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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"She looks so good he gets down and begs."

Well I wasn’t exactly begging when Mistress strolled into my office last evening, after a long day at work. But I was ready for some worship. And she seemed ready too.

She had a relatively short black dress on, that showed off long and muscular bare legs, and some opened toed shoes that showed off her colorfully painted nails.


Mistress had been so busy – going from one meeting to another all day – that she’d not had time to read all of your juicy comments yesterday about her violation of Switch Day protocol and M’s deliberation on her sad fate.

I spread the blanket, pressed the chair up against the door, and let her settle in, taking my time to use by lips and tongue to reduce the stress level that I could tell had built up during the course of the day.

Ultimately she succumbed to my attention, using her fingers to grab my scalp, pressing me home, as her hips lurched up off the chair in the final throws of her orgasm.

We had an evening out planned – first a Sushi dinner, then a concert by one of Slave’s favorite aging rock stars at a local theatre venue.

Over dinner, Mistress finally had a chance to review comments on her I-phone.

“So Donna thinks maybe I suffered from Marzipan withdrawal….”

“It’s possible, Mistress….”

“Oh look, Brooke commented… that’s pretty rare, and she seems to get what the problem was…..”

She seemed particularly amused by M’s comments in his “hanging judge” persona, and decided to dial him up, as we finished off our “bait”, as some folks call it here in the heartland.

“I don’t think you guys understand how much those things hurt in that position, M.”

She was already beginning what no doubt will become a week long appeal for mercy.

And Mistress also asked when they might arrange for a date this week – Slave is going off to DC for the weekend with Sullen Teen #2, so Mistress will have a little more solo time than she is used to. Hopefully she will have a chance to engage in some ex parte lobbying with her “personal trainer” to see if she can get the severity of the sentence reduced to something palatable for her and for those sensitive nipples.

I must confess that I was feeling a little bad after all was said and done. While we have used those clothespins before without intolerable consequences, they clearly hirt more than normal this time. Maybe it was the position, with Mistress, breasts hanging down, and all that blood flowing to the place where the pressure was most severe.

And although I tried to expedite things once it became clear that Mistress seemed to be in more anguish than “normal”, I should have removed the pegs myself rather than force Mistress to use self-help.

I’ve learned my lesson, and won’t do that again.

I suppose we need a “code red” word that would have allowed Mistress to abort the exercise at that point. That way she would not risk getting into trouble for disobedience during her two hour / week switch shift.

And I better watch my own back here, since Slave is probably due some punishment from Mistress for some real or imagined slight that would allow her to take her pound of flesh back.

After we both chatted up M for a bit, it was off to our concert. (The quote in the title is from one. A free UCTMW coffee mug to anyone who can guess the author or song, employees of UCTMW Enterprises or their family members, excluded).

We had primo seats (I’m on the dude’s email list), and it was fun to enjoy the evening with Mistress, away from work and family duties. For some reason I kept getting the musky aroma of sex from her as I leaned into her, muzzling her neck. Was it residue of her juices still clinging to my face. Or did she just exude the pheromones that drive her Slave nuts.

By the time we got home, it was 11 m or so, and we were both beat, so settled for some snuggling and sleep.

“Wake me for sex at 7, Slave….”

Better get moving….


beingaisha said...

I'm no longer even sure Molly should be punished. After all - no safe word, and she's really a Domme and that marzipan withdrawal - all extenuating circumstances, right?

In fact, Mick, not trying to throw you under the bus, but I'm thinking the whole thing really was your fault...



Donna said...

Wait, wait, wait. Hold the presses! There are UCTMW coffee mugs? You know that I drink percolated coffee, that I struggle to limit myself to one pot a day and yet you never thought to mention that there are company coffee mugs? Fine. I get the picture.


Anonymous said...


It is Elvis Costello's song titled "Watching the Detectives."

I enjoy reading about the daily operations of the UCTMW Enterprises. I find it interesting how you manage such a diverse and needy team and all the shenanigans they throw your way.

Molly and you make a great nucleus to your team. Keep it strong...


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Score one for Shades. Glad our little challenge drew you into the comments section.

Now if I can only add a graphic designer to the staff to help place that order for the UCTMW coffee mugs!


Anonymous said...


I know I know. Tight economic times probably forced you to eliminate the "giveaways" in order to meet payroll. Molly should consider a "top-to-bottom" review of the WC and his operating budget. I am skeptical that his performance is actually linked to his budget. Something tells me that he would perform regardless of his compensation package. Then you could allocate more resources to promoting the good work of your entire team. Just an unsolicited suggestion. :-)


Suzanne said...

Mick - Of course this whole thing was your fault. I'm shocked that the WC in his new role didn't "sniff" that out. Here's hoping Mistress evens the score!


WC said...

