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Thursday, May 26, 2011

HNT / Mistress's New Nightie

Walking through Capitol Hill's  Eastern Market on Sunday with sullen teen #2,  we found dozens of local artisans and craftsfolk selling their wares. There was furniture. prints, jewelry paintings, and lots of hand made clothing items.

What caught my eye was an older lady who had tie-dyed a variety of vintage slips, tops and bottoms. Now you may have noticed from some of our occasional photos that Mistress is a big tie-dye fan. She has a variety of colorful dresses and tops. But a tie-dye slips, now that was something new.... I couldn't resist, though the sullen ten just rolled her eyes in disgust as I ran throught eh colorful options.

I think Mistress was happy with her little gift when we got home Sunday evening.... and she's worn it every night since.  the texture is smooth and sexy, and makes her all the more cuddly in bed.

Now I wish I had bought several!  What do you think?


beingaisha said...

Too cool! I love it! But that was pretty predictable, wasn't it?

Nice breast shot too!


Ann Mouse said...

It is lovely! I like how the color complements her skin tone.

nilla said...

gorgeous. i simply have zero tie dye (isn't that strange, for a hippie mommy like me??)...and this looks so comfortable.

Beautiful boobage, too!

(gosh your mistress has beautiful arms.)



writingwithellie said...

She has beautiful everything!

You should definitely buy more!

Get some with some fun colors!