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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Science Wednesday

We’ve had a very strange weather pattern here in River City these last few days. The best I can describe it as is Irish Weather. Gloomy. Rainy. Colder than normal for these parts. Last week we were in the 80’s here. This week, the temperature range has been from 45 to about 55.  Just plain yuck.
Mistress had planned for us to go on a bike ride after work yesterday afternoon, but the damp, cold and gloom had gotten to her. So when she strode into my building lobby, ready to head home at around 5:30 or so last evening, she had other plans.
“Slave, I told M that I am going to take a hot bath when we get home. You will serve me a glass of Tequilla in the tub. And we will take a picture to send him.”
“Sounds like a plan, Mistress.”
I wasn’t too thrilled about a damp, bone chilling bike ride myself.

So there we were, back at home. Mistress was quick to shed her short black dress (no tights or pants again today, she’s trying to pretend it’s actually summer despite the weather), and begin running her bath.

I had my orders: I poured her a tequila on ice. For me, some Jamieson neat to cut the chill.
The sullen teens were barely noticing this change of plans. Though one of them commented on the beverages in her wise ass way.
“Isn’t it a little early for that?”
She gave me a look like I was Don Draper, pouring my 5th martini of the day, just after lunch time.
“Your Mother had a busy day, and now needs to chill…..”
Nothing like judgmental teens.
By now Mistress was settled into her tub, bubbles oozing around her.

“Get my camera, Slave….I promised M a picture.”
I dutifully retrieved her I-phone, and gave her some staging directions as she wriggled into the warm frothy tub. I snapped some for M, and then a few on my own camera for her inspection later, and maybe to share with you should they meet her very high standards.
After that, she climbed from her tub, wrapped herself in a towel and we retreated to our bed, for a little pre-diner R & R.

“Let me know when you are ready for worship, Mistress….”

“In a few, Slave….”
She studied a few of the shots I had taken, then texted one photo off to M, who responded in a few moments.
“’ Sexy Lady’, he says, Slave.”
“He’s right about that, Mistress.”
She reviewed all of your comments, made one of her own, then indicated the time had come to be pleasured.
I leaned over her, my mouth dipping into her warm and freshly scrubbed folds, but she had something else in mind.
“You get a much better angle on your knees, Slave.”
Of course, Mistress is always right.

One thing about our Senior Correspondent Donna, (unlike some of our other correspondents, I might add) is that she takes the initiative to find interesting stories to share with our curious readers. Take for example, this bit of science on the value of a substance that some of us may take for granted, which follows some of her observations about why Mistress’s lovely nipples were so challenged by the clothespins in that “on all fours” position on Sunday.

I tried to word my comments about our CEO and the clothespins carefully, hoping to avoid offending any of our small breasted readers, but really, you can tell from the lovely photo that there is significant pressure being exerted by Molly's breast tissue. If it doesn't hurt more when in that position rather than others, then either there isn't much breast tissue to add pressure or there is a surplus of silicone blocking nerve endings. Being a non-siliconed D cup, I can vouch for that!

The study I have added below is actually from 2002, but didn't get much press at the time. My guess is that it would have cut down on sales of both Prozac and condoms. I am quite disappointed that oral consumption of semen and anal sex were not included as part of this study. Talk about incomplete. Maybe we can round out the study within our little group. I think we could get volunteers, don't you? Except for the control group...none of our friends would want to be in the no sex group! Oh well, another good idea down the drain
(following is a quote from the story with a link below)

Semen carries with it more than just sperm; it’s a whole cocktail of substances, out of which some have the potential to alleviate depression in women – estrogen, prostaglandins and oxytocin. The first two were already known to somewhat lower depression, but oxytocin is way more powerful; it shows up at birth or during breastfeeding, making women more happy, less in pain, and way more likely to bond with others.
The study confirmed that the semen is genetically built to work in man’s favour – thanks to those hormones, the female has a stronger bond with him, feels more satisfied, and is way less depressed; thus, the male has already increased the chances of another “bonding”, thus also increasing the chances to reproduce, which is what your body wants, basically.
Interestingly enough, the research also concluded that in terms of depression, there is pretty much no difference between condom users and abstrainers, so the act of sex itself does no good against depression. Even though, of course, safe sex is always recommended, from this point of view, it is recommended to have sex without a condom. Go figure…

Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties?

Of course, this got us thinking about Tammy, over at ALL Mine. Suzanne’s “wife” has been getting some extra semen dosages from clean up and other duties of late. Suzanne, can you tell if it is having apositive mood enhancement effect?


beingaisha said...

The weather here is just nasty too - I can understand skipping the bike ride. And really, a tequila shot, hot bath, followed by worship sounds better to me any day!

Donna, you are the research queen. Thank you for sharing the fruit of your labor. So to speak.



Donna said...

I really would like to know if swallowing semen offers the same anti-depressant benefit and I'm sure lots of men out there would like to be able to use that information to show their love for their partners, too.

"Here honey, you seem a little down today, let me help you."

What do you think?

The ever interested,

mouse said...

First...Mick and Molly, sounds like a great way to start an evening!
Second...Donna, no wonder mouse feels so happy after pleasing Daddy...on the days, we wake too late or he has other's kinda different...will really have to mention this to him.

Hugs to the management team,

Donna said...

Oh mouse, that is wonderful! Maybe we should keep count.

So mouse, you and I are both voting yes for "Feeling Better After Receiving Semen Orally". Anyone else care to vote? Yeah or Nay?

Bill wants me to add a column on my little tally sheet noting whether the men donating the semen feel better but I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that one, eh?

Investigative fellatio reporter,

Suzanne said...

Donna...your research explains everything! No wonder tammy's been so chipper lately with a positive attitude, always smiling, etc....sickening It might even had played a role in her promotion.

Can I volunteer her services for any other sexual clinical trials you know of???


WC said...

Well, Well Well,

Being a good lefty, who doesnt mind a little social engenering from time to time.


in the intrest of the ladies of America continued health and well being,

I, HIS HONOR, THE COURT, think we shoud pass a mandate that ever lady over the age of 18 must get a daily dose of sperm direct from the source.

The is always looking out for you ladies best interests,



mouse said...

WC Sir,

This mouse thinks her Daddy would thoroughly back such a proclamation!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Sounds like his Honor, the WC, is channeling the former Goovernator of California, or that guy who used to run the IMF....

The likes to stay up with current "affairs",


Anonymous said...

I read your comments with interest. Fully explains why I am chipper MOST of the time. Mick will be gone for a few days (worried). Shall I keep a supply on hand? Now WC, I see you offering your juice on other blogs and more widely. FYI, don't like to share, not at all!
wants two cocks to herself (except WC's wife B, does get first dibs on his)

nilla said...

too funny.

no WONDER i'm in such a good mood after being with Master...

(and i thought it was from all the fucking we do...silly me!!!)


(trying to catch up!)