Well Suzanne,

Even giving you the fact that Mick was at fault, that still does'nt change the fact the Molly's lippy little comment ofended his honor, the court, ME THE WC.

So the punishment will be severe.


In breaking news...

Mick will be out of town this Sunday,

Attending a seminar hosted by Dick Cheny on interogation techniques


The punishment will be postponed till the next Sunday

And Ms. Marie I would love to hear what punishment you recomend, as I am a big fan of your blog,

and know you to be very strict indeed!


I am open to sugestions,



WC said...

Oh and Shades,

Very funny,

But I could'nt live without my little ski shack in Vail, also known as the house that Mick built.

But I think I would like the top to bottom inspection!

The stands ready to be inspected,


Donna said...


While I am absolutely positive Molly would be quite happy to do a "top-to-bottom" review of the WC, including his personal package as well as his compensation package, I smilingly leave that to them.

May I say, though, that I truly appreciate your attitude about the "entire team" because while not mentioned specifically, I believe you are referring to Bill, as Chief of Security, International, and me, as Senior Correspondent.

With this shining star of an attitude, I hope you will feel free to add similar meaningful comments to the blog on a regular basis.

The ever hard working and encouraging, even though mug-less,

wc said...

Oh and Donna.

I didnt get a coffee cup either.


and Aisha,

Mick was not to be blamed,

HIS HONOR THE COURT, ME, HAS GRANTED Mick immunity for his testomony agains the miscreant.

The has spoken,



Donna said...


Do you remember the show Laugh-In? I ask because every time you attempt to sound all Judge Judy, I am reminded of the skits with Here Come The Judge.

As I said yesterday, I believe that you, too, bear some level of guilt in this situation. Your sub was worn to a frazzle from travel and time zone changes, suffering from depression from having missed her training sessions with you, brain whacked from Marzipan over-consumption and instantaneous withdrawal, and mentally fatigued by jumping right back into her work scene without a pause.

An elderly friend who raised a house full of kids commented to me once that she had no patience for parents who kept their children out past their bedtimes and then punished the kids when they misbehaved. She insisted it was the parents who needed to be disciplined for not paying close enough attention to their kid's needs.

I am in no way saying that Molly is childish, or childlike, one quick glance at the voluptuous and beautiful woman does away with that thought, but as her Dom and trainer she is in your care. Are you really certain that extenuating circumstances should not be considered in this situation?

As punishment, I would suggest that you and Mick both wear clothespins on your nipples while you are in doggie position for several minutes.

The just being honest here,

Suzanne said...

Mick & WC,

In the hopes of providing some impartial advice here, I took it upon myself to review your contract and believe the appointment of WC as an arbiter, judge, or any other type of court official is way beyond the authority you are given in the contract. There are no provisions either expressly stated or even implied that would give you that authority.

In reviewing the document in total, I believe the authority to do such a thing would rest strictly with the CEO. There is a ton of legal precedence to back this up. Such matters, while not expressly stated, are certainly implied. I believe the term used is "sub silentio" (as opposed to domme silentio).

The always wanted to be a lawyer,


WC said...

Dear Donna and Suzanne,

What is this suck up to Molly day!

No body likes a brown noser,


Wait a minute

Suzanne you do like a brown noser!

The laughing his ass off,


Donna said...

Well WC, in answer to your question, I would but haven't been invited to. And you must live a much more sheltered life than I thought because I know lots of people who really, really like brown nosers.

Having such fun,

WC said...

Oh and Donna,

Judge Judy?


I'll have you know the HIS HONOR THE WC is known far and wide for having a measured and calm judicial temperment.

The measured and calm,



Donna said...

Um WC.

Just above your signature that suppose to be HIS HONOR or HIS BONER?


Love ya,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Another example today of why I don't even to write the blog anymore....

And as for Suzanne's interpretation of the contract:

Molly's failure to allow me my two hour of switch rights with the same obligations to me as I have to her the rest of the week was clearly breached by her removal of the pegs without permission.

While there is no explicit remedy spelled out in the contract, the law would allow the court to craft an appropriate remedy for any breach. Otherwise, further breaches would be encouraged, and our contract would have no value at all, other than to amuse our lurkers.

I have simply turned to the WC for his wise counsel knowing that his sense of "justice" is far more acute than my own, and since I thought it would be better to have a "neutral" party consider all of the circumstances before meting out a fair remedy.


Donna said...

Good Grief! Am I the only person at UCTMW who doesn't want to be an attorney when I grow up? I think you guys should be careful what you wish for; lawyers are just a slippery step away from becoming politicians. *shudders*


Anonymous said...

How have I gone from being the beloved and benevolent CEO to some kind of serial offender? Suzanne, I wanted to be a doctor and I can fake that language pretty darn well. Now, Mick and I just want to find a way to get paid for sex blogging and having sex all the time. We are qualified to counsel on marital longevity..any taker? WC
be nice