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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mistress's Generous Offer

It was another day in the cage here on Thursday…. Same “excuse”, not that one is needed… Mistress was leaving a little later, and taking the surly teen #2 to work with her. So Mick had to make sure the cage was in place before leaving for the office solo at my normal time.

One fringe benefit: Mistress had the side advantage of that harder than ordinaire cock, brought on by the tight ring around my cock and balls,  as I took advantage of permission to fuck her yesterday morning.

After work, we took the teen to a new pizza joint in the older part of the city… very urbanista, with a big wood fired oven imported from Naples. Yummy stuff. But our dinner out extended my cage day until around 8 pm…. By then my scrotum was getting a little tender. Mistress was determined to take a bike ride, but she was kind enough to release me first, even before giving me the chance for worship.

On our ride, we talked a bit about her conversations during the day with the WC. It seems his  closest colleague, let’s call him S, is going through an ugly divorce.  The wife is trying to serve him with papers. M has been advising him on how to handle this stress.

“M told S that he just needs to go out and get fucked…. To move on….”

“Sounds like good advice Mistress…. And what did you say….”

“I offered to help. S sounds like a nice guy. I told M I’d be happy to come out for a ‘sympathy fuck’”.

This is a concept we’ve talked about before.  Back in the day when Molly and Mick were ‘dating’ (married to other folks too), she often mentioned that she was tempted to provide a “sympathy fuck” to a mutual friend who had been doggedly coming onto her for some time. A nice guy, but not all that attractive to Molly (at least not nearly as attractive to the more alpha Mick in those days, at least that's what I told myself ).

Mistress never “succumbed” to that particular guy (0r so I am told), but my sense is there were a few notches on her belt, even at the young age of 27 or so, that fell into this category.  Folks that really were not in her “league” but that she dabbled with out of a sense of noblesse oblige? Or maybe just curiosity?

I’m wondering if any of our readers have a comment on this form of social interaction… have you engaged in the “mercy” or “sympathy” fuck…. Or is this just bad behavior? (I suppose it’s something a guy could do too.)

In any event, back you our little dialog.

“And how did M take your generous offer?”

“He didn’t like it at all, Slave….he said if there’s anyone out here you are going to fuck, it will be me.”

I laughed. I knew where this was heading. M can get a little possessive, jealous even, particularly for a guy who has not met his little Molly in the flesh to show her the famous "special occasion cock".

“And you said….”

“That I’d made that offer before, and what had it gotten me so far…. I even told him he could let S know he’s invited to our 4th of July party at our mountain hideaway…(not too far a drive from Judge Miguel’s ‘county seat’.)

“Oh I’m sure he’ll pass that invitation along….”

“Right. He said that if anyone’s coming it would be him and B….”

“Well they're invited too Mistress….”

By the time we got home, and Slave had showered off, it seemed all this sex talk had us both in the “mood”.

“Why don’t you go insert your little device, Slave… I want a particularly hard cock…”

She meant the aneros, which had not been deployed in a week or so. And it certainly did the trick.

After I used my mouth and lips to bring Mistress to a series of little climaxes, her hips rolling, little gasps of pleasure escaping from her mouth, she teased my work-a-day cock to desperation with those nicely manicured fingers.

Until I was begging to fuck her.

Fortunately, she showed the same mercy to me that she had offered to show S.

As I took my pleasure from her, we revisited her conversation with the WC.

“I suppose if M won’t extend the offer, you could just email S directly, maybe with on of those hot photos.”

“Oh, Slave…. you really are a trouble maker.”

So true….


sin said...

Cute - I've never done a sympathy fuck, but have engaged in a sympathy flirt; where I've made a point of being very flirty with someone, to build them up.

Interesting (but not really surprising) how possessive M is.

beingaisha said...

Sweet, as always.

No, can't think of any actual sympathy fucks. But yes, some sympathy flirtations for sure.


WC said...

Dear Mick,

You have outdone yourself,

First Paramour, and now,

Noblesse Oblige?

