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Thursday, June 30, 2011

HNT / Ready to Hit the Road

Here in River City we are in the last few days before hitting the road early Saturday morning. to our mountain hideaway for about a week of R & R. No kids. No work. Just some time to ourselves, with the prairie dogs to keep us company.  So this may be my last full entry before you hear from us Sunday morning from the Southwest. Let’s hope the wind and smoke settles down, and we won’t be treated to a Plutonium sunrise, from the fires at Los Alamos, which are not all that far from where we will be hiding out.
Of course, there are a few friends, and could be friends we will see out there.
The other night, at one of those “events” where you end up sitting with folks you barely know, we were talking to a couple with similar political interests. They were closer to my age than Molly’s , and somehow (not from us – we are pretty discrete about such things) the subject of spousal “free passes” came up. You know, “my wife has a ‘free pass’ if he gets a chance to do….W personality or politico….”

The husband explained that he has a free pass to do former News Queen soon to be talk show host Katie Couric if ever given the opportunity. I decline to question his good judgment. She seems far more perky and snotty than sexy to me. But there is no accounting for our unique tastes.

His wife explained that her free pass is with the former leader of the free world, and occasional dabbler in trailer park bootie, Bill Clinton. I was kind enough not to suggest that Molly not describe that night in the summer of 1988 when she passed on the chance to visit the all too full of himself Governor of Arkansas in his hotel suite. Though I sure wish she still had the business card he wrote the room number on. It just seemed rather pretentious back in the summer of Dukakis when Bill was famous only for boring the crowd at the Democratic Convention and playing his sax on the Tonight Show.

In the spirit of this conversation, Mistress then explained that her “free pass” was with a certain famous mountain climber who lives near our hideaway. (She did not explain that we have a contract that gives her a rather expansive free pass). The Climber finally accepted her Facebook friend request a few weeks ago, and she’s been trolling through all the photos he’s posted from Everest, Kilimanjaro, etc.
All this adventure stuff has Mistress all the more interested in meeting the Climber first hand. Plus all that technical climbing means he’s got to be good with the ropes and knots too, doesn’t it?

While there’s always the chance that Molly will finally encounter her climber first hand next week, .she is concerned that this is high climbing season, and his recent updates suggest he may be headed for Dinali, up in Palin Land,  rather than hunkering down at home for the 4th. But  she will definitely keep her eyes pealed for him, now that she has that rigged face and body down in more detail.

If she lands him, we will definitely post a “UCTMW Breaking News Update”.

Of course, I will do my best to sooth her disappointment if there are no Climber sightings. Our first Sunday there, July 3rd, has already been designated “Naked Sunday”, when Mistress will be required to shed all cloths other than on our morning bike ride. Hopefully, the smoke will clear and she will be able to work on eliminating those tan lines.

Changing subjects…
Our Senior Correspondent Donna has another media sideline: reviewing erotic novels on another website, Black Raven Reviews. She even has this very charming avatar that goes with it.  She’s given me permission to post some recent reviews, which follow below:

Safe in His Arms by Claire Thompson

Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph


beingaisha said...

Don't have time to read the reviews this morning, but am glad to have the links to them.

That's another lovely picture of your Mistress, of course. I hope all her fantasies about the climber come true!

Have a safe trip, right?


Donna said...

In addition to being prettier, brighter and classier, I am quite sure Mistress would have taken care of her dry cleaning in a much more timely manner than "That Woman"!

Oh wow, your getaway will be without the surly teens who are unaware their parents might have had sex since the night of the younger teen's conception? I'm seeing some naked pleasures in your future!

The living vicariously since WC still hasn't sent the key,

Suzanne said...

Just wondering how many business cards that guy went through?

sin said...

I'm laughing at how unimpressed Mick sounds with Bill Clinton. I would do him in a second. He's smart and sexy and powerful. Oh, maybe those are all the same thing?

xantu said...

Nice tan and very nice derriere. Travel safely.

WC said...

Hey Donna,

Would you recomend some books for my wife and I to read. Male dom,femdom, kinky, cuckold but most of all just plain HOT!



msmarie said...

Molly -

I am envious of your skin - it is the smoothest and yummiest looking skin I've ever seen. It looks like velvet!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the skin compliment. Arrogantly, it has always scored high points with my still shopping for a female submissive (haha)???

msmarie said...

Molly - I certainly am still 'shopping'. And now I know that I need to make sure that velvet skin is a requirement!!! :)

WC said...

I feel that I can speak for Mick and most of your fans

Whe I say


The ever curious ,