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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Molly and Mick Jump the Shark

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase before. Here’s a definition from the “Urban Dictionary”:

“A term to describe the moment when something that was once great  has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumps a shark on water skis.”

We can all think of that moment, and often they are only seen in the rear view mirror:

For Blockbuster, it was the advent of Netflix.
For the record industry it was the I-Pod.
For Rick Perry, it was the day he got into the GOP Presidential race.
For the Office it was Jim and Pam’s wedding.

Well folks, after some deliberation, both before and after having some thrilling wake up sex this morning, Molly and Mick have concluded that UCTMW officially jumped the shark with Home Cuming weekend. 

It was a thrill. It was pressing any number of boundaries for us. But it also created a security risk that probably requires us to close down shop here, at least for a while.

And, quite frankly, we can’t figure anyway to one up ourselves after those three “episodes”.


What a weekend.

And maybe it's time.

The purpose of the blog, and the contract it arose from, was to cement Mistress’s sense of security and trust with her Slave.

That Mission seems to have been accomplished. We are both in a good, happy and trusting place together.

And some new adventures await that will clearly sap some of our blogging time over the next few months: Mistress starts a new career phase in about 10 days. No doubt the hours will be longer and the tasks more challenging until she gets her arms around this new opportunity.

For Mick…. Well we are already deep into the next election cycle, and that will be taking more of my mental and physical energy, as well as keeping my day job viable.

So maybe we should count on spending a little more time in bed together in the mornings, and a little less time at the key board.

Of course, the Contract remains in effect.

“You will still be my Slave, won’t you?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

Don’t worry. We won’t disappear altogether.  You will still be getting our comments on your blogs. And maybe we can finally persuade our Senior Correspondent to do a “spin off” that the rest of you can follow.  She can be the Rhoda to Mary Tyler Moore. Or something.

WC and B are still invited to visit us in our Mountain Branch office. (Any bets on whether they will ever make it?)

Who knows, when the dust settles here, there could by a new version of UCTMW – in some other guise or name – to pick up where we left off.   You will be among the first to know all about it.

So after nearly 2 years (we started mid-November 2009) of (just about) daily entries, and more than 450,000 accumulated page views:

“Say goodnight, Mick.”

Say goodnight, Molly.”


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...


goodbye from me too. We won't return as a corporate model next time. But, if we do, trust that it it will be in some type of a sarcastic iteration. We have truly enjoyed this time together (that is with all of you -- the ten or so invited to see this last entry, that is)...
as a guy who was the mayor of a place that we just might live, then a local anchor man and now a raunchy talk show host and folk hero used to say on his sign off, "take care of yourselves and each other."

beingaisha said...



Don't leave us!!!!


{pulls self together bravely}

Ok, I understand.

It's been a blast.

Hope to stay in touch in vanilla world.

Much love,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

we are so glad to have met you too (both here and in vanilla land.) Keep up with the real M/M on FB and we will come to see you -- we still LOVE sex..that has not changed one bit. Next time I will NOT be named Molly...
you know who

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Aisha- sorry to leave you and the rest of our readers in the lurch. we didn't even have a build up to a final "goodbye" episode, did we?

But there is always a chance for a re-union show, or maybe some feature films, like Star Trek?


Donna said...

Dear Good Friends,

No spin-off for me, but thanks for the suggestion.

UCTMW has been a bright star in my morning sky.

Mick, thanks for all those mornings it would have been easier for you to crawl back under the covers but you wrote those words that brought a smile to my face. And Molly, thank you for being Mick's inspiration.

To see the two of you together in real life is to see love in action.

Hugs and kisses,

sin said...


Goodnight Molly.

Goodnight Mick.

Your blog has been part of my community and I'll miss you.

I do hope you come back in some iteration.


WC said...

Well Mick and Molly,

My dear friends

It has been a great run

But I know will will remain friends

B an I will definatly come visit you in your high desert retreat

And you have a standing invitation to come north and visit us in the Mile High City

The Birds Of Prey Mens World Cup Downhill in Beaver Creek is the first week of December?

Or perhaps sitting on a ski deck somewhere on a bright warm sunny spring day eating burgers and listening to The Dead

I remberber that email Mick.

Maybe a visit to my Cabin Molly? Haha!

I know you will be back as soon as you assurer the election of two very important people for the future of this country...

And hopefully the election or reelection of many others

Your friend alwaws,


WC said...


And I will be posting aroud the blogs under my new handle:

The unemployed but still WC? Hey Mick never paid me much anyway.

The double super secrete WC?

The now undercover WC?

I don't know but something!

I still need to keep up with some you other great bloggers and commenters out there.

The undercover but still around,


Donna said...

Hey WC,

Get real, buddy! Is this under cover business you're talking about suppose to sound new to us? To hear you tell it, you have been doing under the covers work for quite some time!

Say, you don't think this is Mick's sneaky way of getting out of paying up on our expense accounts, do you?


And just so you know, you'll always be the preeminent Assotologist to me.

WC said...

Thanks Donna!

Would hate to losse my assotologist handle

And I wouldn't be surprized if you are not right about old thightpockets!

The likes to be undercovers,


nilla said...



You will be missed in blogland. Very much so. Will keep up with ya'll in FB land...but it won't be quite the same...

still, *i'll* know what's happening behind those "staid" vanilla posts, and if i occasionally smile, it's with fond memories of days gone by.

Farewell and adieu...but never goodbye...

Love and hugs,


msmarie said...

I'm pretty bummed about this. You are going out on top though, that's for damn sure! Too bad for the rest of us, but I'm happy for you. Take care!!!

btw - I always thought 'jumping the shark' was a desperate and wild attempt to stay on top. But I'll defer to Urban Dictionary - as I do every day!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Sadly, Mick has already developed our new look and feel..won't come out for a while...
and this time will be even funnier than last
and my name will not be Molly next time

Suzanne said...

All the humor, wit and yes, sex aside....I am truly saddened by this.

Please, do keep in touch.