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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update from the UCTMW World HQ Staff Conference

We've had a very busy day here at the World HQ, highlighted by our visit from our Senior Correspondent and Director of Security.  And Mistress had her own private meeting with Francois this morning to evaluate the extent of damage to his foreskin.

 (Fortunately, he's an independent contractor, and not covered by our Worker's Comp policy, unlike the WC who had that whole "frozen cock" problem last year).

I'd like to provide a full report in the AM, but there are early work calls for both Mistress and Slave.  Someone has to pay the bills!  So I will simply leave you with this image of me, Slaving over our post-meeting dinner.
The lovely apron came courtesy of Donna. Let's just hope Bill does a better job on security than on his photography.


beingaisha said...

Omigod, you're such a tease!

That's ok,we'll get the full story from Donna and Bill today!

Although then I'll really want to read your version...


Donna said...

Just how much wine had Bill consumed that he thought that picture was in focus? Molly and I were politely sipping ours in the other room; had we known there was guzzling go on in the kitchen we would have joined you two sooner!

Bill, Dir of Security UCTMW, Int said...

Wine had nothing to do with it! When you live in a town where three cars is a traffic jam then the interstate through River City is a bit of stress inducer! That and the physical presence of Mistress can give any man the shakes!

nilla said...

See, and here i thought the shakes were from random fits of laughter...

the always willing to stir things up....


WC said...

Very very cool and funny

Should have been there

Nilla and Aisha,

Am also looking forward to hearing about the next leg of the D and B's adventure.

The should have been there,