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Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Western Correspondent Is Called on for Justice






As alluded to in yesterday’s blog, I need your considered judgment on how to handle a rather shocking breach of protocol here at the World Headquarters yesterday morning.

You are quite familiar with our contract, and its provision at Section II, paragraph 6 that, “On Sunday mornings for at least 2 hours, and at other times upon agreement of the parties, Mistress will submit completely to the Slave, as if she was the Slave and he was the Master/Owner under the terms of this Agreement.”

Yesterday morning I set out to exercise those rights at around 9 am, before a bike ride we had planned. Actually it had been three weeks since a proper switch day, because Mistress had been traveling (I suppose one mistake I had made, in retrospect, was not requiring some sort of Switch exercise on the  Sunday when she was MIA).

Things started out without a hitch. She meekly allowed me to lock the red cuffs on her slender wrists, and I linked them together with a little metal clip. When I expressed frustration that I could not find the bag of cloths pins, she even helpfully suggested that I look in the drawer of the bed side table. Sure enough they were there, and I removed two new ones, rather than use the two that were sitting next to the bag, where she apparently placed them after returning from her overseas voyage.

“Boy that wasn’t  very smart, was it Slave…. I hate those things.”

“Maybe you are subliminally craving them, Mistress. You certainly had them on enough at M’s direction during your trip.”

I had a rather simple scheme to implement.

Mistress would be on her hands and knees on the bed, her lovely, soft breasts hanging down. I would attach the clothes pins to her nipples. Some thrashes with the riding crop on her vulnerable ass, then her reward by way of the Hitachi, all while she presented her ass to me that way.

Then, of course, Slave would take his reward.

I clipped the pegs to her hanging nipples. Then reached for the camera to record the occasion.

That’s when the complaining began.

“That’s horrid Slave…..”

“I can’t stand it…..

“Take them off right away…..”

You get the picture.

Now I knew that she could take it. She’d worn them for me before. And all that furious masturbating with both nipples clipped should have made this all the more tolerable, correct? (Unless she was yanking both of our chains about that, you may want to consider having her make a video the next time).

I was determined not to succumb to the vociferous whining and wheedling, but I was moved by her “agony”. I chose to skip the cropping part and go straight to the Hitachi.

“How about this your royal whiner, they come off with the first orgasm….”

She was still on hands and knees, her legs spread just enough to accommodate the churning bulb at the business end of the Hitachi.

You would  have been impressed by the way her ass was squirming back and forth, as she seemed to quickly hit her stirde and shudder and quake through a rather impressive cum, all the while moaning and gasping with a combination of pleasure and pain.

Then I looked down under her lovely trunk and what did I see?

Somehow, your little slut had reached up with those bound hands while I was concentrating on pleasuring her, and popped off both of the cloths pins.

I was shocked. Very shocked.

“What the…..”

“I’m sorry Slave…. they were just way too painful.”

“I obviously need to secure those wrists much better the next time.”

Fool that I was, I did let her have another orgasm with the Hitachi, before having her roll over to accept my rigid work-a-day cock. At least that went off as anticipated, Mistress moaning through another cum before I took my own pleasure from her.

But afterwards I cross examined her on her little act of civil disobedience.

“So why did you not let me finish you before you took off the pins, Mistress?”

“They just hurt so much Slave….”

She hypothesized that because they were “new” pins, the springs were particularly tight, causing more pain than normal. This makes me winder if she doctored the pins she had taken to Europe, stretching the springs a bit so that they were looser than specifications would require. Sort of like using a corked bat or one of those new “slice-proof” golf balls.

Maybe there is a lab that checks for such sub transgressions?

I made it clear to her that next Sunday there would be consequences for her misbehavior. I know, justice delayed is justice denied. But in this case, maybe making her dread what is ins tore for a few days will force her to consider the error of her ways.

I understand she gave you a little verbal “preview” of what had happened, lobbying for a reprieve. But now that you know all of the sad and pathetic facts of her inability to comply with her contractual obligations, I do look forward to your advice.

Our contract does not have a clear remedy clause. And I am not sure I want to take the matter to a local Equity Judge, who might not have nuanced view of this type of breach.

So we look you for Justice, M. 

I might add that there could be some extenuating circumstances that I have not considered. As an example, could it be that with the clips attached with her nipples hanging down they are more painful than with her lying on her back? Maybe our Senior Correspondent, the sub-sisters or other readers can add their perspective before you render your decision.

We look to you for your judgment on this sad matter.


beingaisha said...

Gosh... I feel bad for Molly... I know she must feel bad about this breach... oh, wait, maybe not really so much. Maybe it's just us full-time subs who feel bad about letting our Doms down.

But I know you'll come up with some reasonable punishment, and it will teach her the error of her ways, and give her a bunch of orgasms to boot, right?



Suzanne said...

