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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Selection from the UCTMW Vault

Mistress’s long journey is coming to a close. She should be back to me Saturday evening. Thanks to the staff and the rest of you out there who have kept the ball in the air here with your comments and contributions. And Donna has definitely blossomed, from her normal incisive commentary to investigative reporting. Look at the photo she unearthed from the childhood of the entertaining but underproductive Western Correspondent, playfully evading the digit of his older brother:

While I am sure she can report on her own, it seems like she has had a very compelling trip to places she has studied about for years. And I think it’s very impressive that she stuck to the sometimes painful regimen that her personal trainer laid out for her before they left, despite a less than .500 mark when it came to calling the coin toss.

Yesterday Mistress shared with me a rather “gripping” photo of her poor nipple in the cruel embrace of M’s surrogate pinch. Imagining her getting herself off thrice before she can remove that nasty device is …. Well, maybe I can get her to give me a demonstration when she gets home?

Can we arrange that M?

We have extra cloths pins on hand in case she decides to leave those well worn ones in Prague.

But, for Mistress’s amusement and to entertain the rest of you I thought I would share something found in an old in-box. The date was November 12, 2009. Quite frankly I’m not sure if this is something I wrote before the blog started or right after it began, but it’s an interesting flashback, when my entries were addressed just to Mistress, and when Mistress was engaged via text and phone with her old College lover, E. (E was jettisoned after some rather bogus behavior.)

I hope she and you enjoy


I had a good night's sleep, woke next to you. and began thinking about what to write this am. I know you said I did not have to write this morning, but somehow the process of outlining in my brain some thoughts that might turn you on as you wake up turns me on .

The process is good for me (and hopefully for you too).

Thursday's crazy orgasm score was 12-5 by my count. So yesterday was like a partial day off. 5-2. No wonder we were both a little tired when we got home last night. I got thinking some about our conversation walking home from the game and your fear of giving up control, whether to E or anyone else. And here I have been enjoying my giving up control to you and discovering both its erotic and emotional benefits.

So I decided to make up a "top ten" of my hottest moments from the last week. A theme emerged, but to the moments first (in chronological order):

10. You, tied to and draped over the bed Sunday am, after a nice hard spanking, as I slowly slid my cock inside you, talking about how you (and I ) would feel at the thought of E doing that to you.

9. Me gathering my cloths, as you talked to E on Monday night, then coming down stairs to stew as I heard you pacing above me, charged with sexual energy for another man.

8. Sending you that email begging you to use your strap on that evening, because I was feeling particularly submissive and needed that to validate those feelings.

7. The frustration as you did use the strap on that evening, when I almost but not quite was able to come that way.

6. Was it later that night, that you pulled out the glove, and used it to stroke my balls as you rode me. I remember how hard I came that way , breaking the Monday rule.

5. You gently stroking me through my jeans at the Steely Dan concert. Me knowing that I had no right to ask you to stop. I was there simply for you to toy with. I really could have come that way, though it was better to save it for home.

4. The frustration of being inside you on abstinence day, but unable to come.

3. Waking early Thursday am, hard and frustrated but constrained by your order not to wake you until about 6:45.

2. Sitting on the floor between your legs, rubbing my mouth against you and sensing and tasting and smelling how turned on you were. Wondering if you had been sending an e to E.

1. The thickening of my cock later that night when E's text chime went off, feeling how turned on you were as I reached between your legs from behind, then the wild "too tired to fuck, too horny not to" sex we had, the 5th for me that day after the day of abstinence.

1A. You in my office Friday before lunch. tasting you through your boots and tights, then peeling them away and bringing you to orgasm one more time as you looked out the window. I loved the smile on your face when you explained why you did not bring the key to my cage. your pleasure was our only concern. (it’ making me hard right now to think about that).

The theme seems to be the power of my surrender of control to you. So its not surprising that you would want a taste of the same medicine. That was part of the pull of E for you. Along with the idea that he had accessed and awakened a long , dormant "free spirited" part of your personality.

