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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Tell Tale Mark

Mistress was still feeling a little under the weather yesterday morning, but after I worshiped her as she read the blog, she very generously let me partake of her delights. Yes, as Jay mentioned in a comment yesterday, I am a very lucky Slave.

Afterwords, we went for a somewhat abbreviated bike ride (it's gotten too cold too fast here in the heartland), and then were heading out for some errands - Mistress with sullen teen #1, and me with one of my very cute grandsons.

But as Mistress was sliding into some foxy panties, I noticed something that I must have overlooked earlier this week.

"Is that a bruise on your ass, Mistress?"

She was curious, but had trouble seeing what I was referring to. I moved in closer, running my fingers over the little red marks on her  firm left cheek.

"Maybe that spanking from Francois left a little more than a rosy glow, Mistress...."

"Hmmm.... could be Slave."

Did I skip this part earlier in the week. When Mistress had her little rendezvous with her new part time Dom last week, she reported rotating through a variety of positions.

"I was riding hic cock, Slave.... and he was spanking me."

"Was that a turn-on, Mistress?"

"You could say that, Slave....."

It seemed only fair to take a few photos to share this sight with our curious readers.  Here's one of Mistress leaning over the bed.

Can you see the red marks on the left?

They are a little hard to see in this light, aren't they?

So try this photo, a little more contrast, a little closer up:

Poor Mistress.


beingaisha said...

Poor Mistress, indeed!

Francois is definitely going to be a different experience for her!


sin said...

Yes, but she said it was a turn on!

Anonymous said...

Mick, Mick, Mick.............

I have read some comments that you are a very lucky slave!
But, Mon Dieu!, you had not noticed this earlier like you said?
My time with Donna was limited because I myself have a sick submissive, on whom I have been doting now for close to 2 weeks. Yet from Molly I heard you do not do the same when she is under the weather!
Do I detect some lack here. Perhaps it is time get a bit unlucky!
Please Mick as you know there is a new Gendarmerie (sheriff) in town, do start some doting on her while she is under the weather.
Or I see myself forced to use a frozen dildo on you soon or perhaps a tabasco dildo?

EuroTrash aka François

Donna said...

@ET, Time was limited? I don't remember any time together at all. Was this before my morning coffee? Surely I would remember.

Or is there another Donna with UCTMW?

Just wondering.

Suzanne said...

Mick...sounds like you will be paying closer attention to things from now on.


Anonymous said...

Donna, Je suis très désolé

My apologies it was early, and I made a typo..BOTH names should have been Molly

EuroTrash aka François

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I clearly do need to pay closer heed to Mistress's needs, and ass. Mick

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion!