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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rainy Day Mistress

We woke here in River city to what seemed like a millennial rain storm. Hours of hard and steady rain, that was preceded by some house rattling thunder. Our plans for an early morning bike ride were put on hold, which gave us a morning to loll in bed, read the paper, and well….do what Molly and Mick do.

I grazed through Mistress’s silken and naked folds as she read the blog, but she seemed a little startled when I pulled away as she closed the laptop and placed it on the bed.


“Did we forget it’s Switch Day, Mistress?”

“I guess I was hoping you’d forgotten, Slave….”


Mistress soon found herself bound face down on our bed, her arms attached to the corners, her ankles bound together by our leather cuffs.

She was wriggling no where on her own.

I turned on a local public radio station to make sure the sullen teen would not hear any of our shenanigans. Irish music. The lively stuff that matched up well with what the Big Fellow had in mind.

I deployed the feather that ‘Nilla had suggested some months ago. It combined well with the firm slap of my palm on her lovely ass. A little sour to go with the sweet, that had her squirming nicely, the aroma of er arousal soon filling our “executive sweet”.

And then the Hitachi was deployed, slid between the tight confines between her thighs, making her squirm and writhe to accommodate it even though her ankles were still bound together.

I do love watching those ass and thigh muscles flex onvulsively as she builds herself to a lovely climax.

And give her some credit: this time she remembered to ask permission first.

Soon I was releasing her, then flipping her over to accommodate my needy little work-a-day cock.

All in all, it seemed nice that the rain had allowed us to take things at a more leisurely pace.

Soon I was off to visit my cranky Mom, as Mistress worked on some business matters. I got home around 1:30 pm or so, and we were surprised to see our comment count climbing precipitously. It seemed our “staff” was in a huff over their reprimand yesterday, and then there was the Anonymous refuge from Sin’s blog, mocking all of us as a bunch of depraved old farts.

I suppose it might be hard to argue with her/him (other than with respect to Molly of course), but Donna gave her / him a nice chewing out. Her inner Lou Grant came out…. Exactly what us crusty old hardscrabble editors like to see.

Ah, where were we…. Heading for a bike ride, right?

Well we got briefly off schedule at the behest of the WC, who took some time off from collecting kick backs from his trucking companies in his capacity as a Teamster shop steward to suggest to Molly that they have a spontaneous date.

It had been a while, and even though it was Switch Day, I would not be one to stand in the way of their fun.

“Do you mind, Slave…. a little privacy…”

“Of course not, Mistress…”

I took the Time and my laptop, and adjourned to the employee lounge, downstairs. The teen was at the gym, allowing Mistress to fully relax into the moment.

But around 15 minutes later…. Rather short by their standards, she came downstairs, holding my cell phone.

“Slave…. your phone rang… and at a rather inopportune time.”

Oops. Apparently one of my older daughters had called in the midst of Mistress’s passionate throws with the Hitachi in hand and the WC on the phone.

“I hope it did not cause too much inconvenience, Mistress.”

Actually, I was rather amused.

“Well. I was just about there….”

“But you soldiered on….”

“Yes, Slave….”

In fact she still had that nice post-orgasmic flush. And it sounded like the WC got off in full measure too. Indeed, it sound like the special occasion cock had plenty of action yesterday, starting with some “epic” sex with his wife that morning.

How many for you, Mistress?”

“Just one, Slave…. B was on a run, so that’s all the time he had….”

Well at least the WC was doing more on his Sunday than sowing dissent in the ranks here at UCTMW.

And it was nice for Mistress to add a little extra excitement to her rainy day in River City.


beingaisha said...

I think I can hear the sighs of contentment all the way down here...


sin said...

Yep, me too.

Donna said...

Love the picture!

About that anon note yesterday, I don't mind being called an old fart nearly as much as I mind the insinuation that I might not be as sexually competent as a younger person. That may call for a sex-off!

So Mick, I was wondering whether you have tried also using restraints at the bottom corners of the bed to hold Molly's legs open wide for your viewing pleasure while also using the Hitachi and offering a solid swat now and then.

There is just something about the vulnerability of that position, especially when I am face down on the bed and spread like that, not being able to see whether it's a toy or Bill coming at me (hahaha), that ramps things up another notch.

I can personally vouch that the combination makes for an explosively orgasmic situation!

The once again thinking of Mick and Molly's fun,

WC said...

Very good advise Donna, I too can vouch for that position,

And Mick make sure to spank her extra hard for me!

The still grinning about the comments yesterday,


And if you didn't see them you should goo look!

Suzanne said...

Switch Sunday is over....hope the "Big Fellow" is back in the cage....where it belongs!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne, glad you've taken time on your foreign travels to express your concern about the security of the big fellow.

Donna, yes we've done the tied ankles to the corners of bed scenario, but it's always a good idea to dust it off. This Sunday at our Mountain hideaway might be a good time and place.