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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cage Week

I woke up this morning to see WC’s comment left rather late our time, not so late in his time zone, commenting on the picture yesterday of Mistress’s lovely bottom.  A “New favorite pic” for the WC.

And we are certainly glad to please him and Mistress’s other fans out there. I suspect Mistress will be flattered when she sees that comment, and likely go back and look at the picture again, to get a better appreciation of what her “personal trainer” finds so alluring.

Mistress does enjoy knowing that her body can still turn heads and draw eyes of appreciation and lust.

In our vanilla life, Mistress posts lots of less explicit family pictures on facebook, and we do have a few select friends from the blog world who have linked up with us in facebook land. Over the weekend, the WC finally embarked into that corner of our lives, and opened up a rather Spartan facebook page so he could “friend” Mistress. Slave too.

“Wonder why M finally decided to find us on Facebook, Slave?”

“Hmmm…. Maybe so he could check out E …. The guy who still wants to put you over his knee, Mistress?”

Sure enough. That was one of the first of Mistress’s friends that M scoped out.

Gotta’ know the ‘competition’. And Mistress was also scoping out M’s only other friend at the time, a woman that she has discussed with M – a long lost fuck and ski buddy who no doubt would like to get a reunion with the special occasion cock.

Sounds as if these comparisons made for some amusing discussions between M and Mistress over the weekend. 

Competition, or the perception of it, is good, isn’t it?  Keeps the juices flowing.

Here in River City, we had one of those rare three  day weekends, when the agenda was rather empty. No effort to fit in some trip to another town, or too many family gatherings. Yesterday was the bonus day, with lots of time in bed, and some minimal yard work for me to do.

We both slept in a little later than normal. I woke to write the blog, then came upstairs at around 8:30 to present it to Mistress.  She took her time reading as I grazed below. It was a long entry, and then she cruised through some of your other blogs. She made sure that I made up for all that tease and denial before she allowed me to take my own pleasure, with permission of course.

Then it was a long, double cycle bike ride that worked up a sweat in the early summer humidity.

We have a graduation party coming up here in about 2 weeks, and Mistress had some directions for me.

“Slave could you trim the bushes in the front of the house…. They’re looking a little wild, and we do have company coming….”

“absolutely, Mistress….”

“I mean if I have to keep my cunt clean shaven, you can at least keep the landscaping under control….”

“I see your point, Mistress….”

After my yard work, we went to our local pool for a while, but the screaming kids and frumpy house fraus ultimately overpowered us, and we headed home early.

Mistress got a little bonus O in the shower, to make up for the one I had denied her yesterday. And then there was some reading and a nap before feeding the kids.

Very laid back day.

We took a walk after dinner, and reluctantly discussed our schedules for the coming week. To my chagrin, I discovered that it will be one of those weeks when we need to drive separately every day.

“So I guess that means I need to wear the cage every day, Mistress?”

“Sounds like it Slave…. sorry…. But it really is for the best.”


I already have that hard steel ring on. And in a few minutes I will go wake Mistress….

At least she gets the benefit of that extra hard cock today, and for the rest of the week too.


beingaisha said...

Sounds like a delightfully relaxing day! And the WC on facebook... interesting.


EllaGirl said...

"Cock Cage" does conjure quite a picture - a lovely picture! xo - E.