab-It-Stan, I wanted to send some warm "welcome home" greetings in the direction of our friends over at All Mine.  Reports are that Suzanne is back home after a few days in hospital. This is an odd little community. and unlike some of our fellow blogger pals, we've never met or even talked to Suzanne. But "Simone" and I feel a bond with her, Tammy and Jay that's hard to describe, or even understand. Over the last week. we've missed that sexy, sassy tone she brings to us every day, whether in her own blogs or in comments here and elsewhere.And when we almost went dark ourselves two weeks back, it was the good vibes from her and several others of you out there that made us jump back into things and go off on this strange blogger alternative universe.Suzanne, we've missed you, and hope you will soon be feeling better. And we can imagine how worried Tammy and Jay have been about you.

We can imagine it's been a trying few days for the three of you. Please rest up, gather your strength, enjoy one another,  and let us hear that voice again.

Now, where were we....

Our former staff member, the WC, has experienced some early snow out west. We understand that it even caused his power to go out. Yesterday, Mistress was talking to him via satellite phone and expfressed her concern.

"So, without power, how does B (his wife) get off.... I mean isn't she addicted to her Hitachi?"

WC apparently explained that there were other options available, but maybe he can comment on that here late. It was nice that Mistress was concerned about B though.

Well, it turned out that WC was not the only team members to get mired in the White stuff. Not long after I turned out the lights in the Yak shed, the wind shifted here and across the Steppes came what back in River City we would have described as Snowmageddon. Over night we were up to our tent flaps in white stuff. As you can imagine, the walk to the privvy this morning was a little cold:

We need to talk to our Director of Logistics about installing a heated walkway out there.  A hot tub would be nice too, btw.

With the pass into the Village a major avalanche threat, I think I will stay home with Mistress today and see what trouble we can get into.

and speaking of trouble, I did get this brief dispatch from D, our logistics director yesterday:

Sorry, but I'm not available to do any logistics work today.

This news flash just came in and I am gathering up supplies to go out and measure men (those I find attractive), for purely altruistic reasons, of course.

After all those email and television ads for enhancement, I feel it is my duty to go out and reassure the American male (or at least those I am drawn to) that they are well and truly endowed with magnificence.

Isn't it wonderful that I am willing to do this for mankind!

Gotta go now!
Study shows how men measure up
Average willy size revealed
Published: 24 Oct 2011
BOFFINS have published the most important research to affect mankind in decades — a groundbreaking study about the definitive size of the average penis.
The study — carried out by top French medical organisation The National Academy of Surgery — revealed the hard facts to try and curb a worrying increase in penis enlargement surgery.
Docs claim the scientific breakthrough will clear up the age-old query — and make men the world over breathe a sigh of relief — or confirm their utmost fears.
The scientific report says the average male's manhood is 3.5-3.7ins when flaccid and between 5-5.7ins when erect.
The Paris based group also say the circumference should be between 3.3-3.5ins when 'at rest' and between 3.9-4.1ins when aroused.
The Academy said men needed to be aware of 'normal' penis size before they resorted to potentially dangerous operations.
A statement added: "The feeling of having an insufficiently-large penis can be a source of anxiety and psychological suffering for a man.
"There has been an increase in demand for penis-enlargement operations in recent years, due to what some people call 'locker-room syndrome'.
"But these lengthening procedures may have only limited results and could have a risk of certain complications, in particular regarding erections."
The National Academy of Surgery is one of France's oldest medical bodies, created in 1731 by King Louis XV.
It has more than 500 members specialising in different branches of surgery. 

  I must say that by the time Mistress and Didi got finished comparing cock photos on their "devices" last Saturday night, Slave was developing a little "locker room syndrome" of his own. But now that I read this article, I'm not too worried about my "work-a-day" cock. Plus, I also have my lips and tongue to make up for any lack of girth or length. We all have our role to play.

And while the WC may have his own role to play back in the Rockies, he should remember the folks he left behind here in What-the-Fuck-It-Stan. After two nights in the Yak Shed, he left a few broken hearts. Like this poor specimen, still pining for his Special Occasion Cock: 


Shadesofme said...


Even though I don't join in your reindeer games by being a frequent commenter, I am very glad you are back and Suzanne has returned home. The blogosphere while vast is such a nice community of like-mimded souls and the look you provide us into your lives is something that becomes a part of our daily life. And like any Playboy reader from the 80's, its just not about the pictures and raunchy stuff, it is about the articles/content. I enjoy reading about the travels, bike rides, hikes and swims. The cooking and the surly kids. It is fun to read how you spice up a normal life with sexy adventures.

Thanks for staying connected!


beingaisha said...

Wow, that D is willing to make any sacrifice in the name of science, isn't she?? I'm always impressed by her dedication!

Sorry about the snow there in Where-you-Live... just rain here, thank goodness!


WC said...

Very, very, funny Sam,

Sorry about the sad Yak....

Hottub? Heated walkway?

My god man, you are starting to sound like me or Donna.

And Donna it is a noble service for mankind that you are undertaking:)

Thank god for King Louie XV!

And Suzanne, Jay and Tammy, I join with Sam and Simone in welcoming you back home. Like Sam I enjoy your witty banter every day.

And although I have never met you guys or spoken to you, I too feel a special bond with you.

Wishing for a full and speedy recovery.

With your positive attitude I feel certain that you will bounce back with a vengance.

And Simone I know that B is greatful for you concern


Not to worry!

We muddled through.

The power os still out this morning and my kids think it is a great adventure.

Walking around with camp lanterns and flash lights

Doing homework by candle light

Its all good

And thank god they say their cell phones, ipods and Itouches still work!

Although they were bitching a little bit about no internet.

Oh well, so much for roughing it

But back to yesterday morning

Neither B or I had to be at work early so after we packed the kids off it was right back to bed for us!

True there was no Hitachi but there was still the very rigid and aroused SOC and a very wet and wanting Ms WC


We proceeded to work out way through the Karma Sutra position by position

WC on top, B on top, doggy style, any stlye, reverse cowgirl, reverse coyboy, the I cant remeber which A Stan it is a style, the B's feet over her head style and the full combat style


Resulted in many orgasms for Ms WC and one roaring like a lion orgasm for me.

All in all a great morning sans Hitachi.

The old fassioned,


Donna said...

Wow WC, that was great! I do want to clarify to the readers that there are two B's in this column. One is the B that is my spouse and Dom, and the other is the B that is the spouse of the WC.

I really doubt that it was my B going through all the Kama Sutra positions with the WC; feet up over his head wouldn't be a preferred position for him.

Sam, I'll look into the hot tub/covered walkway situation as soon as I finish measuring the guys at the political rally tonight. It has been said that politicians have the and I am all about scientific research and statistics.

With measuring tape in hand, I remain
Your Logistics Specialist,

Mistress and Slave on the Lam said...

Shades- thanks for your generous comments. It's good words like that that get me to focus on my keyboard rather than rollover and snooze for another 30 minutes a lot of mornings.

Aisha- I agree, that D certainly is resourceful.

WC- hope the power kicks in. don't want to put too much strain on the SOC.

D- good luck with those measurements. I think a heated walkway would do---you know some heat coils implanted in the turf to help melt toe snow on the way to the privy?