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Monday, June 6, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Slave got a few days of blogging hiatus, thanks to our Senior Correspondent and Mistress’s own contribution over the weekend, in which she took the opportunity to get a few things off her divine chest.

But that’s not to suggest that our fun went dark here in River City these last few days. No, despite a day spent at our daughter’s college orientation on Friday, Mistress got a reasonable allocation of orgasms these last few days, and Slave can’t complain either.

But since it’s  a work day, and I want to make sure there is timing for some morning “activity” here at the World HQ before we head to work, let me pick up on Sunday morning, our weekly Switch Day.

Mistress and Slave both slept in a little later than normal, and even after I came back to bed with the morning papers, Mistress was otherwise engaged, spending some time finishing a work project on her laptop that had been bugging her all weekend. There was even a brief chat with our WC, as he headed to a Sunday morning golf game.

But when the time came…. Well Mistress found herself with those red leather cuffs locked on tight, on her tummy, her arms spread to the corners of our bed.

Nice and helpless…. Just the way I like her every now and then.

I took a few photos, so there would be something to share with all of you. Then I lazily spread my nakers self across her lovely body. My guess is she could feel the semi-rigid work-a-day cock sliding between her cheeks, as I spread little tender kisses across her neck and slowly worked the muscles in her neck and shoulder with my fingers.

“You’ve been so nice to me lately, Mistress that it would seem cruel to get out the riding crop.”

“”Well that’s good news, Slave….”

Soon I was sliding off her and reaching for the Hitachi Magic wand, tucked under our bed.

I worked it over her lower back, which produced little purrs of delight. But when it ran down the back of her thighs, and to the sole of her foot, the delight turn to shivers and wiggles and squirms, with Mistress trying to evade the vibrating tool.

“That tickles, Slave…”

“It could be worse, Mistress…..”

But I didn’t make it worse…. Like I said, I was a bit of a pushover yesterday. Soon the vibrating ball was sliding up the inside of her thigh, and under her squirming hips….. back to the place where Mistress likes it.

She was squirming more sensually now, and the aroma of her juices teased my nostrils. My cock, like the foolish little robot it has become for her, was getting harder just from that scent, and the sight of her ass and thigh muscles flexing and relaxing, then flexing again, to squeeze a little more “whoopee” from the Hitachi.

As she squirmed, I decided to apply a little “tart” to the “sweet’, and used my free hand to spank that delicious butt, timing my swats to the de-clench of her lusty cycle, which seemed to speed the rhythm of her little dance of debauchery to a snappier beat.  Maybe you can see that little red glow her cheek acquired, even as she was working herself against that little throbbing ball.

“Remember to ask permission, Mistress… or there could be consequences….”

She moaned, her ass rising and falling even faster now, her thighs clinging greedily to the wand as I did my best to hold it in place….

“Can I come now, Slave….”

“Let me hear you say ‘please’….”

She did, and I required that please a few more times, for good measure, before I gave my consent.

She sighed on relief, but then a  funny thing happened…With my consent in the bank, she seemed to back away from the brink, and take her time to work her wake back up to the pinnacle of frustration…. Clenching, relaxing, then clenching those muscles, her thigh muscles flexing, her legs bending up at the knees, toes curling, a frenetic rhythm of motion that was s delight for this humble provocateur to behold.

I did my best to keep up, with my hand firmly gripping the churning tool, trying to maintain contact with her sopping little cunt.

Finally, with a sound that started deep in her chest, and with her muscles straining from calf to shoulders, Mistress roared over the cliff, first for one nifty cum, then, barely missing a beat, she shifted to a higher gear, treating herself to another one before begging me to thumb her favorite toy off.

When she was done, her chest was heaving, and little beads of sweat had broken out on her back.  My tongue lapped them up as I let her catch her breath.

But she wasn’t done.

“Fuck me now, Slave….”

I was anxious to accommodate her, and too lazy to flip her over just yet, so I mounted her from behind….

“Watch for the right hole, Slave….”

Not a problem. We’re keeping that ass virgin for now, but it was easy to finding the correct aperture, and soon I was pumping into Mistress… rough and greedy.

She seemed to take it well, coming at least once more that way,  before I released her wrists and flipped her over… taking my own pleasure… with permission of course.

Now it’s the start of another work week, and the final school week here for our teens here in River City…. and somehow, writing all this out makes me want to head upstairs and get another fix of Mistress before we all put our noses to the grindstone once again.


beingaisha said...

Wow, who wouldn't want a switch day like that?


Suzanne said...

A most excellent Sunday in my opinion; Strong coffee, the Sunday papers and best of all, outstanding sex!

Just a quick question for Mick you always wear a watch during sex? Or is that some other type of "strap" in the photo?

The always inquisitive,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

that's product placement, Suzanne. Can't you see the little "Tiffany" logo on my little watchband buckle?

Hope the trip is fun!


WC said...

Very nice Mick,

I too loved the picture with you holding the Hitachi and seeing Molly's l pretty little bottom reddened by your spanking.

Funny thing, until Suzanne pointed it out I did not even notice the watch.

Who knew,

I guess we all have different priorities.

The his eyes focus on different things than Suzannes' do,


Donna said...

Love the pictures! Quite a lovely shade of pink on your backside, Mistress!

About the band on Mick's wrist, I assumed it to be one of those high tech gizmos that lets you know how many calories you burn through the day. I would guess Mick to be a multi-tasker, wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

mick is a multitasker Donna, MSNBC, TPM and NYTimes all at once...haha