It’s annoying and hurtful that he seems to drift in and out so easily, even when you are politely asking for his attention. Maybe it’s too much for you to handle. But the idea of surrendering to those feeling he has unleashed still is a powerful one I would think. And you should know I will ALWAYS be here to nurture, protect and catch you if you fall too hard, Mistress., whether for E or someone else.

So why does that dynamic turn me (and I think you too) on, whether its for E or Ken L, or just some guy who flirts with you at the Post Office? But whether its cyber, fantasy or real, I do think our openness about the qualities that make other men attractive to you, their desire for you, and your desire/interest for/ in them has added some extra spice to our relationship.

For all those years you have sent the "keep your distance" signal. These last few weeks you have not. No reason to hide your charms, mistress. Whatever you do or feel, I am behind you ready to catch, lick and fuck you when I get your permission.

Love, your slave.


Donna said...

This is an amazing love letter, Mick! I am so happy for you both that you were able to find a way to leave the past behind and find a dance that will take you into the future, together.

We also reached a point when we had to make a decision on whether to continue to share our lives, and then agree to a plan we thought would help that happen.

It was hard work at first and, as you well know, takes constant attention and focus. And I can honestly say it has absolutely been worth it!

I am a lucky camper, too, my friend!


WC said...

Consider it arranged Mick, the pins will ride again!

12- 5 orgasm score WOW!

Sounds like another blow out of the Red Socks,

And yes, that is for you Jay and Suzanne

That was a VERY hot post Mick.

I think this blog remains a love letter to Molly for the most part,

But it was more raw and sexual back in the day,

Now your blog is still hot but very funny as well,

As I have said before your daily production is amazing,

And I know I speak for all your readers in giving you a heart felt thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog.

My morning doesn't get off on the right foot without my Mick and Molly

Now on to other news,

Today is Molly's last coin toss (for this trip anyway!) (cause I kind of like this game!)

Molly picked tails today,


Tails it was...... she wins!!!!!

The lost another one (but did get to gig Suzanne and Jay anyway,)


Donna said...

Oh WC, That was lovely!

However, the only inches of writing that count toward bonuses for correspondents are those in the actual text of the UCTMW blog, not the comments. But, nice try!

Tell me, before today's post were you aware that you and your brother had been immortalized in a beautiful sculpture? The plaque that stands in front was very touching, too. It reads: In recognition of those dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of anal excellence.

It almost brings a tear to the eye.


WC said...

Haha Donna,

Very funny,

I've got some inches for ya!

And no I did not know that my brother and I had been immortalized in bronze.

But I'll pass on you good wishes.

I heard he was back at it last weekend at a drunken party in Dallas.

The remains a preeminent assatologist,


Donna said...

I wouldn't mind and Bill would be okay with it, WC, but I don't think our CEO would be so very fond of the idea of you sharing your "inches" with me.

Say, is there an echo in here? I think we are the only ones able to post comments today. It took me three attempts to get past the error messages, but I had to keep at it. I just can't pass up the chance to be snarky with you, sweet-cheeks!


WC said...

Hey Donna,

How did you know that sweet-cheeks is one of my favorite teasing phrases.

But its all good, I love you snarkyness. I think that might be a new word.


The WC does have sweet cheeks....if I say so myself.. and Ms WC agrees

So there!

Yep, you are right, I definatly heard an echo on that last one.

What are these people doing ?

Working or something...?

You would think they had better things to do on a friday afternoon!

The tries to work as little as possible,


Suzanne said...

Great piece of writing Mick and a great time to bring it back and share with your readers.

WC - that's not really a bad Red Sox score...we don't score 5 runs in a game too often. Maybe the owners should spend another $100 million or so.

Donna - With regards to WC's inches (the editorial ones since for now, those are the only ones we can actually verify), his approach reminds me of some of my students in the know the type...the ones who try to get away with triple-spacing to fill up a 10 page paper with 5 pages of bull shit! I'm not criticizing WC's content, just how he tries to "stretch" the inches!

WC said...


Quality over quanty,

at least when refering to writing!

The inch streching ,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

The WC also has special occasion type face.

You folks are all crazy, and that's why you are such fun.


beingaisha said...

Mick, I just now read this - what an amazingly beautiful letter to your Mistress. Thank you for sharing it.