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Thursday, June 9, 2011

HNT / Disrupted Scehdule

Sometimes you have to be flexible. Mistress has a way-too-early meeting today. Our initial plan was to defer our morning "encounter" until this evening.... but when both of us woke at around 5:50 am and Mistress had until 6:15 to hop into the shower... well you can imagine where fingers and tongues led us....

But I did want to share a few illustrations from the last few days. First, for those of you following Mistress's shoe collection, this photo from Monday, when Mistress was chatting with the WC on our way home from work.

There was also some discussion this week about Mistress's trip to the gynecologist this week. the pervy WC had suggested that she get herself off while awaiting her annual inspection. Our female readers scoffed at the notion, and Mistress drew a firm line. But one of our correspondents suggested that at least she could send us a photo of the occasion.

As it turns out, Mistress did send to me and the WC the following photo, from the examining room. and it seems only fair to share.
Finally, you may recall that last week, Donna came up with a collection of items for "Judge Miguel" to amuse himself with at his campaign headquarters. Well apparently he could not resist one item, a special accessory for the Hitachi Magic wand that amounts to a "cock sleeve". He even sent a photo to Mistress when his new toy arrived. (It seems he is not planning to borrow wife B's Hitachi, and got his own.... ).

I'm hoping for a more detailed product review, from the WC, but early reports are interesting.

"He says he tried it when his wife was in the shower..... that  it was so intense it almost hurt .... he says he needs to experiment with it some...."

"And what did his wife think about his new toy...."

"Apparently she thought it was pretty cool, Slave...."

I suspect B is grateful for any assistance in keeping the Special Occasion Cock amused. If it doesn't take a village, it may take power tools.


beingaisha said...

Great shoes, Molly!

The doctor's office picture gave me chills, but just a little bit. Yikes.

And I'm glad the WC is keeping himself entertained, looking forward to hearing more!


WC said...

Very funny again Mick,

I am serving as B's hard working law clerk this morning, but will write more later.

The over paid law clerk,


writingwithellie said...

Gynecologist. Ick.

I never think of a guy when I think of a vibrator. I wonder how this toy can be manipulated and messed with till it becomes a favorite. Looking foraward to a review!