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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Molly and Mick at the Movies

Yesterday, on our drive home Molly and Mick were all abuzz over the meltdown of that NY Congressman on TV yesterday afternoon. Mistress even texted the WC about it, and when it became apparent that he was behind the news curve we called with a full update.

I mean, who would think about sending or posting lewd photos of themselves to putative strangers?


As we chatted about this on our drive, I must say I was a little distracted by Mistress’s summer attire. The short, cotton dress. The long tanned legs. I even got her to hand me her little I-phone camera for a shot as we did the bumper to bumper thing on the highway north. Those lovely, muscular thighs quickly put me in the mood for some worship when we arrived home, and before our bike ride in the sultry summer heat.

I had missed an opportunity to worship at lunch time, because my own lunch meeting went longer than planned, so I made sure that Mistress got a double dose of pleasure as I settled in the taste those musky juices.

But what I wanted to talk about this morning was a movie Mistress and I had watched via netflix over the weekend. The 1981 classic, Body Heat.

No doubt our fans of a certain age have seen it before. A film noir throw back, starring the young William Hurt and Kathleen Turner as, respectively, a small town lawyer and femme fatale gold digger, with smaller roles for the then unknown Micky Rourke and Ted Danson. Here is the trailer, which as is common, misrepresents the story line a bit to fill seats…. I mean, there is no gunplay in this movie, so what’s with the pistol shots?

The dialog may be a bit dated, and the scenes a little slower paced than what we’ve come to expect, but the heat generated by the two main characters has not faded with the years.

What impressed me was the rather explicit sex, and the semi-nude scenes showing a good deal of the main characters.

There was even a rather compelling sequence with Turner on her stomach, clearly being taken from behind, dripping sweat, moaning with delight, that made you wonder whether we were talking anal sex.

I guess we may need to get an opinion from our staff Expert Assotologist.

What struck me is that this movie has much more explicit sexual imagery than any of the mainstream Hollywood movies of recent vintage. Sure there are occasional independent flicks with occasional steamy sex that get NR status. But Hollywood stars going at it, showing all?

The Hollywood movies today seem to go for the “gross out” or “shock” factor when it comes to sex. Something that seemed to start with “There's Something About Mary” in 1998. So in “Wedding Crashers” there is that faux sexy scene where the hot little sister ties Vince Vaughn to her bed. Then, just last week, we took sullen teen #2 to see “Hangover 2”, only to be embarrassed by a scene involving Ed Helms getting fucked in the ass by a drag queen in Bangkok.

Not something you want to share with a teenaged daughter.

So instead of hot sex between consenting adults, Hollywood now seems more interested in serving up “Yuck”

I know…. I’m sounding like my Mom.

At any rate, Body Heat definitely got a cock and nipple “up” from Molly and Mick. Check it out if you’ve not seen it in a while, or if you were wee lads or lassies in 1981. And give us your own recommendations for another trip to the movies here at UCTMW. We're always looking for achance to stay home and get turned on.

Finally. Before heading upstairs where I need to slide into bed next to Molly, I wanted to pass on a little of our conversation yesterday evening at dinner…. Have no fear, the sullen teens were otherwise engaged.

“So I mentioned to the WC that I’m going to the gynecologist tomorrow, Slave…”

“I bet he found that amusing….”

“Yeah, I think he has a fantasy about being a gynecologist, and all the women he might have the chance to ‘inspect’….”

“Sound like M…”

“So he says, when you’re waiting for him to come in the room, why don’t you get yourself off, so that it’ll be easier for him to slide those instruments in….”

I think at that point I began choking on my steelhead trout.

“And you said….”

“I don’t think so M….”

“I mean wouldn’t the guy be able to tell that you were…. Shall we say…. Pre-lubricated?”

I am imagining that tell tale musky aroma of Mistress permeating that little examining room…. Deadly.

Mistress just rolled her eyes. But we did agree to pass this subject onto our readers. If only to give you a better sense of how deeply twisted our WC can be at times.

And here I was, complaining about gross out movies, only moments ago.


beingaisha said...

Ya know, if Molly can get herself off on the gynecologist's table, then she's a better woman than I am, for sure! Well, she might be anyhow, but that would be an amazing feat.

I started to say "Only a man would suggest that," but I think as soon as I do, some woman's gonna post that she did it at her last annual...


And yeah - dirty pictures to strangers one met on-line? Who would do THAT????



mouse said...

OMG! mouse just watched Body Heat the other day on Netflix...and 9 1/2 weeks...gosh....Wonder if The Postman Always Rings Twice and Coming Home are on there?

Thanks for the heads up on the Hangover2...will be avoiding that one like the plague...


nilla said...

I too had the hardest time holding back about sending dirty pictures online ...ogods, if only my wife knew about all the pix that were sitting in my "in" box on my sexy email account. You know, the ones Master took of me on Sunday...


Anyway, i digress...the idea of coming, and i use the term loosely here, into any kind of an orgasmic state, while awaiting cold metal utensiles wielded by a medical professional?

yeha....left me not so horny!

i'm with Molly on this one!

(tho i must say that i really enjoy the WC's very pervie outlook....)


WC said...

Thanks Nila,

At least you find the idea pervie,

My street cred is still good with the sub sisters.

The Pervie,


Donna said...

Well WC, you and Bill both have some rather odd ideas about GYN check-ups.

I learned early on not to let Bill know when I was scheduled for a GYN appointment. He always insisted the doctor would appreciate seeing evidence of our sex lives, so he would leaving trails of hickies all over (or under, depending on one's view).

I am a person who sees sexual potential in all kinds of unusual places, but the GYN table, not so much!


Alujna said...

I've always been turned on by Gyn fantasy. You know the "tied down and being examined one".
But being bisexual, and on the other side of the examining table, I can honestly say it's the last thing you are thinking about when you get there. It's just pure discomfort on both sides.