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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Unanticpated Injury

Here in River City, its been getting a little cooler. Mistress is not quite ready to make the shift to the tights that can drive her Slave wild. But she was wearing these rather foxy boots when I cam home Monday.  I thought her fans out there would enjoy them.

And though she’s been working from home over the last few weeks, She was downtown at lunch time yesterday, so stopped by for a little in office attention from her Slave.  It was a nice break for me from a rather tedious day behind the desk to close my door, pull up the chair and let her recline in her throne while I did what a Slave does best.  And one upside was having her juices coating my face to remind me of her for the rest of the day.

She actually got home later than me yesterday, and when she returned I suggested we go out for dinner at a new local restaurant to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of cohabitation, and also a new client acquisition for her.

She mentioned that Francois has plans to stop by for a visit in the morning, which led to some smutty talk about what he might have in mind for her.  And we called Donna to confirm the arrival time for her and Bill for tomorrow’s big staff meeting here at the UCTMW World HQ.

AS we were sipping wine and preparing our final agenda (and menu) for that big meeting, Mistress got a little text message.

“It’s Francois…. He said his foreskin has a tare….”

Yow!. This was new territory for those of us more familiar with Cocks Americaine.

Of course, this led to some speculation at his expense. At first, I wondered if he was doing what some old college football coaches do…. Diminishing expectations before the big game.  Lou Holtz had a million of those poor mouthing lines at his disposal, though I don’t recall him ever complaining about a foreskin injury that could hobble  his offensive line.

Donna was still on the line. When we reported this sudden injury to her she wondered whether “He’s just saying that so Molly will kiss it to make it better.”  Molly punctured that balloon.

“He knows I’d be happy to kiss it with or without an injury.”

Mistress sent a text message back to Francois… “How did that happen”, but we never got a clear answer. This sent us down a list of possible suspects:

-       errant zipper?
-       Caught in electric razor as he was having his pubes trimmed?
-       Mistakenly slid into kitchen garbage disposal?
-       Mixer goes rogue while he’s making chocolate confections in the nude?
-       Vacuum cleaner accident?
-       Babaette has sharp teeth?
-       Snagged on ring on his right hand?

Of course, the potential  explanations are endless. If any of you have some suggestions, please chime in.


beingaisha said...

Poor Francois...

I"m thinking maybe a food processor incident?


Jay said...

I've had many an injury in my day, some requiring surgery, but my privates have thus far remained injury free (I don't think the big "V" counts does it?) other than being busted a few times. So I'm not speaking from any experience here, but that has to hurt like hell.

As to possible explanations...I have no idea. I do know that Suzanne would be awfully suspicious of such an injury to the TC!

WC said...

Haha Jay,

I was riding my bike last winter and my fly was down

I got frozen cock syndrome

And old tight pocketds Mick turned down my claim for workers compensation.

The didn't like having a frozen cock,


Rich Wussy said...

It does sound pretty funny, but no one seems to have a good explanation for this. I don't think this is a laughing matter. From a clinical perspective, I would be suspicious of a "tear" in the foreskin. It would have to be the most freakish of accidents that would result in such trauma.