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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our CEO and her Personal Trainer Celebrate Masturbation Month

It did turn out to be a very busy day here in River City, but you will be glad to know that Mistress got more than her fair share of cumming , and that her “field Slave” made sure that the plantings she required were done.

Her first opportunity came at around 8 am. I let her sleep in as long as possible, knowing that she still needs to catch up on her ZZZZZ’s following her travels and quick transition back to a work week. When I came up bearing the laptop for her to peruse the blog, we only had time for some quick worship before heading with sullen teen #2 to a morning orientation for her study abroad year.

Mistress gave out a little gasp of pleasure, her hips writhing a bit, as my tongue and lips ultimately found their mark.

“You should have woken me sooner, Slave…. now we don’t have time for real morning sex….”

“I’m sure we will fit it in later, Mistress.”

The parent portion of orientation lasted until a little past noon. We left the teen behind for the rest of the program and headed home, where Slave went into gardening mode: acquiring more geraniums and impatiens at a nearby shop, digging up some perennials at Molly’s mother’s house, where her step-father has a vast excess he offerred to share, then returning home to get to work .

An intermittent rain was falling, and since our yard is hardly private, I passed on my opportunity to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day.

In the meantime, Mistress went for a bike ride. When she returned she complimented me on the progress I had made in expanding the plantings along a fence in our compact yard.

“Come inside when your done, Slave…. you are due an ass fucking.”

My hard and focused work was productive, so by about 3 pm the lion’s share of the work was done, and I gladly succumbed to Mistress’s invitation to join her for some “relaxation” in our chambers.

AS I stepped into our room, Mistress was lying naked across our bed, working on her laptop.

Since I was rather muddy and sweaty from my efforts, I hit the shower first, before presenting myself to her.

So there you had us: naked Mistress and her fresh from the field, Slave.
Both kind of sleepy.

We opted for a luxurious mid-afternoon nap, cuddled next to one another, clinging tightly.

But that still gave us time for some slow and steamy love making when we woke, refreshed, and a bit horny.

The ass fucking would have to wait until later.

Soon we were off again, to collect the teen from her orientation, and then for an early family dinner at an Indian joint the girls like, in our old neighborhood in the University section of town. (We find that they will only really talk to us when we take them out to eat and force them to sit through a meal).

When we got home from dinner, Mistress pulled me aside.

“The WC texted me Slave…. his family is out for a while and he wants to know if we can have a date….”

It had been a while – not since Mistress left for he trip. And I knew there was pent-up demand on Mistress’s part, particularly after their Thursday morning “session” had been aborted.

“Of course, Mistress…got for it.”

She asked me to make sure the ‘land line” phone she prefers to use on suck occasions was in place, and I turned on the radio in our room to muffle any errant cries of delight from our curious teens. Then left her to her own devices.

There was still plenty of daylight left, so Slave opted to complete some additional planting, while Mistress deployed her Hitachi at her “personal trainer’s” direction.

I knew that she was in good cyber-hands. It was nice that they could jointly celebrate Masturbation Month.

About 50 minutes later she found me out in the yard, on my knees, where I belonged. She had that well satisfied smile on her face.

“How many, Mistress?”

“Ohhh…. Three or four, Slave.”

By my count, that left the score for the day at 7 (or 8) for Mistress to 1 for her humble slave.

But since today is Switch Day…..Slave will see if he can do some catching up.


beingaisha said...

You know what I love about your blog, Mick? I always get the feeling that you and Molly are up there in Where-You-Live, just sort of ambling from one orgasmic situation to another. It's very relaxing, for me anyhow. thanks!


sin said...

I agree Aisha, I bet they need the rest and relaxation of gardening and exercise in between.

I must say I do like the transition to field slave. It's kind of sexy I think.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I suppose that is the focus of life here at the World HQ, particularly on weekends, Aisha.

And Sin, there is more outdoor work for slave later today, if that can be an inspiration to you today.

you will be disappointed to learn that Mistress misbehaved during this morning's switch exercise.

I may need to consult with the WC on what the punishment should be.


mouse said...

YES! Aisha and sin got it right, you present your lives in such a "normal' and healthy way. Really a testament to how comfortable you are in your daily lives. It is such a joy to read and keeps mouse coming back to read more!

Hugs to all,

Donna said...

Great picture of our CEO. Her breasts look soft and inviting and her nails are lovely! Any scratches down your back, just deep enough that the sweat as you work outside irritates them just a bit, Mick?

I'm not really disappointed that our CEO misbehaved, I might even be inspired. A little discipline is a fine thing. Where's Paul Harvey, I need the rest of the story!

Happy day!

Suzanne said...

Great pic're quite the photographer! Did you consult with the WC? The verdict?


WC said...

Dear Mick,

That was a serious transgression by Molly this morning.

I think she should get a severe bare bottom spanking as soon as is possible.

With the clothes pins on.

Shame on you young lady!

The strict,


Anonymous said...

NO way
that in this household, I am the one in charge
the loathes the clothespins,

SnowCaptive said...

I so enjoy the debates going on between all of you :)