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Friday, May 6, 2011

At Last, Our Long Sex Blog Nightmare is (Almost) Over

Mistress is headed home tomorrow, waking not long after  I go to sleep, then heading from Prague to Heathrow then back to the heartland, where Slave, her surly teen daughters and two cute kitties anxiously await her return.

By now, the few readers who may be left are saying “thank God, maybe we’ll finally get some real sex blog action here”, rather than the re-runs, re-cycled photos, snark and whining that have acted as filler on these pages for more than a week now.

Here in River City, Slave had a long day in his cage, with photos texted to Mistress before I headed to the office, then again when I got home at around 9 pm. Today I made sure not to make the mistake I made yesterday, when I opened my laptop to All Mine at the office. Suzanne has done her typically thorough job celebrating “masturbation month”, with Tammy acting as a handcuffed witness, and well …. the images she conjured were  a little too incendiary for a guy in a steel cage who hasn’t had anything other than the sad attention of his own hands these last 10 days.

I note that our staff members got into a little back and forth today about who brings more inches to the UCTMW table. The WC was even accused of padding his dimensions by triple spacing. But so it’s clear…. Year end bonuses will give some credit to column inches in the comments section … but extra space between lines will definitely NOT get you extra credit.

Now on the way home from an event with one of my older daughters tonight,  I was struggling  to think about what the meat of tonight’s blog might be. Then I got home to fins the following contribution from our Senior Correspondent. 

Thank you Donna, you’ve captured my thoughts better than you might imagine.
Today is THE day! Our Beloved CEO, our mostly Benevolent Leader, SHE of the flattened nipples returns from her victorious tour of Eastern Europe.

While anxious to hear a report of her activities, I doubt we will be hearing much from Molly or Mick for 24 hours or so.

From the notes I happened across, I believe Mick is planning on spending until 11:59 PM on Saturday, firmly entrenched between Molly’s thighs, only coming up for air between orgasms.  I hope Molly is prepared for the fact that Mick has been spending time in the evening studying and learning about some very intricate oral techniques. His favorite text was this book:

In addition to his literary pursuits, Mick has been working to improve his roping technique, and at 12:01 AM, Mistress is sure to be roped into position.

She will probably then be cropped a bit, spanked for a while, her nipples bitten and tweaked and then she will be purposefully reintroduced to her beloved Hitachi. What a reunion that will be!

Our long suffering, much caged and masterfully masturbated hero, Mick, is sure to bring out his very own penis of pleasure and arrange for a dozen or so more cums from his beautiful bride and at least another handful for himself, too.

They may, or may not take a break mid-afternoon before they switch positions with Mick in bondage and Molly in charge or any necessary, or unnecessary but still pleasurable, corrections. Oddly Mick’s bondage gear is the brand also preferred by a former POTUS who shall remain nameless.

Add some lovely anal sex provided by Mistress adorned in her lovely strap-on.

And soon their world, and ours, will be back in its proper orbit. Here’s to a joyous cum-filled reunion for the horny lovebirds of UCTMW.


WC said...

Dear Mick,

OM fucking G!

Hope your compound is stronger than Osama's

After that pic of Dick and Shrub



I am speechless


Fellow fans of UCTMW

Don;t stand next to Mick for the next few years!!!!!!


The WOW,


WC said...



Mr. Rove be in that picture too?

Donna said...

Hey WC,

I don't know what in the world you are referring to! I added that picture simply to show a particular style of bondage gear; you don't really think I would add a political statement to this blog, do you. Don't answer that!

I am really hoping Mick will have the camera ready to take some pictures of Molly when he gets her all tied up. I think she'll love it, don't you?


Suzanne said...

Molly...if you are reading this....hurry back!!!!



Donna said...

Suzanne, are you suggesting that perhaps things have gotten out of hand during our CEO's absence? Maybe it has more to do with things being "in hand" with Masturbation Month?

Aw, now I'm thinking maybe you didn't like my pictures?

So sad,

Bill, Director of Security UMCTMW said...

WC, rove is in the picture, he is where all slime worms are, under a rock!

Donna said...

I say we swing this blog back around to the outstanding news of the day:

MOLLY returns to the love of her life today and Mick gets a good fu..

Well, let's just say Mick has the opportunity for some quite pleasurable and explosive moments with Miss Molly.

Was that a nice way to say that?


Alujna said...

It looks like all the members of UCTMW have contributed to the comments section except Mick and

Waiting to hear all the juicy details!


wait, isnt't that Mick's reaction?

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thaat's a lot of action here for a Saturday. Mick has been out doing field slave duties, yard maintenance at our little rental house, and also here to plant some of the flowers that were on Molly's to do list.

Now she's back in the USA, at O'Hare. The teens and I will pick her up in a few hours from now.

But should I great her in my cage or out?

Would appreciate your perspective.


Donna said...

You know Mick, as much as you've missed your lovely lady, my best guess is that it could be quite painful for you to be caged when you first see her.

I know when Bill and I have been apart, it is the bulge in his pants rubbing against me during our first hugs at the airport that let me know that he really and truly did miss me...and all my luscious parts.


Donna said...

Bill's response was this, "For the love of god, Mick, what are you trying to do, put your cock out of commission? You've been a good boy, now would be the time to allow appropriate parts to rise to the occasion."

beingaisha said...

Dear Mick,

I think you need to ask yourself - WWMW - What Would Mistress Want?

My thought is that if she wanted you un-caged, she'd say so ~ and maybe she will.... I don't know.

And Donna,

We have this thing we say in the south, we say it with affection, and with feeling. As I read your entries for today, it just kept going through my mind.

Donna, {shaking head gravely} you're a mess.

Molly, hurry home...



Donna said...

@ Aisha,

Where I'm from people say, "Well bless her heart."

The translation for that is, "WTF is wrong with her?"

But saying I'm a mess. That's a simple truth and just shows that you know me. :)


WC said...

My god I go and play golf for a few hours and look what happens.

Pretty funny Bill.

Cant wait to read about tonight in the Collins house.

The tired,


beingaisha said...


No, no, no - that's backwards.

We do "god bless her heart" too - that's when you say something that sounds nice but you mean something mean.

"You're a mess," is the opposite, it sounds bad, but it means you are irrepressible and I love you to death.



Anonymous said...

I will write more tomorrow. I also need to go back and read back over all the blogs and your comments (as Mick sent it all to me via email so I could not see pix till now). I am naked, with a glass of wine and a big piece of marzipan (my most favorite candy) and just gave Mick his many gifts. Good to be back in the warm bed in the USA

Alujna said...

Welcome back, Molly :)