What can I say? I'm waiting for the WC to impart some of his judicial wisdom upon us!


btw...I wouldn't be able stand those clothespins either!!!

SnowCaptive said...

Oh my.. guessing Molly might end up regretting her decision. Well... When it comes to the level of pain from laying down or on hands and knees. i haven't found that fact to make much (or any) difference.

Donna said...

Oh, dear!

Well, I find that any type of nipple clams hurt much less when I am lying on my back, upright hurts a tad more and being in doggie position hurts like a bitch. I imagine the increase in pain varies from person to person based on the amount of the breast tissue, the gravity assisted pressure of that weight on the clamped nipples, as well as the hormone situation at that moment in time.

And yet, I assume you have a warning system set up, a word that lets the Dom/Domme know the sub is in distress. Not a "stop forever" word but one that is a "permission to speak" word, a caution light for just this type of situation.

No, the bigger infraction with my Dom would have been the sassy note the CEO left for the WC on yesterday's blog:

NO way
that in this household, I am the one in charge
the loathes the clothespins,

Those words and that tone would have Bill narrowing his eyes to slits and have his lips thinned out into a straight line, rapidly moving on to a diabolical smile. Removing the clothespins would be handled in a way that would help me remember not to do that again. The sass and taunting tone...oh, no!

Sorry CEO, I had to be honest.

Senior Correspondent,

WC said...

I am shocked Mick,

We knew she was prone to wheedling and winning


Active defiance?

This does call for extreme action

And Donna,

You are right too

that lipply little note calls for action as well

SO Mick as this a lofty decision

the court

ME the WC

has taken the matter under advisement

and will render a sentence before Friday

to be carried out Sunday morning

The hanging Judge,


Donna said...

After more coffee and some meditation time, I believe I have seen the light of day on this issue.

It is out of character for Molly to be rude and uncooperative with her two Doms in one day, so something else must be at work here. I suspect that it may be the dreaded MWS, Marzipan Withdrawal Syndrome.

Part two is that in providing adequate care for Molly, her Doms should have stepped in with an MI, Marzipan Intervention, shortly after her return home. Didn't we all read that Molly brought home a suitcase full, that she was hesitant to share it with others, and that she was consuming it, even during oral sex? Did you see the size of that slice? You know, it is possible that high fructose corn syrup was a factor in this situation, too.

But why didn't her Doms come to her aid? Certainly Mick may have been justifiably concerned about violence to his person while sleeping or while his cock was being held between her teeth, but with the support of the WC, I believe this sad situation yesterday might have been averted.

Respectfully submitted,

PS Molly, may I keep my job now, please?

mouse said...

Oooooooh wow!

Too bad we have to wait....but guess it keeps us coming back....


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I see that my request for a ruling on this matter has gotten lots of consideration and attention already.

On the one hand, Donna is prompting some sort of diminished capacity defense, based on Marzipan withdrawal.

On the other hand, it seems clear that Molly's defiant tone may suggest that she has failed to come to terms with her own culpability here, requiring a more severe sentence.

And since the WC has given himself several days to make his ruling, i suspect he will be the subject of some ex parte lobbying by the CEO for several days now.

M, if you want to spare yourself all that wheedling and whining, and possible bribery, you may want to consider expediting your decision.


WC said...

This comes before the Court on the peoples motion for Decaratory Judgment.

The Court, being full advised in the premises herby grants the peoples motion and finds the defendant Molly Collins guilty on both counts.

Count 1: Removing clothes pins durning switch day.


Count 2: Sending a lippy note to the WC hereafter to be refered to as HIS HONOR or THE COURT.

Sentencing will be carried out on Friday the 20th day of May.

Counsel for the people and THE DEFENDANT may file written briefs on their respective positions, to be E-Filed on the UCTMW blog.

The DEFENDANT may also file pleas for mercy, however they must be couched as begging.

The Court will also consiter well written opinions from the public at large, as to the proper punishment for the miscreant.




subbrooke said...

Oh poor Molly! She must hate having to wait for her punishment (if there is one). i know i hate waiting.

i guess clover clamps could always be a simple solution...the more you pull on them the tigther they get.

As far as why they were more painful this time, i doubt she cheated when away. Sometimes things just hurt more. It can be position, it can be the clamps, or it can just be the mindset of the user. Mindset is the biggest to me. If i'm not 'ready' or in the right frame of mind things hurt more.

Good luck Molly. i'm sure your judge will be fair.


Anonymous said...

Brooke is the only one who clearly understands my situation. Those hurt like hell! There is NO delicate way to put it. Yes, I am concerned about my punishment, but oh well...what can I do? hope that my two men determine my fate in a way that takes me into consideration.

msmarie said...

I'm not a switch - so I might be biased here... but I can tell you how I would deal with my submissive in such a situation! But, I think WC is also not prone to mercy or leniency. So, like Suzanne, I can't wait to hear the ruling on this one!