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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ripple Effect

Molly and Mick are getting back into some ordinary rhythms this week. The luxury of wake up sex, after Mistress reads the blog, and driving to work together, as Mistress distracts me with those shapely bare legs of hers….

 And then there was Mistress stopping by my office for some post-lunch worship.

She was off to a meeting with a new potential client, but there was time for me to pull the chair up against the door, cover it with that nice absorbent blanket with my firm logo on it (not sure that’s what our marketing committee had in mind but it’s damn useful), and then fall to my knees and put my advanced oral skills to work.

Mistress cooed a bit as I dug into those lovely musky folds, which were on display in yesterday’s post, though shielded by a succulent slice of marzipan.  And after she’d had her fill (of my tongue and lips, she’s already squandered her marzipan stash), I asked whether we should take a photo to tease our Western Correspondent a bit.

“Good idea Slave. Let’s show him what he’s missing.”

I retrieved her I-phone and, back on my knees, took a shot of her with legs spread, a lascivious smile on her face.  She texted it off to M.

Then Mistress was off to her meeting.

We hooked up again around 5:30 pm in my building lobby, to head home for a bike ride and then dinner.

“How was your meeting, Mistress?”

“Good Slave…. but this guy, he kept moving closer to me…. Then wanted to go for drinks afterwards… I told him I had to go though….”

“Hmmm….. he likes you, Mistress….”

“It would seem that way…. And wants to give me some work too.”

“That’s always good….”

We were in the car now, driving up the highway in stop and go traffic. Mistress was fiddling with her I-phone.

“It’s M… he was texting me in my meeting, but I couldn’t get back….. Now he wants me to give him a call….”

“Go ahead, Mistress.”

Not that she needed my permission. 

Soon they were chatting away, the subject turning to the nature of those text messages he had sent her.

“So you liked that picture, huh…. And got off on it.”

Turned out that despite some “epic” sex that morning with his wife B, M had taken matters into his own hands, inspired by the slutty photo Mistress had sent him from my office.

It’s nice to think that one wanton act here in River City can inspire another out West at our branch office of UCTMW.

And who knows how many others of our lurkers also use these words or images as “inspiration”.. I did note that last Thursday, when I posted a selection of Mistress “favorite parts” photos (the link is on the right still), we had an unusually large number of hits. 999 separate visitors and more than 1700 page views.

Was it the title that led to all those clicks?

Who knows.

But I suspect Mistress is flattered by the thought that some of our readers take pleasure in her body, if only remotely.

Of course, the WC and I have  somewhat different responses when men  take a personal interest in Mistress, like the prospective client who wanted to take Mistress out for drinks last night.

“I actually think he’s younger than me, Slave….when I googled him this big mansion he lives in popped up.”

I have that strange cuckold thing going, which gives me a little zing at the thought of him coming onto my hot wife.

WC gets a little possessive though, cross examining Mistress on this fellow’s qualities and whether she is interested.

Either way, the competition does seem to get Mistress’s juices flowing.

And by the time we got home, whether inspired by M’s “self-help”, the guy who was coming onto her, or the response of her Slave and “Master” to his interest, Mistress was willing to defer our bike ride just long enough for Slave to worship her all over again.



beingaisha said...

Ahhh, making up for lost time. Nice...


WC said...

Glad you two lunatics are back to your "normal" routine.

When I first read of the daily worship sessions at your office I thought it was very daring and risque.

I still do but it is just par for the course, so to speak.

The you two are still my heros,


Suzanne said...

Good to hear that the WC is still in the spirit of Masturbation Month and that you're putting that company logo to good use.

Stupid question...Does UCTMW have its own logo? If not...isn't it about time?

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I guess we do need a logo Suzanne. Maybe we need to find a competent graphic artist to join our staff. any ideas?

writingwithellie said...

Just found your blog!

Loving it!