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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Molly, Mick, Francois and Didi

Mick is a little bleary eyed this morning.

I'm the sort who's body clock wakes me at the same time every morning. and it was sometime after 2:45 am when home cumming weekend post game festivities wrapped up here at the UCTMW World HQ. 

And of course, there is no way I can do the evening justice in a bleary eyed, Sunday morning post.

I mean, if I started at the restaurant, where Molly, Mick and Francois met Didi (sorry Babette, you blew it!), and she  went to the ladies room to don the matching butterfly vibrator Francois handed her, then I'd be here all day filling in the details of our evening and I'd miss my chance for some post orgy wake-up sex with Mistress.

So instead I thought I'd toss you a photo montage from our post meal "gathering" here at the World HQ, and let the pictures speak for themselves.... more details later dearest followers!

Here's Mistress, warming up for things to come.

Of course, it was my task to make sure Mistress, and later Didi, were sufficiently preped for Francois's pleasure. and give Francois credit for multi-tasking, knowing even when his own cock is being "fluffed" by Didi, that Mistress is on the verge and needs his iconic direction of "Now, Now, Now" before she is allowed to come from the ministrations of her Slave's well practiced tongue.

As for Didi, well, she is quite the specimen. Funny, informed, and very very strong. I'm still wondering, how did Francois find a former body builder who could bench press three three of us all at once?  Obviously, the puny sports wrap he had brought could not hold her.

Indeed, for someone who claimed that she was interesting in playing the submissive, it wasn't long before she seemed to be in charge of the evening's proceedings.

I was happy to be a role player: doing my best to worship both of the lovely women. But I found that with my head buried between thighs. and lavishing attention on clean shaven cunts, I missed some of the action unfolding around me.

 I heard exclamations about hot wa on nipples, and ice cubes stuffed up cunts, but have no direct eye witness knowledge to report on.  Next time we may want to attach a small video camera to one of the cats, who both were hovering nearby.  Hopefully they were not traumatized.

At some point, after Mistress mercifully unlocked my cock cage,  I was directed to retrieve the strap on and a selection of dildos. A riding crop too, though Francois ruled that what I came back with was not a crop at all but some sort of dressage whip.

Details, details.

At first it was unclear who would be using the strap on on who.  (Or is it whom?).  I must say I was a little sheepish about being put on display as the receptacle. But things turned out quite well.  Mistress did an excellent job with it on Didi, after we adjourned to a bedroom.

By now it was Didi's birthday, and my switch day. She was treated to quite a nice strap-on fucking by Mistress (I believe it may have been a first for both of them). And to add a little spice, I gave Mistress a nice spanking to help them both get to suitably robust cums. (Now that I think of it, we should have given Didi the birthday spanking too!)

As they cuddled and fondled in bed, Francois and I realized we had become redundant, and adjourned downstairs for some coffee. What a shame there was no billiard room and cigars to end our evening.

When we came back upstairs, Didi was displaying another unique talent (other than the ability to kick all of our asses). She was executing a marvelous massage on Mistress, and soon was spreading the joy to the rest of us.

This morning, as I patrolled the house, I found the detritus of our wild and crazy evening.
The above was on that bedroom floor. and below, on the arm of the living room couch. I wonder if Mistress will remember being flogged on the ass by her Slave as she rode Francois's cock and Didi squeezed her nipples?
(Don't worry, the knives are purely decorative.  No "edge play" allowed at the World HQ!  You have to draw a line somewhere.)

Happy Birthday Didi! Hope we made it a memorable one.


Donna said...

Goodness Gracious Great Balls O'Fire!

What a time you had! I would imagine there will be naps for all at the World Headquarters this afternoon.

And Happy Birthday to Didi! Who sure seems to know how to party!


beingaisha said...

Goodness ~ what an event! Sounds like there was more kink going on at your house than in lots of public dungeons. Wow.



sin said...

Gosh - lots of action! So many permutations and combinations. I do worry about traumatizing the cats though. And happy birthday to Didi.

nilla said...


and thanks for the invitation to keep reading. i'm actually kinda speechless.

leave it to you kinksters to rob that from's quite an accomplishment, ya'll...