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Monday, May 2, 2011

Missing Mistress on an Historic Day

I am missing Mistress even more these last 24 hours.

As you may have picked up from these pages, we were brought together not just by an electric sexual connection, but also by our mutual interest in political and civic affairs. I always joked that I could never relate to or be with  a woman who was born after the Kennedy Assassination, and sure enough, Mistress just made it under the wire.

After our second “date”, we had connected so profoundly that we talked about how nice it would be to have a child named after JFK’s daughter. Maybe it was the pheromones talking? But, sure enough, about 4 years later, we did.

So sitting here in front of the TV, or buried in the internet coverage and newspapers these last hours, wallowing in the historic , cathartic news coverage about events in that villa on Pakistan, and the gutsy call of our President, its almost painful not to have Molly hear with me to share the moment.

We had shared the horror of 9-11 together, shielding as best we could our young girls, then 7 and 8, from the horror unfolding on our TV screen.

So it seemed particularly sad not to share the events of Sunday evening with Mistress.

As the news broke, I texted her, though I knew she was fast asleep, phone off at 5 am or so in Krakow, still processing her experience at Auschwitz. I knew she’d want to know what had broken while she slept.

And, quite frankly, I am a little worried about what might transpire in Europe these next few days, as Osama’s vile sycophants contemplate retaliation.

We did get some chance to talk today.  And after she filled me in on her visit to Oscar Schindler’s Enamel wear factory, I covered some of the coverage and nuances of what had transpired. Later, after she was snoozing, I sent her an email with this photo, showing the President and his senior advisors, following the raid “real time”.

What a window into history.

But lest you think the UCTMW Enterprises has gone all vanilla on you, I need to add something else.

As our regular readers know, while Mistress is away, I’m required to wear my cage daily. And Mistress has asked me to send  a photo daily, with some timely cue or insert that reassures her that I’m not recycling photos just to avoid the discomfort that  the hard steel cage and its tight steel ring can have on my “equipment”.

Well I am a little modest about showing off my work-a-day cock, but figure on this historic occasion an exception can be justified. This is the photo Mistress got to see around her lunch time today:


Little Butterfly said...

Oh the irony of that photo!

beingaisha said...

O, nice picture, Mick!! Thanks for sharing!


Donna said...

Bill and I have that social/political connection, too. I can't imagine being with anyone not passionate about history and the state of the world.

The top picture is very telling. The weight of the decision clearly evident on the faces of POTUS and HRC.

The level of intelligence and investment of personal responsibility of POTUS is such an enormous improvement over the past administration!

The second picture is one for you and Molly to hang over the fireplace. Not sure why you would be modest, what I can see looks good to me!


Suzanne said...


When historic events are unfolding, there's always that intense need to be physically close to the ones you love most. Given your past with Molly, that need is made even greater in your case. Missing her is such a testament to your love.

The second photo is a "keeper." Just not sure I'd put it over the fireplace.



WC said...

Nice post Mick,

I agree that was a very gutsy call by the president. That picture of the situation room is very compelling. And you have outdone yourself,

"vile sycophants." I cant help but think how funny it would be to watch GWB try and roll that phrase off his lips.

It was ironic that the raid took place on May 1, the same day GWB declared "mission accomplished." ,

I believe that the world learned of the death of Hitler on May 1, 1945.

Anyway hope yo are well.

In other news Molly took a flyer and guessed tails today

and WON!

Our B&BCEO's nipples will be spared tonight.

Also i am taking suggestions about what i should have Molly do in her posh seating on the return flight.

The very proud of our President and HRC,


vanillamom said...

a great post Mick.

Those who put tea-drinkers (like me) on the crzy list (and i assure you i luff my tea, but won't go to *that* party), continue to vilify and denigrate our President, when it is clear he has inherited so many Republican issues (clear to people who can see and not just wear blinders). They should be proud to be called American citizens, led by a man with integrity and foresight.

Congratulations Mr. President, on a job well done.
And congratulations to you, Mick, on that timely photo.

Definitely over the fireplace.


Anonymous said...

Mick, what a wonderful photo picture and a nice fantasy for me! Such a sexy turn-on! Keep on adding pictures! I think you have a fabulous cock, even when it's locked up....scm

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thanks for the feed back guys!

Not sure who SCM is, but I always enjoy compliments.

After the girls fly to coop, I may get that photo mounted for that fireplace location.