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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Busy Morning for Our Senior Correspondent

 Molly and Mick were busy Friday and Saturday taking sullen teen #1 to her orientation for the next stage in her life --- lots of helicopter moms hovering, and of course we couldn't let our little darling feel neglected or lonely in comparison to her soon-to-be classmates. So we called on our Senior Correspondent Donna to deliver a little of the naughty that you've come t expect from us here at UCTMW.  And as you can see from the following that she has delivered.  In fact, she and Bill have raised the bar....

Bill was on a roll early Friday morning. After cuddling and talking for a few minutes, he sized up my physical condition and attitude, and realized there was work to be done if he hoped to keep me out of trouble for the day.

Now I have admitted previously that I am a tad OCD, although I would rather use the acronym CDO because I prefer the letters be in alphabetical order. That degree of focus can work well for us or it can create problems depending on whether I am spinning my wheels and becoming more and more frustrated or whether I am actually accomplishing something useful. On Friday morning, I was spinning my wheels.

Bill, in all his Domliness, made the unilateral decision to change things up and tire me out so much that I would be content to read and relax for the remainder of the day.

When I leaned over to kiss Bill before heading for the shower, he reached around my shoulders and pulled me around, positioned my body on top of him in our bed. He let me know by the movement of his face against my chest that he wanted me to move up so he could suck on my nipples. I do love that! While there are parts of passing the age of 50 that are not so sweet, the fact that my boobs hang a little lower than they once did is a bonus in this situation. At 38DD, my breasts are large enough that with just a bit of finagling and positioning, Bill can get both my nipples into his mouth at one time.WOW! Amazing tingles and electric currents zipped right to my clit as he continued to suck and as I rubbed against him. I had a nice soft buzz going on.

He then pulled his knees up so my back was supported and I had an easy cowgirl ride while he massaged my breasts and ran his warm hands down my chest and belly to my groin. where he pinched and rubbed my clit in time with my ride. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and stopped all movement. I assumed we were having an earthquake or some other natural disaster. Why on earth would you stop something that felt that good?

But Bill had other plans.

He flipped me onto my back and leaned over to get the Hitachi and lube from my bedside drawer. I really enjoy my Hitachi, but it certainly isn’t a replacement for Bill’s cock, it just isn’t. But when I looked into Bill’s eyes, I knew that saying anything would be a waste of breath, so I waited. He reached under the bed where we keep a beach towel for play time, folded it over several times and scooted it under my hips, saying that I would be coming hard and often and he didn’t want any lip about who would be resting on the wet spot on the bed.

With that done, he flipped the switch on the Hitachi and held it against my clit. As good as it felt, it quickly became too much, and not so good. He told me I could take it and I would take it and he began to use his other hand to hold the folds of my vulva around the vibrating head of the Hitachi. Too much, too much…going to come, begged Bill to let me come and just as he said yes, my explosion erupted.

Encouraged or maybe even challenged by thoughts of Mick and Molly’s marathon session last Sunday, Bill decided five would be a good number for me to achieve for Friday morning, so we had four more to go. What, four more? And he carefully explained that I would come a total of five times, but not without permission. Holy Moley! He also stated that no two comes would be identical, and they would all take place within the next hour. No pressure there, well actually there was some exquisite pressure as Bill grabbed his cock and began beating it against my nipple as he knelt beside me. With his other hand, he placed the Hitachi in my hands, turned it on and told me to hold it against my rectum rather than my clit. That vibration, accompanied by his penis smacking my left nipple and his other hand swatting my cunt, sent me over the top in record time. Bill gave me his enigmatic smile and held up two fingers.

The next thing I knew, Bill was placing a knee on either side of my head, grabbing my hair and lifting my head to place another pillow under my head for support. Then he painted my lips with his pre-come and nodded, giving me the sign to open my mouth while his arm reached behind his back to rub my clit. My warm, sucking mouth pulling hard against his penis and my tongue pressing again his slit felt great to me and must have felt equally great to him because within a few minutes we were both shooting for the stars. And Bill held up three fingers.

I tried to protest that I was spent, that I was too tired for any more and he just shook his head and reminded me that sassing and having a smart mouth are punishable offenses and asked me if I really wanted to go down that path.

No, sir, I didn’t.

He rose from the bed and grabbed our newest toy to review for edenfantasies, a slut paddle (more on that later in the week). Bill rolled me over and the new paddle did a great job of making that crackling noise in the air and delivering a sharp ouch to my butt cheek, and then the other cheek and as Bill spread my legs I knew what was coming next and tried not to tighten up, but couldn’t help it as “whack” the paddle connected with my slit. In a strange version of a waltz tempo, there was a one, two, three - one, two three of left cheek, right check and center, repeated again and again… and then it stopped and when I lifted my head to see why it had stopped, he popped me over my clit. Oh, gosh. No use asking permission. Too late for that. And there were four fingers held up.

At that point Bill rolled me back over onto my back, bent my knees and used pillows to hold them in that position. He ran his hands over my face, asking if I was tired, massaging my shoulders and arms and working his way inch by inch down my body. When he reached my groin he rubbed clockwise circles, and then reversed, again and again. On the next pass, he reached into my vagina with two crooked fingers of his right hand and unerringly went right to my g-spot and applied circular internal pressure there as his left hand continued to provide massaging circles that became smaller and smaller and stronger and stronger as he brought the external massage directly over my clit. With pressure up from the inside on the g-spot and down over the clit, all I could do was beg…beg him to stop, beg him not to stop, beg him to give me permission to come, yet again.

Bill looked into my eyes in that way that lets me know he sees, he really sees me, and said the magic words, “Come for me, come on my hand.” And I did. He then smiled and held up five dripping fingers.

I was a good girl and rested on Friday, getting a stupid smile on my face on and off during the day as I thought back through all Bill had accomplished so early in the day, making it a successful and peaceful day for us both.

Maybe someone else would like to pick up the Mick and Molly coming (or not) challenge and see what they come up with. You might be pleasantly surprised at all that can be accomplished when people are hot, horny and racing the clock. I sure enjoyed it!


WC said...

WOW Donna,

The hat is of to you two,


Donna said...

Thanks WC.

We can't keep up with Mick and Molly, but we have a great time trying! Especially after Bill's Friday morning game plan, I don't know how Molly was able to keep from orgasming through the Olympic teasing you and Mick put her through last Sunday. I never would have made it.

Right now I am wondering what sort of bar they are busy setting for us this morning.

Senior Correspondent,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Hey Donna,
so hot..Bill is obviously a wonderful lover...makes me very hot to read this...
thanks for your great contribution. Mick and I have been a wee bit on the lam (ate some bad sushi last night)...great to talk to you yesterday too

beingaisha said...

Whew! And enjoyed reading it. What a great distraction. Yay, Bill! And thanks, Donna, for telling us about it.