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Thursday, June 2, 2011

HNT / Mistress Maintenance 101

Being an adequate Slave (or vanilla lover for that matter) is really being   a good  “service provider”.

There is competition out there (though I may be one of those odd ducks who enjoys the competition), and therefore one has to be constantly trying to improve the quality and variety of services provided, and anticipate the “customer’s” needs.

Of course, some days I do better than others. If I get lazy, careless or selfish, then Mistress suffers. And she’s actually pretty nice about that. She rarely exercises her contractual rights to extract a few welts from my ass, or deny me sexual privileges if, for example, I forget to offer to worship her when she comes home, or do not do the little chore she had asked me to undertake.

Yesterday, I believe I did an adequate job of anticipating Mistress’s needs, though there was clearly some  room for improvement.

I came upstairs, not too early or too late, to let her read the blog. My lips and tongue working over those delicious folds until she had that little “wake up” cum. She was even generous enough to use her own full and soft lips to coax my cock, protruding through that hard steel ring, to its full dimensions before she rode it to one of those nice stirring orgasms that are an inspiration to me. When she was finished, she allowed me to “turn the tables” and take my pleasure from her, which is always more challenging, but ultimately more rewarding when that ring is in place.

“Wow. That was a good one, Mistress….”

“I could tell, Slave.”

Mistress had arranged to stay home a little later to accommodate a visit by the Gas and Electric Man (no, not that type of visit), So after she locked the cage in place I was off to work solo.

But shortly before lunch, a meeting I had arranged fell through. That led me to call Mistress to see if her dance card was open. Luckily, she was free too.

“I’ll be over in about 15, Slave….”

Now, we could have met at a designated lunch spot. But Mistress has needs, and her Slave likes to fulfill them.

She strode in, we kissed, then chatted about her morning as I arranged the chair and blanket – her throne – and she sat sliding off her panties.

“Maybe M should get a view of our lunch activities, Slave….”

So from knee level I snapped a photo of her spread legs and the delicious morsel in between and texted it off to “Judge Miguel”, with the note “lunch time”. As I was having my pre-lunch “amuse bouche”, I heard the chime of his response. And after Mistress had her little appetizer cum, I read it to her.

“I’m jealous….”

So it goes, Your Honor. But you and Mistress do have that date coming up this morning. Hopefully that will provide you a little solace, while I get to war that cage again.

(I also took the photo above after lunch time worship, so her fans can see Mistress’s shoe selection of the day…. Maybe we need a separate shoe of the day  blog?)

At the end of the day, I arrived home a little earlier, and was catching up on your blogs, laying on our bed when Mistress walked in, still looking ravishing in a summery brown dress.

We debated whether to take a bike ride in the heat and humidity, and elected to pass and rest a bit before fixing dinner. But before our “rest time” was over, I made sure to offer to worship.

Now I may have been a little slow there. The proper thing to have done was to make that offer immediately when she walked into the room. SO what started off as a pretty good day on my self evaluation, probably turned into a B-.

But Mistress seemed pleased when my “work” was done. And it was only then that I dropped my shorts to see of she was inclined to unlock the cage.

“Oh dear…. I almost forgot Slave….”

But she readily reached for the key, and set me loose.

I suppose that cage is one way to for her to make sure that her primary service provider does his job to her satisfaction each day.


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beingaisha said...

O, "YES" on the shoe blog!

Nice picture, nice description of another pleasant day in M&M land...