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Thursday, May 12, 2011

HNT/ Get the CTO on the phone....

I woke up this morning for the early shift here at the UCTMW World HQ to discover that our link to the outer world was down.

The internet and cable were still working. Squirrels had not nested in that “ big system of tubes” as the WWW was once characterized by a certain GOP Senator.

But when I tried to log into the Google Blogger system, first to catch up with the rest of our colleagues, and then to compose a little post for this morning, I got funky error messages instead. It seems that the system has expired, at least temporarily. It was not just UCTMW. I couldn’t log onto other bloggers either.

Maybe the guys at google had indigestion from eating the rest of the technology sector and decided to sleep in? Or are they freaking out over the whole Microsoft / Skype thing, and forgot to pay their electric bill?

I sent a “don’t panic” message to our international staff. I am a little concerned that the WC may not know what to do with his special occasion cock if there is no refreshed cornucopia of smut to review over his coffee and tequila this morning, along with a fresh HNT photo of Molly to inspire him this morning.

AS I noted in my “good morning staff” email to them, sent in lieu of a posting, if we had a competent Chief Technology Officer, we would simply power up our back up plan and switch to an alternative system.

That lame-o is gonna get fired this morning after I finish my coffee.

Oops. I forgot.

CTO is one of the hats I wear here at the World HQ. I guess I’ve been spending too much time in the Mail Room and tending to the CEO’s needs to focus on my emergency back-up systems planning.

So if blogger does come on today, I will post this ex post facto.

Now, then, what was I planning to say?

Oh yeah…..

Our photo today features Mistress after a little worship session in my office before we took off for a late lunch. It’s so nice to have her back and available again! And she makes a yummy appetizer. Don’t you think that color suits her lovely flesh tones? (She thinks she’s a little pale, but I like her this way, not overly bronzed).

At lunch she recounted a conversation she had with the WC about our morning sexcapade. It seems they debrief one another about the goings on in their respective beds, a sort of “after action report”. I guess a personal trainer needs to have his finger on the pulse of his subject at all times for an effective training regimen. Does that make sense?

Anyway, Mistress came back from the Czech republic with a bit of a cough and a hoarse voice. It seems she had an allergic reaction to some weeds the Czechs have been cultivating to turn into bio-fuel . (What, they haven’t heard our motto, “Drill, baby, Drill!”)

Her cough comes and goes. But, as I was enjoying my morning privilege of fucking her like crazy yesterday, Mistress began to cough. I felt sorry for her, and offered to ease up, but she encouraged me to continue, apologizing prolifically about the interruption. And of course, the considerate and submissive fellow that I am, I felt a little bad about continuing despite her discomfort.

(Though with her permission, I certainly did… I am not THAT obsequious.)

But the WC had a different take on it.

“He said he loves it when a woman coughs during sex…..”


“Yeah, he says when a woman coughs her cunt clamps down on his cock Slave…. gives it an extra squeeze that’s very …. stimulating.”

“That’s sort of true, Mistress. It’s almost like your cunt is trying to push me out, but it squeezes too.”

But it does show how her two fellows respond differently to this peculiar malady. Slave feels kind of bad fucking Mistress when she is coughing. I offer to cut her some slack, and come back when she’s feeling better.

On the other hand, the WC sees the perks in it for the special occasion cock.

(By the way Suzanne, Molly enjoyed your reference to Jay’s cock as your “Trophy Cock”, or TC. But if we started referring to the WC’s cock as SOC, then folks might take up the mantra, “put a SOC in it.”)

Before finishing a blog that may never see the light of the internet, I wanted to give a plug to a new blogger I discovered yesterday, after she left a comment on our posting. Her nom de blog is Ellie, and her blog, “Writing With Ellie”, as the type of style, sass and compelling story telling that I know some of our readers will appreciate. (It seems that ‘Nilla had already discovered Ellie, but if you haven’t then check her out).

I’m still not sure of Ellie’s genre … is it real … or is it a fictional series with ongoing characters? Guess I need to read more, or maybe she will smack me across the cyber forehead and explain it to this thick headed Irishman.

But, regardless, her posting entitled “Burka” is fabulous writing.

Hope we can reconnect with all of you before the suns sets today on the UCTMW Media Empire….

(Obviously.... the systems are now go here in blogger land. But Slave was too anxious to go up and "greet" Mistress to re-write this damn blog).


Anonymous said...

cough? squeeze?
wow, you people at UCTMW never fail to use an

-Alujna (for some reason I can't sign in!! and I had similar problems while posting)

beingaisha said...

Glad you made it into print - I had some difficulties earlier today too. And yeah, that whole cough/squeeze thing is interesting.


nilla said...

LOL....omg the SOC??? had me guffawing aloud. Thank goodness i had swallowed my tea or i might have had to file damages against you all for wrecking havoc onmy keyboard.

and ellie *is* fabulous...glad you found her!


Suzanne said...

I can just picture the WC hiding the cough syrup when his wife has a cold.

What's wrong with "put a SOC in it"?????????????


WC said...

Mick I look at the glass as half full, never let a little virus stop the WC's fun!,

And Suzanne...How did you know I hide the cough syrup?

And right again Suzanne,

The WC LOVES!!! putting his SOC in it.

The SOC owning,


Donna said...

After the butt plug launching incident that nearly put Bill's eye out, I'm required to give a warning signal when I am about to cough, laugh enthusiastically or scream. We all have our rules.


WC said...

NASA look out

Donna is in the house!

That is too funny Donna.

The, will weaqr safty glasses next time I insert the butt plug,


Suzanne said...

Donna - That must have been quite the projectile! Good thing Bill didn't get seriously hurt...would have been an interesting conversation at the emergency room! I'm still laughing...