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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Tights Stay On....

Fortunately for her Slave, Mistress elected to leave those "special" tights on when she went to bed Saturday evening. So when we woke on Switch Day, well..... her Slave had no intention of letting her shed them then.

So after we read the Times and local Whats-it-Stan Daily Mirror a bit, it was time to attach Mistress to our bed, spreadeagled, using some soft cloth strips readily at hand. (D did a great job of supplying us for any eventuality).  We would not want to cause a run in those tights, after all.

With Mistress firmly affixed, it was time for a few photos, though our collective sense of modesty required me to find some colorful silk to cover the part that makes these tights so special.

And after the photo op.... well the silk made an excellent tool for tickling and taunting mistress s I let a corner dangle and slide gently back and forth across those legendary clean shaven folds. It made those hips jerk and her muscles strain to avoid to smooth caress of the silk.

A some point I thumbed on the power tool, a sound that Mistress always responds to.... and I used it to massage her thighs and even the soles of her feet before finally turning my attention to the parts that counted for this little exercise.

My this girl can squirm, pulling against the bonds at wrists and ankles, but unable to wrap her legs around the source of all that pleasure.

I made sure that Mistress knew the protocol ....

"Can I come now Slave...."

Her voice was almost a whisper, so desperate had she become oh so quickly.

"Not quite yet, Mistress...."

I took a little pressure off, sliding the hitachi away and down her thigh just a tad.

Her mewl of frustration was priceless.

"That's so mean, Slave....."

But I do have a heart. And within seconds I was paying attention to her fragrant folds yet again.  This time when she begged for release, I generously granted it.

And from there it took her nearly a minute to build to one of those rolling thunder sort of cums that left her sobbing, tears trickling from her eyes .... the kind her Slave feels quite proud of when they occur.

Of course, I didn't simply take my satisfaction from that particularly memorable cum.... not I was a bit greedier than that.


Anonymous said...

So - this always amazes me. Switch day for Simone means she gets tied up and forced to experience pleasure until she builds up to a huge, earth-shaking, rock-my-world orgasm?

And then she gets, um, further pleasures of the carnal kind?

Poor thing... it must be hard being Simone...



Anonymous said...


please do not forget the correct way to allow a climax
"Now Now Now"

3 times ....keep to the protocol and soon also you can reach stage 3

Francois aka EuroTrash

WC said...


Riff Dog said...

For whatever reason, I always like it when some sort of clothing is still on. Especially with her squirming while still wearing those tights . . . makes it even better.