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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrating Masturbation Week at UCTMW World HQ

A few days ago, Donna reminded me that May is Masturbation Week.Read all about it here.

Sadly, that’s sure the way it’s been here at the UCTMW World HQ for the last week. With Molly gone, and under her direction to “take matters into my own hands”, I’ve been doing my “duty”. But it doesn’t compare to the real thing. And when she texted me a littleCompose photo of her clean shave folds this afternoon, before hitting the sack in her hotel in Krakow… well it certainly made me yearn for the real thing after a week of semi-dry runs.

“Makes me want to worship, Mistress.”

“I long for it Slave.”

It’s been a week now…. Argh.

My 8th evening at home without Mistress tonight.

I know, some of the sub-sisters have been enduring somewhat longer dry spells. But I am spoiled. Self-Help is not a very satisfying substitute for the real thing.

Do you think I need to invest on some of that high end, overpriced lubricant that the WC depends on?

But apparently there is a little humor in my sad plight, to be fully exploited by this dispatch from our Senior Correspondent, received this evening after I grilled some burgers for my sullen teens.

Our Executive Editor has been without his Mistress Molly for a week now and has been required to take matters into his own hands on a once-a-day basis. This cake, spotted at the local grocery, brought his sad situation to mind. Notice the faked smile, the eyes staring blankly into space, the hands in the pants rather than properly grasping his cock. It’s just so sad. Let’s call this the Mick cake…at least for a few more days.

While Mick is permitted (correction, Donna…. Required.) to relieve pent up anxieties on a daily basis, it is an enormous drop from the usual levels of sexual activity in which he and Molly normally engage on a daily basis. There are signs this is taking an emotional toll on the poor guy.

Just today, a report was filed by office security guards stating that other office workers are refusing to get on the elevator with Mick.

It seems that while Mick waited for the Otis lift, he had inappropriate verbal interaction with a fellow employee. The following drawing was stapled to the report as a representation of what took place.

There are concerns on the home front, too. It seems that plumbers are being called to the house on a daily basis. Mick has been masturbating in the shower and, as we all know from research conducted at the University of Michigan, that just isn’t good for the plumbing.

Readers have also expressed concerns about Molly’s forced masturbation while traveling, which is wholly based on the toss of a coin by the WC.
I, too, was concerned until I received this photo of Molly taken just yesterday. I think she’s doing okay, but for some tender nipples. (note the strategic covering to hide those swollen buds).

Respectfully submitted (well, almost respectfully)
Donna, Senior Correspondent UCTMW


Alujna said...

awwww poor Mick....
Donna, cut him some ;)

beingaisha said...

I had no idea May was masturbation month! Thanks for letting me know!!

LOVE the cake!

And Mick, between you and me using poor Donna for our blogs, she's gonna be worn out. But I guess you have first dibs on her.

I know you're looking forward to Molly's return!


Donna said...

Actually Aljuna, instead of cutting anyone any slack, I was hoping he would cut the cake. I know what piece I want!


sin said...

Love the cake. Poor Mick, going through withdrawl.

WC said...

Great pictures Donna,

Well Molly picked tails again


Heads it was,

Back on go the nipple clamps

The is good at tossing that coin,


Suzanne said...'re the best!!! I love this post. We were concerned about Mick's plumbing...just the wrong plumbing! No fighting over the cake now...although there doesn't seem to be enough of that special slice for everyone!

WC - I've been suspicious of your coin tosses right from the beginning. What is your record so far? It seems highly improbably from a statistical point of view!

Donna said...

Hi Suzanne,

I just finished reading your blog entry today, and I don't think it would be too difficult to make a cake representing sissy's favorite toy, but the size ratio needs to be at least somewhat correct.

I know, we could stack up four or five of those giant two layer round cakes from Sam's then taper the crown of the top one appropriately, make a sweet little slit in the top, then frost with chocolate fudge frosting. My mouth is watering already.

I have been thinking the same thing about that coin toss! 50% chance each day, but still...


WC said...

Well Suzanne,

I think I have only lost twice. Molly has lost about 6 times. Bad luck for her for sure.

But as they say, thats the way the cookie crumbles.

The got the bigger chunk of cookie,


WC said...

Hey Donna,

Would love to see a picture of that cake!

No, the coin toss is on the up and up.

I swear....

The up and up,


As far as you know anyway. LOL

Donna said...

Hi WC,

I have no doubt you are up and up, again and again, several times a day most likely!

The question is whether you are so excited by the thought of Molly's nipples being pinched that you are (subconsciously, I'm sure) helping the cookie to crumble.

No one could blame you for being excited by the thought of Molly's nipples being clamped, but while the process has certainly helped Molly keep up her numbers for Masturbation Month, her bra cups may need to be adjusted if this keeps going.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

She did send me a text pic of her nipple en clamp before she went to bed tonight. it made my mouth water and my poor caged cock twitch in that cage.

But at least I got to take it off when I got home.

the going for a bike ride then feeding the sullen teens,