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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Director of Security Shares Some Favorite Images

Mistress certainly had a sobering, disturbing day Sunday, touring Auschwitz on what, coincidentally is Holocaust Remembrance Day. She has done lots of reading on the subject, but, as she told me this evening, all the study and research in the world can not adequately prepare one for standing in the midst of those killing fields. Wish I was there to cuddle close tonight.

Some say the horror of those years was the product of some perverse accident of history, or a specific nation's proclivity for evil. But what troubles me is that something about the human condition made that coldly efficient form of genocide all too real. Who's to say it could not happen again, even closer to home?

In contrast, my day here in River City was hectic but hardly Mistress's emotional roller coaster. There was more toiling in the fields. Here you can see the product of my labors.

Was that me or Mondrian?

It turns out that laying tiles and grouting can be a lot more satisfying than much of the work I do for a living, but it sure is harder on your knees and back.

Next time, maybe I simply go to Angie’s List.

(The odd part was that while I was doing that, Mistress was sending me photos via text message of barbed wire fences, and the smoke stacks of the crematorium. It made my simple task seem pretty easy in comparison.)

Fortunately for Mistress, after her trying day, she won her daily coin toss with WC. So she could cum “free style” with no cloths pin accessories. Let’s hope it was enjoyable.

And since I have little to titillate you with today, it’s fortunate that our Director of Security, International stepped up to the plate.

As you might imagine, Bill is a man who shoots first, and asks questions later, usually directed at the Coroner. So it’s not surprising that his contribution is short on words, and long on imagery.

There are times in life when we’d all like to have a simple plain message, no subtle intonations or double meanings. Below find a few I like that are simple straight forward with no quibbling on there meaning-

Of course if that is more message than you want try this one-

Then you might get back –
Of course Mick is missing this opportunity with increasing desperation).

I like this message and the one that follows-

Another style that works very well is-

And finally this warning sign should be seen whenever I'm around-


Donna said...

Isn't Bill great in all kinds of ways?

He sent me this poem on Saturday:

‘We Have Always Been Near’

In your light I learn how to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art.
~ Rumi

After 31 years of marriage, I still receive poems and love notes.

Happy to be the sub in his arms and his bed,

Alujna said...

Cool pics esp the first

And Donna, lucky you! You get poems from Bill even after 31 years.. :) it's awesome

beingaisha said...

Great job on the tiles, Mick!

I know your Mistress wishes you'd been there last night. I think you're right, evil can happen anywhere, as long as those of us who know better don't work together to prevent it.

As for Bill's pictures - that's hysterical. Gotta love it. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

And Donna - um, actually I was thinking about using your poem and the e-mail you sent me on my blog this morning since I need to be at work about 7, but that's ok. If my husband of 31 years was sending me poetry like that, I'd post it somewhere myself too. Which is why you should have your own blog...

:) Just saying.



mouse said...

The tile looks great! You can do mouse's house anytime...

Donna...awwww that is too sweet! Really, your very lucky!


Anonymous said...

just talked to Mick and told him that I have not had internet access in a while! just ran across an internet cafe so here I am! Weird world news today combined with the historical stuff on my journey.. kind of out of body like. a good thing since I LOST the bet again. I suspect that I lost yesterday too, but WC felt sorry for me. I am trying to play the law of averages and losing badly. At any way behind on everyone else's blogs and look forward to great long reads once back in the states. received my fav pick of all (of MICK caged) and sounds like he might dick picks from WC in two days ...