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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Gardening Planned This Weekend

Mistress had some beauty needs to attend to yesterday morning – hair, nails, feet, the full treatment - so we drove separately to work.

And of course that meant Mick has to smoosh some uncooperative balls and cock into the steel ring that is the seat of my cage. It had been since last Saturday that I was required to wear it. Hadn’t missed that sucker at all.

But I made sure I had that ring on before coming upstairs to wake Mistress at around 7 am. She likes the effect that tight steel containment device has on my cock. Once the blood begins to flow in there, making me nice and hard for her, well, it stays hard and takes a little extra effort – both physical and mental – for me to obtain “lift off”.

And Mistress seems to enjoy being on the receiving end of that extra effort.

After I pleasured her with my tongue and lips, giving her that delectable wake up cum, her fingers drifted to my cock, already firming up and just about ready for her.

“Hmmmm…. I love that ring, Slave…. does it hurt?”

Not really…. But…. When you do that with your fingers…. It … gets… very…. Tight….So can I fuck you now?”

She ran those fingers along my shaft a little longer. This can me, literally, excruciating pleasure….

“So impatient Slave…. but yes… since you have to go to work… you may fuck me now….”

Ahhhh…..I mounted her. Made sure her pleasure came before mine… then rallied to one of those mind numbing comes through that tight ring that seems to come in a series of crashing waves as my fluids force their way through that narrow constriction.

“Wow, Slave…. that seemed like a good one.”

No Foolin’.

By the time I was done, I sort of collapsed there on the bed for a while, clinging to Mistress, annoyed that it was time to hit the shower.

Mistress was busy handling some work emails from our bed when I presented myself to her, the cage now covering my cock, lock in place, ready for her to snap it shut.

She did so with a little smile, making sure I was all safe and secure.

“Does that make you feel better, Mistress… knowing that your cock is locked away for the day?”

“It does, My Slave.”

So it was not until the end of our workday that Mistress released me, only after I had worshipped her from my knees in our bedroom.

M had been texting her as we both undressed, and Mistress encouraged me to take a shot of her spread legs and clean shaven folds to taunt him a bit.

After that, a bike ride squeezed between some thunder showers, and .... back to bed.

The sullen teens were out for dinner and a movie, so Mistress had arranged for a little “picnic” while we watched a movie via Netflix. But my day in the cage encouraged me to go for the option she offered of sex before food.

But this time Mistress had another idea for enhancing her work-a-day cock.

“Please go insert your device now, Slave….”

She meant the aneros, which I was happy to slide home for her, after ample lube was applied. It had been a while since that little sucker had been deployed. And it always seems to make my cock all the more desperate for her.

Mistress seemed very pleased with the result. And I don’t think we found our way out of bed until after 8:30 or so.  By then the sun was going down here, and we sat in the dark, munching on an array of fruit and cheese, sipping some wine, watching “Amadeus”, with Mistress sprawled across my lap.

The scent of her drying sexual juices were wafting up to tease me through the movie, reminding me of my addiction to her, though I was far more than spent to press the point. It was just … comforting.

Ultimately, my relaxed Mistress nodded off, and we headed up to bed. we needed to get a good nights sleep because we have a very busy weekend planned here in River City.

First, an orientation for sullen teen #2 for her study abroad program that begins in August. And also an assortment of family activities.

But one task on the schedule is some additional planting, assigned to me by Mistress. (It sounds like Sissy over at  Ms. Marie will also be a field Slave this weekend). As it turns out, our Senior Correspondent, Donna, reports that this is World Naked Gardening Day. Her burgeoning skills as an investigative reporter event turned up this photos from a previous WNGD. That’s our WC, just left of center, holding the red rake. 

Glad to see M out there doing a little community service under the UCTMW banner. That’s bound to help our corporate image.

So be sure to get out there today. Apply a generous layer of sunscreen. And, like M, remember to wear a hat.


Donna said...

Community Service is so very important whether voluntary or mandated by the court system. Do you happen to know which was the case for the WC?

Are you sure that is the WC's picture? It isn't really what I expected. I knew he made the banner photo shoot, but thought maybe his picture was the one to the right of the large text.

Bill is working on a volunteer community project this morning but has plans to return early afternoon for our own World Naked Gardening Day project.

Keep reapplying that sunscreen today people!


Suzanne said...

A little chilly and some rain in the forecast here in the Northeast today. We'll just have to suck it up, stick to some indoor activities (maybe near a few houseplants) and save the sunscreen for later.

WC said...

Funny Dona and Mick,

No that is an impostor, posing as the WC, and so far the WC has been able to avoid court ordered community service.

The still free to waste time the way I want to,


Donna said...

Well Suzanne, I've heard of talking or singing to your house plants, but I've never heard of providing the sounds of sucking and sex. Let me know if they suddenly start putting up new shoots and blossoms.

The always ready to learn something new,

beingaisha said...

I've never participated in World Naked Gardening Day - in fact, this is hte first I've heard of it - maybe that's what has been missing from my life?


Donna said...

Could it be only coincidence that World Naked Gardening Day takes place in the middle of National Masturbation Month? Yes, I am thinking of gardening terms that might apply to other endeavors.

The so glad we don't have neighbors close by,