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Saturday, June 4, 2011

From the Desk of Our CEO

So the last time I wrote was prior to Eastern Europe, and what a trip it was. I’ve been back in the proverbial saddle for about a month now. Reality setting in, the somewhat wretched job, preparing the kids to leave the nest and life in general... and a decent life it is.

Mick has written this blog and entertained me with it quite well for about a year and a half now.

I love that he expresses himself to me. And frankly he is an Irish Catholic guy through and through, so the only way I get the words is through this mechanism...and I am good with that. 20+ years being married to a guy who doesn't talk about “feelings”. And let's say I am used to it, and might get squeamish with a guy who over does.

Having said that though, I am a chick who needs feedback. If a tree falls in the forest and no one else says they heard it too -- well then maybe I am imagining things. Recently, I've had some feedback   on times that were close to 25 year's ago.

And just today I spent some time (by happenstance) with a dude I knew in college. We laughed about people we know, times we had. He reminded me that (as a young girl) I had an impact. Didn't know it then, glad to know it now.

I am the girl who needs to hear, wants to know. I do the self-actualization thing (shrink talk). It is who I am. Yea, too bad for me.

So, when it comes to Mick and me, I take it any way I can get it. I like that strong and stoic type -- who does show their hand every once in a while. Because, if not, why the effort anyhow?

I also have thought some about men over the years and the old relationships. I have been told (since I was about 14) that I am “dangerous”.

Hard to figure.

I only “stole” one man from another wife (Mick), and while I am glad each day that I did it – I would never recommend it,  or do it again. Too much heartbreak for too many and families don't deserve the havoc it causes.

But it did turn out happily ever after.

I am still told that I am frightening...some men are allowed to sleep with any woman (but me), because, well… who knows why?

 I feel special (not).

So Molly, where's the sex? This is a sex blog, right?

Actually, it's all about is the whole connection.

Sex answers the question why...

Sex is where the deal is sealed...

We girls all remember the guys who have been there with us...some we regret, some we forget more easily than others...but it is always a place that is sacred.

So Molly, why and what is this about?

It's about how to keep the connection alive.

 For me it’s simple...the physical + the words.

Without the physical (or in between) the words do..,. but I am about words...not pretty or elaborate ones.. . but words. I am a woman about sex + words (a communications expert by day).

So bring it on guys….give me what you've got.




oatmeal girl said...


I need both.

They get me with the words.
Those damn Irish Catholics.
They've got this facility with words...
I swear it's genetic.

It was when the sadist mentioned both Shakespeare and Joyce's "Ulysses" in the same e-mail that I realized I was in danger of falling in love with him. Not realizing what he already knew - that the damage had already been done.

As for the sadist, he went after me for MY words. He didn't expect to end up with this hot physical relationship as well. He kissed me on impulse and now, two and a half years later, he can't get enough of my mouth. On any part of him...

So yes.

Sex and words.
What a pair!

sin said...

Yes, me too. Sex and words. The connection of the mind. And the lure of lust.

Molly what do you mean by "I am still told that I am frightening...some men are allowed to sleep with any woman (but me), because, well… who knows why?...I feel special (not)."

And I would say that your blog (Mick's blog?) is sort of a sex blog, sort of a relationship blog, sort of a love letter. I hear what you say about him being an uncommunicative man, and I think it wonderful that you've found this way of him telling and you listening.


Anonymous said...

Mick seems to think that deep involvement with me is a game changer (it was for him anyway, not sure that is universal)...
the "can sleep with anyone but me" refers to an old interest who came after me gang busters about 18 months ago ..then said wife let's him sleep around, but not with molly...he keeps popping up from time to time -- guess it's that forbidden interest all this time later on my part...
and lastly, and candidly, the WC and I have a challenge around the same issue....who knows? Mick gives me full permission..think that I was better off without it. Think maybe we should go back into our two people only marriage agreement...I don't have thick enough skin for the rejection part of it... no matter that the reason, No always means NO. and I am married to a great man! why put myself out there anyway? Hard to take the lumps at age 47+