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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Looking for your Input

Today we’re looking for a little input, on a couple of subjects.

First, on photos of  Mistress’s lovely bottom. After our morning sexual engagement, Mistress was busily at work primping for her Monday workday. The image of her sweet ass framed by her turquoise thing inspired me to pick up my little camera and snap a few shots.

Later, last night, as I smirked and snarked my way through the GOP debate, Mistress asked to see the photos I had taken, and whether I planned to put any of them on the blog.

Her original review was negative. She is protective of her image (not as protective as a certain ½ term Governor, but still….) and retains the right to veto any thing I might post. But I offered to do a little cropping and refocusing of things to enhance the image. No alterations mind you… but ‘presentation’ can be critical.

She seemed pleased with my work, which is the image that follows:

But she was not completely satisfied, and took her own hand at the image, exploiting some newly discovered features on her I-photo App. Here is her work product.

So friends, what do you think: which image would you prefer?

Another subject that came up yesterday, has to do with the staging of her next date with our WC, the rogue Judge Miguel.

I was applying my lips and tongue to Mistress’s molten, moist folds yesterday in my office. Mistress had stopped by for a little appetizer before her lunch engagement.

That’s when she mentioned a logistical problem.

“M wants to have a date on Thursday morning, Slave… but I’m reluctant because (sullen teen #2) will be home….”

Summer vacation has begun, and without a summer job, our not-so-little teen is in  hang around the house in the am mode. Of course there’s no guarantee when she might get up, but there’s a good chance she might be conscious and lurking about at 10 am on Thursday, and a little suspect if her Mom has herself locked away in her bedroom, moaning into the handset, her power tool humming.

Even the thought of her barging in could be a mood killer.

I promised to think on her dilemma, and later that evening, in a little post work, pre-bike ride worship, me on my knees and Mistress spread across my bed, I shared some ideas.

“You could bring the Hitachi down to my office Mistress….”

“And would you just me hanging around, watching, Slave….”

“Well that’s a thought, but I was thinking I would just let you do your thing, and I could work in a conference room until your business was done. I don’t think anyone would mind. We could turn on some music to dampen your moans, Mistress.”

“But your office doesn’t have a lock, Slave…. what if someone walks in?”

“I think that’s pretty unlikely, Mistress….most folks take the closed door as a sign to come back later… or they’d knock.”

But Mistress didn’t seem inclined to take the risk. And it would seem pretty strange if I camped outside the door, standing guard.

I also reminded Mistress that we have one of those electrical converters we bought to let the kids plug their computers in while in the car for that long car ride out west at Christmas time.

“You could do it in the car, Mistress…. Find a quiet parking place….”

“Not sure I want to risk some curious cop knocking on my steamy window, Slave….”

So there you have it. Mistress wants to arrange a date with M, but the logistics are complicated. Any solutions?


Donna said...

I prefer the top picture with the CEO's hair tumbling down her back and the very clear tan line.

As far as Teen Two, how about telling her it isn't good for her to simply sit around all summer and you have decided that Thursdays will be her volunteer day. Maybe she could spend the day helping at the library or an adult daycare.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

that's my favorite picture too. and a great idea re: teen #2.

nilla said...

i also love the first pic, the hair cascading down her back, pointing the way to her very lovely butt...

and i was going to say something similar...animal shelters are almost always looking for extra hands...or perhaps Mick could take the teen out for a brunch (early luncheon for him from work but still...) and have her help out around his office for a while?


Bill, DIr. Security for UCTMW said...

I also vote for the first one, although, number 2 has focused the attention on the subject at hand. I think Nilla has the plan, maybe there are some file drawers that need sorting or something.

Harry Haversackers said...

I'm going to go against the flow here and cast my vote for the second photo. It gives us a little better idea just how sheer Molly's undies are, and subsequently, a glimpse of the treasure behind them.

On the question of the Thursday morning tryst, there's always the age-old solution of using a room at a sleazy no-tell motel. Just think of the ambience...

beingaisha said...

Both the pictures are excellent, of course! I lean toward the first one too, but am not sure why...

As for the teen problem ~ yep, sounds like she needs to be doing something. I vote for Mick taking her to the office cause I don't think she'll have time to find a volunteer gig for this Thursday a.m. Or tell her Thursday morning is house cleaning day if she's there? That would have gotten mine to make plans to be elsewhere...


Donna said...

Aisha, you devious girl, that is genius! Begin the chore list with emptying and washing out the litter boxes and move on to hosing out the garbage cans. Not only would any teenager be out of there on Thursday morning, she'll probably stay with a friend the night before, too, just to be safe.


Suzanne said...

Top picture...definitely the most flattering imho.

The teen not having a job and finding a place for worship are two separate and distinct issues, but with one possibly hindering the other.

I vote for the office. After all, there seems to have been a heck of a lot of sex going on there without any "incidents." Besides, aren't offices a rather common locale for risky sexual encounters? Molly could use Mick's desk, while he assumes a voyeuristic position all the while making sure no one sneaks in.

WC said...

I like the first picture


I see a butterfly in your future!

His Honor



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Interesting that the nearly unanimous consensus (other than that suck up from security)is that Slave's rendition of Mistress's ass is the preferred shot. Goes to show that Mistress's insecurity about her lovely body is clearly misplaced.

thanks for your input, all.


Riff Dog said...

I do happen to love offices . . . ;-)

Definitely the top picture. The hair. The bra strap. I love it.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thanks for the comment, Riff Dog. Molly is a very big fan of your snappy patter and techinque. So I am sure she likes the thought of your mutual admiration.


Anonymous said...

Comments from the DOG himself...cannot believe...and the likes of Molly Collins...not one of your perfect body paramours! I have decided that you must really be Jon Bon Jovi posing as Rif dog. I'm right...aren't I?