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Monday, May 9, 2011

Back In Action....

Mistress and Slave had a very restful  Mother’s Day here at the UCTMW World HQ.

It turned out we both needed to catch up on our sleep, as well as some of the action we had missed during Mistress’s long journey.

Not to disappoint, but Switch Day was on hiatus. By the time we woke and paged through the Sunday paper, we were more in the mood for some additional cuddly, reconnecting sex than having Mistress tied, teased and tortured – though she can expect plenty of that next Sunday.

Instead there was lots of worship, followed by her fingers and lips taking on my already firm and frantic cock.

Ohhh… and I forgot the Hitachi. Turned out she missed that too. Almost as much as me.

“It seems just too cruel to work on these nipples, after all they had to go through with those cloths pins, Mistress”.

Instead, I was sucking them very gently.

“Thank you, Slave….”

“So did you enjoy going through that exercise, following M’s directives, off in the Loo, with your poor breasts clamped….”

“It hurt Slave…. but yeah, it was pretty hot too.”

We took a bike ride in our cool and gloomy morning weather - two circuits up the hill that challenges my aging cardio-system.

Then the teens and I took Mistress to brunch at a local restaurant for Mother’s Day.

Afterwards, it was a very, very  low key day here. Her single Mimosa and my Bloody Mary seemed to make us even more laid back than normal. I helped get all those lovely photos on her computer.

We both read the Times. Later we watched President Obama’s amazing interview on 60 Minutes..

And when the girls decided to go visit their grandmother, well, you know where Molly and Mick headed.

The afternoon sex came after a long and much needed nap. Mistress was re-adjusting from the 7 hour time shift. Slave was catching up on the sleep he had missed while Mistress was out of the bed. It seems I just don’t adjust well to her absence.

When we finally awoke – to a text message that the girls were staying at grandma’s for dinner – we slowly sank into another long, slow and erotic embrace. It was the sort of sex that one has in the middle of the night, responding by instinct at some subliminal level to one another’s pent up needs.  But the details escape me now. It was almost like dream sex, but I didn’t wake up just before the good part.

I hear Mistress awake upstairs now. Gotta get used to this morning deadline thing again.

So if you don’t mind…..


sin said...

Welcome home Molly!

beingaisha said...

Ahhhh, so nice to know you two are back together, enjoying each other as always. Welcome back, Molly!


littlemonkey said...

Welcome back Molly! Mick, I'm happy for you also.

Alujna said...

Like you're gonna stay here and blog with us if we say we mind ... ;P

dream sex huh... do tell!

nilla said...

what a wonderful post...full of the soft happy loving that comes with being full and content with each other.

sexy in a subtle way...

welcome back Molly n Mick...nice to see you enfolded in each other once again!



Donna said...

Wonderful, slow and sexy times...I love those! And yes, I find something to love about every season and every speed and most positions, too, but the weather right now is definitely perfect for those afternoon delights.

Mick, how much did you have to offer Grandma to keep the teens with her until after supper?

Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping Mick entertained while I was in Eastern Europe. The good news is that he truly missed me! It seems like I was away for months -- time difference and cultural experience, etc.
I will write about my assignments from the WC, etc....except for work, it is great to be back in the River City. Thanks Donna, Bill and M for helping to add great content to our site.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

it was very nice of Grandma to invite the kids for dinner, but I had nothing to do with it. Just the luck of the draw.

But we certainly put the time to good use.


WC said...

Its great to have our beloved and benovelent CEO back on home soil, sore nipples and all!

She was winning and wheedling about the clothes pins but used them ever time. What a trooper.

The doesnt feel even a little sorry for her,


Suzanne said...


Your long ordeal is over....Mistress has returned!