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Sunday, May 8, 2011

At Last....

Slave stayed very physically active yesterday, grinding through various maintenance chores… while also delivering Sullen teen #2 to her SAT test …. If only to make the time pass faster until Mistress returned to our World HQ after her tour through Poland and the Czech Republic.

And by the way… all that field slave duty makes this ancient body rather stiff. I guess it’s good that I was allowed to graduate to pampered house slave a few years back. It’s a good reminder to make sure Mistress stays pleased.

Finally, at around 7:20 pm local time, Mistress touched down in our provincial aero-drome here in River City. It was a bit like the final scene in Casablanca, but in reverse, with the girl coming back to her grizzled, taciturn lover, hopefully to stay.

Of course, Mistress was with her sprightly Mother, who apparently kept both her daughters on a very busy schedule throughout, so Slave could not do anything too dramatic to demonstrate his affections as Mistress walked through the security area. A hug and tasteful kiss had to suffice.

At least until we got to the carpark.

I had thought of offering to worship in the shadows between vehicles, since I had a severe hankering for Mistress’s musky nectar, but sadly, there was a security camera not too far away.

I need to remember to case the parking lot more thoroughly if there is a next time.

So we settled for some urgent kissing and groping before I backed the car out and headed back to our World HQ, where, thankfully, the teens were missing, having gone to dinner and a movie together.

(BTW, Mistress saw the question I posted about whether I should arrive in my cage – she texted me that I should be available to her, without cage. Thankfully.)

I hauled Mistress’s rather heavy bag upstairs. It seemed she had decided to become the George Soros of the Marzipan market, hoping to corner a rather obscure market of that strange confection that tastes like candle wax to my less sophisticated taste buds. But it’s hard to figure out how candy can add so much weight to a bag.

Suffice it to say the unpacking waited until later.

Mistress was exhausted after her 18 hour travel day, it was about 3 am Czech time by the time we arrived in our bedroom – though the aches and pains were ameliorated a bit by her first class couchette.

“We need to do that together sometime Slave….it would be like sleeping in a double bed… I’m sure we could figure a way to have regular sex at 30,000 feet.”

I guess that needs to go on the proverbial bucket list.

This was all said as I “helped” Mistress out of her traveling clothes, and got nakers myself.

And soon I was where I belonged, on my knees, her legs spread for me, dipping in and devouring.

“I’m probably a little skunky and stubbly, Slave.”

“Just the way I imagined it, Mistress…..”

After I made sure that Mistress was reminded of the skill set I could bring to the table, she asked for something that also missed her.

“I want to taste my cock now, Slave….”

I was happy to serve it up.

Well I hear Mistress stirring upstairs. So the rest of the evening will have to be left to your imagination.

I have some ideas on how to celebrate Mother’s /Switch Day and would not want to delay implementation for another minute.

And for all you other Moms out there … particularly our Senior Correspondent Donna, and Aisha, ‘Nilla and Sin … here’s wishing you the Mother’s Day of your darkest and sexiest imaginings.


beingaisha said...

Thank you, Mick! I know Molly's Mother's Day will be wonderful - give her a hug for me too.


Alujna said...

Happy Mother's Day to Molly! :)

Donna said...

Thanks Mick,

We are so pleased our beloved CEO is home and back in the saddle again, so to speak.

Hugs to both,

nilla said...

Thanks Mick! Great pic,at the end there!

Glad Mistress Molly made it home safe, and that you two are back to your regular routine of sex, sex, and hey...more sex!

(with the added seasoning of "gods i missed you...")

btw...marzipan? yes, Mick it is a strange foodstuff isn't it? Not on my top 10 either!


Suzanne said...

Welcome back Molly...have a great Mother's Day!



sin said...

Thanks Mick - was there anything else in the bag? Besides marzipan I mean...