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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On "Variety".

Summer has arrived here in River City. We are more than a week into “school’s out” and a bit frazzled about it.

Sullen teen # 1 is on an even keel, low maintenance, getting ready for her college experience, with some trips with friends and family thrown in. It seems she will only be making cameo appearances here at the world HQ over the next few weeks.

Sullen Teen # 2 is a whole different story.

She just finished her junior year, but will be overseas for her senior year, studying abroad. And since she seems to have forsaken all the “boring” and “loser” friends she had accumulated in high school,   she is in our face (more typically Mistress’s face) just about 24/7.

Combine that with some prep she must do to be able to graduate on time (two on-line courses), scrambling to visit some colleges she may lower herself to apply to, and arranging for a visa and medical clearance for a year abroad, well…. she has become a full time  job for poor Molly, and to a much lesser extent for me.

This can throw a monkey wrench into the more indulgent lifestyle that Molly and Mick have become accustomed to here in River City.

With Teen #2 deciding she is best working on her on-line studies at Molly’s office, and constantly poking her head in to her mother’s work space, well that has certainly cut down on chances for Mistress to engage in those occasional smutty conversations with the WC.

And it also means we’ve been driving separately to work over the past week, depriving us of that morning and afternoon decompression time.

And, let’s not forget the infernal cage that Mick is required to wear when we drive separately.  Ouch.

The teen’s trips to Mom’s office have also put a damper on Mistress’s visits to my office for our little mid-day worship sessions. (“Where are you going?... and why can’t I come? Can we stop for ice cream on the way?)

But there was a brief respite yesterday. At mid-morning, the teen discovered she needed to go to the MD’s office for one of those TB tests so he could sign off on her visa paperwork. That meant she borrowed my car from my downtown garage, and gave Molly a few hours of relative solitude to do her “real” job, and also visit me without her little “shadow”. I was more than happy to turn over the keys.

Mistress arrived at my office shortly after lunch, dressed for business in an elegant cotton dress, her legs bare. As we talked about our mutual exasperation with the teen, I was already positioning the chair against my door, draping the maroon blanket, and otherwise preparing her “throne”.

As I gently kissed her lips, the taste and aroma was just a little bit different, exotic maybe….I filed it away to mull over.  But the difference got me thinking about the post Sin had made the other day about men who “stray”. Her theory was it’s about “variety”, that somehow men get a little bored or stale with the same old, same old. (or  same young, for that matter).

I don’t  exactly agree. Maybe it’s something I need to write about later, in the context of my own “wild oats’ days during my first marriage.

But suffice it to say that since it had been a while since Mistress had stopped by my office, and this odd new taste and scent, it all seemed a little different, new and … exciting to me.

But of course there was the cage.

 As I knelt to worship, inhaling the musky scent that mingled with the new aroma I had detected, my cock stirred, strained and banged up against it’s restraining steel.

Double Ouch.

And although I knew it was Mistress here doing what we had done many times before, it was hard not to imagine doing this for the first time, the risk of it, the submissiveness of being on my knees, focusing only on her pleasure. I even imagined  that Mistress had dispatched someone else, a friend maybe, a business colleague, or maybe a “babysitter”, like Tammy over at All Mine has for the weeks when Suzanne is overseas this summer.

That musing didn’t help the cage situation at all. I should have been thinking about who would be starting on the mound for the home team that night.

Fortunately, my highly trained and experienced lips and tongue, were already busily engaged, and soon Mistress was more than satisfied, her hips rising off the chair, her head gently clunking against my door, little muted gasps coming from those full, lush lips.

We drove home, and on the way home chatted with Donna about the reactions to her wonderful posting here yesterday. They commiserated a bit about some human resource issues here at UCTMW World Enterprises.

By the time we got home, I made sure to offer to worship Mistress again before our evening bike ride. But first, as  my mouth lingered at Mistress neck as I unzipped her dress, I asked about that new taste / scent.

“Oh…. I didn’t think you’d notice…. It’s something I wore in college… “White Shoulders.”  I used it when we were in Europe, then put it on this morning because I figured I wouldn’t see you today until we got home…”

It’s funny isn’t it, how a little change can make an intriguing difference?

It wasn’t until after Mistress was worshiped again, lying across our bed, me kneeling on the floor, that she remembered the cage, and reached for the little key.

“Poor slave….”

Actually, I have it pretty good.


beingaisha said...

Sweet. very sweet.


vanillamom said...

i for certain get the 24/7 thing...that is my life, in a nutshell, X 3...*smiling in empathy*

i'm glad you two got to reconnect, as it were, and even with your poor cock stuffed into that steel were aroused by her...if that's not an ode to love, i dunno what is...


Donna said...

Maybe Teen Two is subconsciously pushing the envelope a bit to make it easier to leave her parents in a couple of months.

About the aroma and thoughts. I think it has been well established that all adults have fantasies that trickle through their brains. As a person who reads erotica on a daily basis, let me tell you I have great fodder for fantasies and make full use of those mental images. Bill does, too, although his lean more toward internet photos, some of which show women with bigger boobs and more flexibility than I knew was humanly possible.

Sharing the fantasies is sometimes a great turn-on. Maybe that's a topic for a blog post?

May I suggest that the most important thing is that one yells out the correct name in the throes of orgasmic bliss! LOL


Harry Haversackers said...

"Actually, I have it pretty good."


sin said...

I snorted my coffee at the bit about where are you going, can I come and can we stop for ice cream on the way? I have to ask if what Molly was thinking, having her work at her office. Sounds like way too much time together.

I want to clarify (over here where it's quieter :) ) that I didn't mean that all men cheat. I think that all/most men look. Women look too, they think hey, nice boots on that girl. Men think hey, nice boobs on that girl. OR something like that.

I don't wear perfume often, but I do love white shoulders.