Big words for a poor simple rube like the WC.

Great post as usual.

I told Molly that if S doesn't get better soon we might have to fly in the A team from the east,

AKA as

Molly Collins our beloved and benevolent CEO

And well known and notorious sympathy fucker

Hereinafter to be called simply SF

So Molly Im glad we have you on ready 5,

to parachute into our modest city to SF S,


UCTMY's WC, PTTTCEO, and known and notorious SF 2 as well,




sissy tammy said...


i've had to do many things while in chastity. Fortunately, my Mistress, like yours, knows enough about the male anatomy and its limitations, to limit my bike riding to those times i'm out of "the cage."

As for "sympathy fucks", you can probably guess my experience with those.

Donna said...

Hey WC, you forgot Expert Assotologist. Don't want to leave that off. Speaking of that, maybe S could use a good friend in that department, eh?

And Mick, about the sympathy fuck...yes, I have, with Bill's full knowledge and permission, of course. It was a while back and it worked out quite well. He knew and we knew that it was about caring, not about loving.


WC said...

Hey Donna,

I retired from my position a expert assotologist.

The profession was going down hill, and swamped with imposters without a licence to practice assotology.

Why every Tom Dick and Harry thought they could just slip on a latex glove and practice assotology.

My efforts to creat a licencing body to regulate the proffesion came to naught.

Therefore, with great sadness I herby retire from the profession as a matter of principle and to high light for the public at large the danger posed by these quacks!

The, for god sake they licence barbers!

And former assotoilgist,




Donna said...

Oh no, please, say it isn't so!

Who will share the knowledge; those key words of "go slow" and "easy does it", the joy of the diaper position and the glory of generous lubing to those with uninitiated orifices?

You may have forgotten that stepping down from this position requires a minimum of four weeks notice and permission of the CEO.

So, Judge Miguel, I think it's time for you to pull up your big boy underoos and get back to the work of securing a positive anal experience for the anal virgins of the world.

We each have a gift, and the gift of asstology appears to run in your family. Accept it, embrace it, and share it with the world.

The lovingly firm,

WC said...

Oh, OK Donna,

When you put it that way....

I guess my work as an assotologist is just too important for mankind as a whole, for me to just quit.

But I will show the world what quacks these impertant pretenders are.

The preminant assotologist rides again!

Have gloves will travel,

The assotoligoist once again,


Donna said...

Thank goodness!

And speaking of both good news and gloving up, I picked up a box of finger cots as a gift for your brother. If you'll send me his address, I'll get them out to him right away.

I thought perhaps he could keep a handful in his pocket, at the ready for meetings, parties, elevators, crowded rooms, long lines, etc.

If he isn't familiar with finger cots, this is from the Wikipedia entry...Finger cots can be used in a wide scope of medical procedures and examinations, for example, during the digital rectal examination.

Can you think of a more perfect gift?

The ever thoughtful,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

WC and Donna- you guys are crazy as loons... but it's nice to have you on the team.

Tammy- good to hear from you. You're right. don't want to try bike riding with a cage in, tho I have done it in the past when required. it's a delicate balance. Mick

Anonymous said...

now that I have read this top to "bottom" so to speak -- I see you all have had a busy afternoon. Been a long time since I have engaged in a SF -- but am willing to take one for the team if need be. WC has told me that S is quite well-endowed (and really folks, who but WC would know this about a law partner..was it part of their partnership agreement?) so I might even be willing to just try him out for my own sake. so you know, WC says NO WAY (poor me)

nilla said...

oh my goodness...i feel nervous about commenting here...i carry no title, no lauds of assologist, not even assistant...and tho i try to grab at Masters nipples, sadly, i'm no more accomplished there, either...

*ponders* need readers to give full import to your writing, the words, the pearls of wisdom and humor that verrily leap from the pages to mine eyes...

yes, call me "devoted reader"...laughing, laughing as i take up my duties...

the always giggling....