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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Licensed to.....

Well yesterday’s post here led to lots of interesting comments, and even Mistress weighed in at the end of our day. You may want to turn back a page to catch the “debate”, and get the WC’s more straightforward embrace of the male proclivity to stray.

On further reflection, maybe the young testosterone overloaded Mick was just exploiting a skill he nurtured in his high school days. If I had been a better bass player in that high school rock band, than I was getting  female members of the audience to “make out” with me after the show, maybe I would be an aging rocker, backing up Steely Dan now, rather than writing a sex blog for the entertainment of this “vast” audience.

When I went searching for that James Bond image, it opened up a another set of memories for me that I’ve been sorting through in the last day.

I recall seeing my first James Bond movie from the back seat of a friends car, at a Drive In movie theatre in up state NY, on the banks of the Hudson River. Apparently his parents thought "From Russia With Love was good entertainment for an 8th grader.

It was the summer of 1963. JFK was still with us.The Beatles had yet to appear on the Ed Sullivan show.

Here is the trailer – short on the special effects that came to dominate and deaden the series as it lumbered over the next few decades. Looks like there was even a bit of bondage tucked in.

Of course, I was hardly a  sexually educated dude on the cusp of 8th grade, I just knew that this guy was pretty danged cool, and seemed to have a charm that got a really nice looking blonde into bed with him. What happened next, who knew? But the concept has a certain compelling, if mysterious, appeal.

I learned later, most likely after the Assassination, that the novel the movie had been based on was one of JFK’s favorite books (was he role modeling James too?). The movie was the last one he saw before his murder in November of that year.

With that inspiration, as a teen I set aside Tom Swift and devoured the whole series of Ian Fleming’s novels, though one, Thunderball maybe,  was “seized” by a nun at my Catholic High School here in River City.

“I can’t believe that your parents allow you to read that smut, Mr. Collins.”

I suspected she and the other nuns passed that book from one to another back at the convent. Who knows what happened next in their little narrow beds.

So with role models like these, who can doubt why I responded to any sign of female attraction that crossed my bow. I mean, I was just getting read for my first assignment, once I obtained that License to Kill.

I liked the thought of the women I would encounter would someday be mumbling “Oh….Mick”, just like Tatiana and all the rest of the “Bond girls” in the series would sooner or later murmur, “Oh…. James….” at some point in the film. The Cold War would be won one seduction at a time.

Of course, that photo of Sean Connery brandishing his “special occasion firearm”, and its cheap phallic imagery, made it abundantly clear that sex mixed with violence was to be the formula for selling tickets. And sure enough, subsequent Bond marketing did not fall far from that tree. Here are just a few:

It's nice that Sean Connery sometimes only brandished a "work-a-day" firearm.

Yesterday Mistress chimed in with her own comments about the Male weakness for cheating. But what she has yet to share with us is her own motivation as a femme fatale.

You see, when she and I had our transcendent chemical reaction to one another back in the days of the short Greek from Massachusetts, she brought to the table her own little list of conquests.

Over the months she slowly disclosed her history to me, with one older guy after another falling for her devastating charms. And she was married too, but only about 26 at the time. By my calculation, she seemed to have as many extracurricular relationships / year as the older Mick. Who was her role model?

Don’t you think she owes us a little history about how and why all these men fell into her web?

I know I’d like to hear about it with the benefit of some hindsight. Wouldn’t you?


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Kind of like Suzanne has forced Jay to blog, Mick has now done the same to me. So I give you a bit of background. As my BFF the WC loves to remind me I was a "horrible" first wife.

Yes, I was married once (albeit briefly) prior to Mick. And I was young and should not have gotten married. I was getting out into the working world at the same time. I did get some attention from the older guys and like Mick said, who was I to deny?

So, why did I do it. I blame my parents too (like Mick), but my dad, not my mom. (Kind of kidding here, but it is all connected). I am the daughter of a (dead) charismatic alcoholic philanderer. He also abandoned me (not looking for sympathy). This resulted in my needing an unhealthy amount of male attention (still do). It also makes me trust the fuckers about zero -- sadly for poor Mick he gets to live with this paranoia (and his cheating (the one minor infraction on our marriage) sure as heck did not help. Side note, I have NEVER cheated on Mick. WHEN I remarried, I determined that I was to do things right. And candidly, I never wanted to. Today, I am encouraged to have any man I want (but you guys know that)

So -- onto now. I may be weeks from being 48, but I still crave the attention. There is no better way to feel wanted than with an insistent man with a hard cock..and I do love there you have got it.

littlemonkey said...

Thanks Molly.

WC said...

Wow again,

I think you are right on the mark Molly. Very very interesting.

I think you have put your finger on it exactly right.

Attention is probably one of the big reasons for both sexes.

I think attention along with the (new partners are really fucking hot) and both sexes are horny and love an adventure, are the real reasons.

We would all probably be better off if we all had open marriages like Donna and Bill

and like Mick and Mollys 1/2 of an open marriage

and like Suzanne, Jay and Tammys

!/3 open marriage or 2/3 ....or I haven't quite figured that one out yet, But what ever it is keep it up!!

But, what the hell, the whole thing is FUCKING HOT!!!

And what ever gets us all hot

at our ages,


The bueno amigo

and so happy I got to know Mick and Molly

And the rest of you lunatics,

His Honor



Donna said...

Interesting thoughts guys and probably all are on target to some degree for me, too. As far as the parental thing, I can get into line with Mick and Molly on that!

But really, WC, is there any reason to refer to us as lunatics...wait...thinking...well, I guess maybe there is. And the good news is that you are part of it, too!


beingaisha said...

Thanks, Molly, for sharing your story!! Very interesting... And you are a wonderful wife for Mick, in addition to being a wonderful Domme.



Suzanne said...


It's nice to see the CEO post here....not sure who was the more difficult nut to crack, Jay or Molly! Fortunately, whatever mick and I did worked. I was glad to see Jay blog the other day and really enjoyed what you had to say today.

I can't blame (or thank) my parents for what I am sexually. Not sure what, or who, the hell caused that!

And there is nothing wrong with controlled lunacy.



sin said...

Mick I laughed out loud at your speculation that you were just exploiting a skill nurtured (perfected?) in high school, and that with a different high school experience you could have been one an aging rocker backing up Steely Dan instead of a sex blogger. Very funny Mick. And their loss is our gain, definitely.

Molly thanks for sharing your version. I too am motivated by the need to be wanted. I totally get that. I too love male attention and the desire. Err, what are unhealthy amounts of this? Do I need to get this checked out?


Donna said...

I love the comments and interaction here. How many sites can you go to where people can express their views, disagree on issues in a non-confrontational manner and continue to care about one another as we do in this virtual relationship we share through Mick and Molly's blog.

There aren't that many place in the non-virtual world where people are civilized like that.

Kudos to Mick and Molly!

WC said...

Well Donna ,Suzanne, Sin and Aisha,

It is true that I am a lunatic too, and in good company here by all the other lunatics including and especially Mick and Molly!

The ever crazy,


Anonymous said...

On Lunatics...thinking it is not such a bad thing...
good to be flavorful after all