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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unanticipated Abstinence Day

Earlier this week we heard from a certain anonymous commenter who suggested that the “old farts” who populate the editorial staff here at UCTMW should get over the fact that their best sexual days are behind them and focus on more important things, like long term care insurance.

Of course, Donna had her own tart reply to this rather uppity point of view. But it got me thinking: what was my sex life like pre-40, as compared to now that I am 60, speeding through my “waning” days.

Of course, back in 1990, when the original Bush was President (you note how I always date things based on the political cycle) and the name Donna Flowers had yet to enter the sex scandal lexicon, trailer trash division, the younger and more reckless Mick was still married to his first wife. The two sullen teens were just a concept, and Molly had another spouse too.

When it came to sex, there might be one or rarely two opportunities with my first wife per week. And those were the sorts of “dutiful” encounters that simply helped avoid the conversation “why don’t we have sex anymore”. I can’t even remember the lame TV series that substituted for physical interaction.

And – if we were lucky – Molly and I might find time to sidle away to our little “love nest” (yes, a tiny studio apartment in downtown River City --- how did we get away with that stuff for so long?), for a visit about twice a week.

So there I was, in the prime of my sexual life, getting a chance to release all that pent up demand at most 4 times a week, and that was a good week.

Flash forward to life at 60 and this “pampered house slave” gets his opportunities far more frequently. It’s rare Molly and Mick don’t “get it on” every day, and it’s often twice a day here at the world HQ.

And that’s for Mick. As you know, Molly’s chances for worship, or the occasional “date” via phone with her personal trainer can get her a few extra chances a day.

No wonder I haven’t found the time to sign up for that long term care insurance. If I’m lucky I will punch my ticket in the throes of ecstasy some day, later rather than sooner, I hope.

Of course, some of you would say that Mick gets a little too lucky here at the World HQ. I know that there are some subs out there who are placed on a strict diet when it comes to release. Locked away in their cages, serving their Domme’s or wives, waiting for that once a week or even less frequent opportunity.

I feel for you brothers.

So what are your thoughts, dear readers, are we over the hill? Or are we crazy?

Of course, sometimes there is an exception to the typical rule. Monday turned out to be a rare Abstinence Day for me here in River City.

I’m not sure what provoked it. We had to hit the road early that morning, so after I worshipped Mistress while she read the blog, we agreed there was no time for our typical morning engagement.

But when we got home …. Maybe Mistress was motivated by Suzanne’s comment that it was time for the “Big Fellow” to get back in his cage after our robust Switch Day …. Nada.

Of course, I saw to it that Mistress was worshipped properly. But when we retired to the executive suite Monday evening, Mistress made her wishes clear.

“Slave… you’ve not had an abstinence day in some time. I think it might be good for you to wait until morning.”

Of course, her pronouncement only made me want her all the more. A consensual “let’s take a pass” is hardly as compelling as a “none for you tonight”, is it guys?

I recall waking in the middle of the night, with a very hard “work-a-day” cock, wondering if Mistress would notice if I deployed it as intended.

But I figured that might only cause my beloved sleeping beauty to extend my sentence.

Bad idea.

Suffice it to say that I tamped down my burning desire, and waited until after she was worshipped on Tuesday morning.

You will be happy to know that my sentence was suspended for good behavior.


beingaisha said...

Yikes, a whole day without.... sure glad that deprivation didn't last any longer! You might have, um, dried up and blown away.



sin said...

Brutal. Maybe you should talk to the union about the inhumane conditions?

littlemonkey said...

Here Mick,you're not crazy...

WC said...

Dear pampered house slave,

And our B&BCEO

Am off to Wyoming

Will comment later

The he rides aqgain,


Suzanne said...

What do they say about abstinence....something like it makes the heart grow fonder....seems like it has the same effect on the big fella.

The misses the big fella also,


Donna said...

To the first question, as to whether anyone on the editorial staff for UCTMW is over the hill, that depends on the definition. Is over the hill determined by years on this planet or by one's pizazz? I choose pizazz, which makes me a sweet young thing!

To the second question of whether we are crazy, I think the opposite is true. When people get all twisted up with trying to ignore their sexual needs and steadfastly refuse to have fun with their sexuality, they can end up with bats in their belfry, a situation where the porch light is on but nobody's home or with an elevator that doesn't go all the way to the top floor. You've seen those people, haven't you? They stumble around with dazed eyes, spewing judgmental words? Very scary!

But if someone chooses to think Bill and I are over the hill and crazy, that's fine, too. We're having a hell of a good time and that's what matters to us.

The pleased to have pizazz,