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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day in the Cage

Woke up this morning a little later than normal, fans. So this may be a brief post.  I don’t want my morning window of opportunity to serve Mistress to pass by.

Yesterday, we got back on track with our preferred “two a day” regime. There was some very satisfying morning sex, enhanced by the fact that I had been told to the day would be a “cage” day.  Molly had persuaded surly teen #2 to come spend the day at her office, so they would be leaving a little later, and we would not be carpooling it.

So I knew that meant I’d be in my steel cage for the day.

Which was rather tight and ouchy, if you don’t mind me saying. Over at All Mine yesterday, Suzanne told about the ass fucking she gave Tammy, whilst in his cage, and the “contained” orgasm it produced.

Quite frankly, I can’t even imagine that happening with my cage on. No room to stretch out and express one self for my “work-a-day” cock. But more power to Tammy for “gettin’ ‘er done”.

Of course the bonus for Mistress when the ring is on, but the cage cover is not yet in place, is that she gets the particularly firm cock that is produced by the tight hug of that steel ring surrounding my cock and balls.

“Ohhh…. I do like that, Slave.”

And when Slave finally comes, well, as they say in the Irish Spring commercial, “I like it too.”

I had a meeting after work with some political co-conspirators, and the women of the house stopped on the way home for sushi. So the feeding part of the evening was all taken care of when I arrived home around 7 pm. There was time for some worship, the removal of my cage as a reward for a job well done, then a bike ride as the sun was beginning to go down.

And afterwards: well I was energized from the bike ride, as well as my long day in the cage.  So when Mistress enquired whether I would like to take advantage of my cock’s hard earned freedom, I was more than happy to exercise the privilege.

But only after making sure that Mistress had one of those hip jerking climaxes with the help of my devoted lips and tongue.

Mistress always comes first.


beingaisha said...

What a lovely motto, Mick....


Suzanne said...


It's good to see that old member of yours still has some "Irish spring" left in it! The "contained" orgasm was indeed a first for us, and hopefully not the last :)


Donna said...

Question time, please.

I have been wondering about the cages that it seems more and more men in D/s relationships are wearing (for longer and longer times). In this hot and humid weather, aren't they hot and bothersome, aren't they chafing tender bits and making you sore?

I hate even having clothes on right now, I can't imagine something so tight and binding. Maybe you rush from one air conditioned place to another. Or maybe you're wearing kilts to work so you can fan the skirt to keep things cool. What's the story?

The ever interested,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

kilts, now that's an idea. Mick